Would it be weird to name my son Colson?

You can name your kid whatever you like

Yes. It may even cause identity mix ups for them as they go through life. I wouldn’t use such similar names especially when Colson looks like it could be a typo for Colton. But if you want to use it, you can.

It would be too confusing at school and everywhere !

It’s not weird but you will always be stumbling on names.
My mom named me Kaylyn, my brother Kevin and my sister Kelsey and she can never get us straight.
I have 2 boys, a Markus and Tobias and I 2 will mix their names up almost daily. I can’t imagine how bad it would be if there name were almost identical.
I’ve met a mom who did Paisley and Presley for little girls and I could never figure out which was which. Giving kids their own more original name is not just for their benefit :sweat_smile:

Nice name but may confuse kids

Lol no people have named there kids crazy crazy stuff that’s cute almost dugger nut so but not quite still cute

It reminds me of a colonoscopy idk why