Would it be wrong to go on a trip with my child without my husband?

Is it wrong for me to want to take my child on a trip overnight without my husband? (his stepdad) Just kind of want some bonding time, which we haven’t had in quite a while. I love my husband and don’t want to upset him, but I feel my child, and I need this. Am I wrong?


No it wouldn’t be wrong, why shouldn’t you have bonding time with your child if Husband is jealous that says a lot about his insecurities. You need alone time with kids sometimes.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would it be wrong to go on a trip with my child without my husband? - Mamas Uncut

Why would you be wrong for wanting quality time with your child? What am I missing here?!

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No, quality time is important. If he throws a fit about it then you probably have different issues :woman_shrugging:


I feel that you need that. It would be wrong to not have time for you and your child. It’s important to keep our independence and bonds with our children. Specially with a stepparent around so our kids don’t feel left behind.

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You are not wrong me and my daughter go on trips together to bond without her step father.

I took my daughter back to my home state to meet my grandmother- my dad came along to an we saw my aunts uncles and a few cousins!

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No, I do this with my son. But it’s not my husband I have to worry about. Bc I don’t have one. It’s my daughter that I have to worry about hurting her feelings.

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I’m the bonus Mom of 4, I have always encouraged my husband to spend alone time with his kids, in addition to our time with his kids, and now after 10 years we even do celebrations with his ex for the kids sake. I have a daughter and frequently spend just time with her. It’s tough on kids because of divorce. We have a strong relationship with trust and compassion. Not all people could do it this way, but it has worked remarkably well for us :heartpulse:


If your husband has a problem with you spending 1 on 1 time with your child then you need a new husband. And your son needs a new role model of what a man and father should be.

Not at all. I just took my 2 boys on a beach trip. I wanted to have mommy-son time before my new baby comes. I’m having a baby with my boyfriend who’s not their dad

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You are NOT wrong, ho…bond with your baby!!!

No not at all, love spending time with my son alone.

No! My husband would be so happy to get the kids and I out of the house so he could be alone :joy:

Absolutely not and he shouldn’t have a problem with it either

No it’s not wrong spend some quality time with your baby

Nope, I take my kids all kinds of places and vacations without my husband/their dad.


No not wrong at all take all the time u need with your baby :purple_heart::purple_heart:

No kids need one on one time! If hubby loves you both he’ll understand. It’s one night after all.

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Just talk to your husband and explain this…

Growing up my mom took my brother and I on trips with just her… It was good bonding time for us honestly.

What do you mean you don’t want to upset your husband? I’m sure he’s quite capable of looking after himself. I take my daughter on shopping trips to Bali for two weeks every year without my husband, we have an absolute ball every time we go.

My wife used to go to Mexico with my kids when they were younger. I never had a problem with that…

as long as yu have permission and also a letter stating yu have his permission to do it.

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No not at all, it’ll be great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nope. I did it all the time.

No not wrong at all. This is a great thing to do as you both get one on one time. U can do a trip then he can do a trip to if he wants to.

Not at all, I’ve taken my kids all over without their Dad and vice versa. Think it’s a good idea for everyone

Not at all! I think if the roles were reversed it would be perfectly fine.

My husband would love the alone time!

We have 4 kids & my husband & I will go somewhere all together as a family & then he will take our kids fishing or to a movie they all like. I will take them out to eat & go shopping etc. It good to bond with ur children

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would it be wrong to go on a trip with my child without my husband? - Mamas Uncut

Quality time with you and your child. Great memories. I’d say go for it.


There’s nothing wrong with one on one time with your kid. If he’s mature he’ll understand.


Kids should be priority.


That’s a Do NOT !!! :thinking::repeat_one:


Nope my girls and I will be doing an annual mommy daughter trip hopefully starting next summer

It’s a wonderful idea & if your man has a problem with it then he has a problem !

I do it all the time! I love the bonding time I get with each of my kids! But I also make sure I get in time with just my husband as well.

Take that trip your child will love it and will carry that memory of bonding time men dont understand a mommas love and time is very special way different then the bond between a father and child :two_hearts: I hope he understands and you get your trip


I’ve told my husband (my kids stepdad) “I’m taking the kids for a day out to spend time with them” I know that’s different than overnight but he fully understands. If your husband can’t understand then he’s an ass.

Nothing wrong with it,ur child will always be ur priority n will come first since he’s not the biological father,sit him down talk n I’m sure he will understand,trust communication and understanding is key

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I always do that with my son. It creates a greater bond and memories i hope he will also share with his own children in the future. A one on one talk with your husband is all you need to do with him. if he is really a good man, he will understand. If he does not then let him join but make it clear to him that it is for the whole family to make good memories together and to keep the bond stronger. No drama please.

We are a blended family and we do this regularly. He takes a night with his kids and I do with mine. It’s important


If your husband can’t respond in a positive manner and understand, he’s toxic


Nothing wrong with it! … Its your kid. And they should not be jealous or upset.


I would sit down and explain what u would like to plan to do and why. Ur not asking permission, but using common courtesy. Perhaps he could use that time to relax or do whatever he would like to do. But don’t forget to take family vacations too. Those can provide some great memories as well.

Absolutely not wrong at all. I love taking day trips, over night trips, and holidays with just my son, and I would never let someone tell me I couldn’t!

