Would it be weird to name my son Colson?

I am pregnant and its a BOY! I have a son named Colton…would it be weird to name this child COLSON? I am OBSESSED with the name


No I like it. More importantly, you like it. Do it. :slight_smile:

If you like it do it! That’s all that matters is that you like it!

My sons name is Colsyn, people always have mistaken it for Colton when we tell them. It’s close. But I still think it’d be a cute combo and I love the name.

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I have a Ruger and a Ryker and they are so close. I’ll say the others name and if they weren’t paying attention they will both think I’m talking to them.

I have a Colson and I absolutely love the name! I also have a Hudson and I’m constantly mixing their names up but I still wouldn’t choose differently. I think I would mix up names regardless of how similar. Lol.

My parents named me and my sisters Madison, Madylann and marissa. I say do what you want.

I have an Owen and Logan and sometime I call one of the mixture of there names Owgan :sob::laughing:

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I love it! Just be prepared to be mixing them all up :rofl: all my kids names end in lee and I’m always getting them mixed up lmao

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My daughters names are Ivy and Iris and if I have another one her name will be Isla ,do it mama !

Very close but ultimately your choice

I don’t think it’s weird - it might be a little bit of a tongue twister having Colson and Colton. Colson itself actual becoming a pretty popular name and is expected to be within the top 100 if you want a trending name. All that matters is that you like it!

My son is Colson Gray! I love it! So does he and I get lots of compliments on his name and the spelling! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have daughters named Harlee and Charlee

I have a Kaiden and Camden. I did the different first letter so it wasn’t the same initials.

I feel like I’d get tongue tied with them being so close, but ultimately up to you.

It’s cute and obviously your choice. But consider when you are calling your children how often they will get mixed up :sweat_smile::laughing: I grew up with cousins that all had similar names and at one point we all lived together. That’s actually how I got my nickname because our parents would get so tongue tied when calling out for us :laughing:

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My sister and I are Misty and Mindy. Nothing wrong with close names

Pick the name you want Mama :+1::heart::+1:

Nah name your kid whatever you would like.

I think it might get confusing

Personally I would keep searching names and see if anything else stands out to you! I love the name but it is VERY close to your older son.


I like both names, but definitely to close to your other sons name. I’d do something else


That’s weird! Give him his own name!


I’ve heard alot worse lol. Plus my oldest is named Colton. So go for it!

My boys name is Coleson :joy:

The question is weird but not the name.

I have a chance, breazy and Remi and Cabella. Do they sound alike? No. Does it matter when I’m yelling at one to put their shoes on and I call them 3 different names before I get the right one? Also no. I love the Colton and Colson.

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Name him whatever you want

I have Ryder, Raidyn and Remington

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As long as you can keep them apart. I would probably constantly be calling the sons by the wrong names. :blush:

In my opinion, those names are too close, but it’s up to you.

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Colson and Colton are adorable for sibling names!

Be prepared to constantly be yelling the wrong name lol
It’s cute tho :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Go for it it’s a nice name

Haha my sons khy-lin and i wanted to name my daughter isla but they sound toooo simjlar when ya got ya mum voice on :rofl: so shes a charlee rose.

Its your child! Name him what tou want

I have johnnathen and johnnaleen… just do it


If you name him that he will resent you

I think you should name him whatever tf you wanna name him. You know best fuck other peoples opinions

I have Mose, Mia, and Maci. do what you want lol

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I have a Paige,Jade and Sage

My advice… Don’t . I have two daughters with similar names. It was cute when they were children. Now they are adults. Not only are their names similar but their social security numbers are also similar. This has led to a.multitude of problems.


My mother in law has 4 kids. Jimmy, Tommy, Tammy and Timmy. You can name them whatever you want.:wink:


Nope he is your child, if you love it then name him that.

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In my opinion YES
Let your child be an individual, don’t tether his name to his brother’s


Don’t listen to anyone else. I know people who all have K names for their kids, another friend that has all A names for their kids. Your babies so you do what you like, why would anyone else’s I put matter? Do you momma

You could always use it as a middle name! My boys all have B names & I mix them up CONSTANTLY :rofl:

I had a housemate who had kids Brodie and Codie. When she wanted them both she would call out “odies present” :rofl:


Maybe Colson as a middle name?

People name their kids the same names and do I II III- i think you’re fine :joy:

name the next one coltdaughter

My kids names are daemien and Draven but the name you want is cute

It’s too close.
Id feel odd as either kid. My bio mom originally gave me my sisters names as my middle names and I hated it.
Luckily it’s not my first name, and that my adoptive parents changed it.

