Would It Be Wrong of Me to Only Meet My In-laws in Public?

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"Anyone else grossed out by animal fur? I do not want it around my baby at all. my in laws have so many dogs…and while they clean as much as they can…they still have so much hair in their house and I dont want my kid on their floor…and I am almost to the point where i do not want them coming to my house anymore because their clothes are always covered in dog hair. I just think animals are gross…would it be wrong if we only met in public palces from now on?"

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"I’m sure they had these dogs before you married your husband so why is it an issue now"

"Yes. Please get help. I have a thing for hair, too… you cannot let it control your life."

"Life is way too short. And you are worried about someone that owns pets to come into your home. You’re really reaching here and I’m not sure you’re going to get the answer you are looking for here."

"I understand where you’re coming from, I also don’t like the shedding from cats or dogs and think it’s kinda nasty but it’s mostly a fear thing because I’m always scared I’m going going get hair in my eyes or mouth I would take baby there but maybe just hold him."

"Do you let your baby go outside? Because…dirt is everywhere."

"The Public is far more filled with germs, just saying…"

"Maybe seek counseling."

"Get help…sounds like you’re borderline OCD with SUCH an aversion to a lil bit of fur…"

"Just take own baby blanket to put baby on"

"You’re an animal with hair as well. This sounds like a phobia and I would look into that for your own sake. But it’s okay to hold boundaries for your comfort as well."

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