Would it be wrong if I left my baby with my mom for a week?

Is it wrong to leave my nine-month-old for a week with my mother? So I have a baby boy who’s nine-month-old; he is mommy’s boy always with me; he can’t stop kissing and hugging me; even when others are around, he will always choose to stick with me. My mom really loves him and takes good care of him whenever he’s at her house; I can tell he loves his grandma too! I currently live in Canada, and I have really bad teeth; it’s really expensive here, so I’ve wanted to travel to get them done in Turkey. In Canada, it would make a fortune if you live in Canada, you know !! I know if I won’t get them done, I’ll lose all my teeth very soon, I’m constantly hurting, can’t even eat normally … I really want to go, but at the same time, just the thought of not seeing him for a week makes me stressed , I feel guilty for wanting to leave him for a week ! I’m scared he will get separation anxiety if I leave him for a week please help me out I really don’t know what to do , is he too little ?