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Eh, they’ll be in different grades at school, but be careful their school, medical and other records don’t get mixed up because that could be a nightmare. I like what someone suggested about spelling it Kolton with a K right at the beginning to keep things separate. They’ll have different initials that way too.

My boys are Harlan and Hunter and I still get them mixed up haha but if you like it, you do you. He’s your baby.

It’s your child. If that’s the name you want then do it. My friend named her girls Irma and Norma. She gets them confused the time. But so do I with my own kids and they have absolutely different names not close at all

The poor grandma’s out there that will go through both names as mix ups, it’d a no from me, that name isn’t for me neither are, in my OWN opinion

To all those saying “think about when your calling for them and you get mixed up”
I have 4 boys Their names are
Some days cooper is Grayson and Liam is Bentley lmao :rofl:

It’s your kid. Do it if you wish. You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval.

PS: snarkyness not intended if it comes off that way.

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Kholson. Just change the spelling.

My kids are cason,cadyn,carly n Caine. Stuff everyone else n do wanted want

All that matters is that you like it. I’d def have some nicknames though as they sound very similar and that could get confusing a lot of time.

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I think it’s be adorable for their names to be close, if you love it, go with it!

You can do whateva you please… love the name!

I love it! I have a Colton and He wanted to name our 2nd so. Colson. I was all for it until about 2 weeks before he was born and I changed it to Canaan. I was afraid it would be too close.

I have a Colson in my class.

I know someone that has both. Cute.

Nope I know brothers with those names

I personally wouldn’t. But it’s up to you, it’s your baby

I had a great aunt Ida and a great aunt Ila. Sisters.

I still have no idea which was which.

If you love it, it’s your child and completely your choice, but honestly it’s just so close - I wouldn’t do it. You’re going to be calling for one and the other will answer all the time.

It’s your child, who cares what anyone thinks. My stepdaughter is named Evanescence (after the band), and trust me people judge, but me being in her life since she was 3 years old, I defend her cuz who cares what anyone thinks, that’s my child and nobody else’s opinion matters. Go ahead, name him whatever u feel is right. I think it’s cute. Especially if they’re close in age that’s even cuter lol. Do it.

I know someone whos sons are Brandon and Brenden :woman_shrugging:

My nephew is Shane and his dad is Sean. I can’t even count now many times they’ve been called the wrong name lol

too close IMO.
like Carter & Carson….

I have boys Wesley and Riley. I get annoyed because EVERYONE including their doctor who has seen both boys since they were born always assumes Riley is a girl :roll_eyes:…I like colson

You should name your child whatever you want it’s a lovely name

That would be a big no for me :woman_shrugging:. Names are way too similar, I find it weird… but that’s just my take on it. To each their own.

I have a Colton and a Callen and so many call them by their wrong names even myself. I’d say it’s too close though. But I do like the name… maybe a middle name?

My sons name is Kolson and I absolutely adore the name (obviously!) but he is also my only boy….

Too close in similarity, if you do there will be a lot of who and huhs in your life lol

There’s a set on twins in my son’s school names Brenden and brandon

I’m thinking maybe give him his own name. You’ll think of a name that you like just as much.  He will be his own person

I have a Tayven, Kaedyn and Cameron…I thought maybe one day I would regret naming them with the same ending sound. But nope :-1: no regrets lol

My girls names are Hynlee and Hadlee!

Be prepared for everytime you holler their name for both of them to show up lol

No, but everybody’s gonna call them each other’s name, even you.

Do whatever suits you :woman_shrugging:t2:
I think it’s cool

:woman_facepalming: of all the names in the world

Cute name, but too close to your other sons name.

It’s always up to the parent (you) to name your child whatever you want. My dad would get me and my sister mixed up all the time (pam) is her name. So it doesn’t matter what you name them someone is always going to mix them up… lol.

My son’s are Mike and Jeff and I get their names mixed up when I call them. I can’t imagine with this combo

Yeah I.think they are too similar

My cousin has two little boys. Their names are Colton and Colson.

It’s your kid. Name it what you want.

If you’re worried about the names being close and calling on the others name, don’t.

My kids are Skyler, Makenzie, Zander and Kali and they get called one another’s names and sometimes the dogs name :woman_shrugging:t2:

Two of my kids are Elijah and Jaxon and I still say the wrong name soo :joy::joy:

Too close. Use it as a middle name if you have your heart set on it.

Do that name as a middle name if you like it so much but way too close to the other sons name

Definitely love Colson. What about Colin? Or Collier? Too generic?

Your kid do what you want

they would both have the same common nick name of cole. how confusing for their future friends and you. i rarely call my kids by their long name.

you could call one colt and the other coleslaw apparently according to google.