Would it be wrong of me to move back home?fam

I have been in a relationship with my man for almost 2 yrs and last year in October I made the decision to move 1300 miles away from my family and friends, my kids are all grown and they have started lives of their owns and I had been through a lot in my home state so I thought a change would do me good. I also made this choice because my man had spent 5 yrs away from his family due to a very controlling ex and I wanted him to have a chance to be a part of his family again. Okay let me cut to the chase here, got moved, his family is toxic and treats him horrible and hates me with a passion because I stick up for him to them and blames him standing up to them on me because I supposedly control his life which is not true he is the controlling one, I have only 2 friends here that are only friends with me because of him and I haven’t seen my family 1 time since I moved which has been almost a year, which was not the deal, he said we would make a point at me going to see my family, but he always has stuff planned and I would like for him to go with me. I have had several breakdowns these past couple months because of the stress his family puts me under and him under and because I miss my family so much. He sees that I am extremely unhappy but yet expects me to stay. When I moved here I told him I would give it my best shot but with my mental health I would have to make sure that I do what is best for me. I have severe PTSD and depression and he knew these things well before he asked me to move. I now think it is time for me to move back home by my family and my support system. I would like for him to move with me but I just don’t think he will leave his nasty toxic family. Is it wrong of me to want to want him to at least give it an attempt to live by my family? He has no kids and he wants to be a step dad to mine so bad but wants them to move here and i don’t want them to be around this toxic family at all so that is out of the question. Hell he has barely even met them because it has always been about his family. I know due to some of the things I have said he sounds like a bad guy but honestly he isn’t, he does treat me very good other than this living situation thing.