Absolutely not, I go on vacations with just my son all the time, of course my bf doesn’t like to travel. But you and your son should have some one on one time every now and then

I think that’s a great idea, even if it was his real father. There is nothing wrong with mother and child trip. It’s a great time to bond with each other. If dad asks for that it shouldn’t be a problem either.

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I’m doing it this week only not one night but for 8. My son and I are doing a road trip around the state. My husband is working and we planned this a while ago. My son is 15 and it’s now or never :relaxed:

You’re not wrong. One on one time is important for you and child


I don’t think it is wrong at all! My fiancé is just fine with me doing things like that with the kids just like I am with him! I think it is very important for you child to have time with just you and just him if he plays the dad role in his life!!!

My self n my son went on 2 trips alone since in married my husband is his stepfather

Children should come first!

I don’t think it’s a problem. I did that with my daughter when she was 13. We went and spent the night at a Bed and Breakfast tree house. Great time. Great bonding time. My now x husband wasn’t real happy about it but it was necessary.

Why not? Then when the time is right you can go on a trip with just your husband so you can bond with him

Oh there is nothing wrong with you wanting to have time with your child I mean it’s just over night no big deal. If your hubby has a problem with it certainly ask why?

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Absolutely not wrong!! And I sure hope he understands that.

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Nothing wrong with it at all. My husband and 11 yr old son did an 8 day trip to America together to see some nba games as bball is their passion. We live in New Zealand :blush:

I take my child to do things 95% of the time by ourselves lol. W/o her dad/my husband. No, I don’t feel that’s wrong at all.

No. I took all 4 of mine to my moms. Left hubs at home.

If your husband loves you and your child, he should encourage the two of you to have bonding time alone. My fiance is not my sons father but he encourages us to hang out and game and spend time together just one on one. It isn’t like you’re telling your husband you’re leaving him or that he isn’t part of your family anymore. It is one night to go do something fun together. That doesn’t seem unreasonable at all!

I mean it shouldn’t even be about your child coming first, but more about the simple fact that your husband should allow you the freedom to do something like that with your son. I mean it isn’t biologically his kid (not trying to undermine a step-parent who has taken on the role), so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. Just make it clear to him that you both love him and it should be fine. It’s just mother-son time​:blush::purple_heart:


Who’s paying for it? There’s your answer💯


I always went just me and my daughter trips when she was little and now too!!Shouldn’t have to explain yourself at all to the hubby

What is it with “it’s everyone or no one”.

Individual quality time with every member of the family is excellent for bonding and working through things. One on one with kid is good, one on one with partner is good.


Bond with your child and love every moment of it.


Do it!! Nothing wrong with bonding time.
Me and my daughter went to Vegas. First time I was with out the hubby for 4 days in 38 years!!
We had so much fun…

No. I’m sure he will understand

No, all parents need to take time for one on one time with their kids.


Children come first . He can get over it .


No that’s your son
If your husband is a good man and loves your son he’ll be all for it
If your doing something bad
That’s when you feeling it’s wrong

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Nope and it’s even ok to go without your kiddo too. Your mental health is just as important as anyone else’s.


Definitely not wrong at all! Go on that trip with your baby.

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Absolutely normal to want to!!! Go have fun!!!

Absolutely not wrong at all

Why would that be weird? You’re not one person.
I’ve been on holiday with our daughter without her dad (my husband). No problem? I don’t understand why it would be weird.
If he thinks it’s weird you should have a really good look at his character and behaviour cuz it’s not!

My mum and me used to have our girls trips, it brought us closer together.

Not at all, yall should both have separate bonding time with him! Do your momma son thing and let him set up a father (step father) son thing at another time, it’s important for you both and will also help your marriage if you BOTH have a deeper relationship with your little one… there’s no reason it should upset your husband especially if he truly is committed to your son :woman_shrugging:t2: just my opinion :v:t2::two_hearts:

It’s definitely not wrong, your husband should understand and support you. Me and my husband have a blended family 6 kids between us that all live with us full time. My eldest daughter has adhd and autism and I do things with her one on one and my husband supports that. Spending quality one on one time with your child is a wonderful bonding thing to do and if you can should definitely do it. My advice would be to sit down with your husband and be honest and explain how you love him, you love your little family you have together but would like just a night with your little one to spend quality bonding time with them.

Just talk to him about taking your son on a special mommy son time and he can have down time

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would it be wrong to go on a trip with my child without my husband? - Mamas Uncut

Absolutely not. Take that trip. Just tell your husband what you put here.

If your husband is a good husband he will understand. Just remember your son was there before him he will be there after him.


Heck no! I’m happily married to my daughter’s father and we take trips with just her and I. We take momcations every summer with my bestie and her kids too. No husbands. We do take a small family vacation at least once a year. I’m a teacher so I get a lot of small breaks with my daughter.

Definitely not wrong. I feel like one-on-one time with every member of the family is important. Explain how you feel to your husband and that it’s the same as wanting to have bonding time with just him as well.

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Didn’t sound wrong to me but he may feal different

Not at all go for it…it will be good for the both of you. Hopefully your husband will understand.

No, you need one on one time with your children.

I go on trips without my husband all the time. My oldest and I took a trip to Tokyo (we live in Japan) without him. My youngest and I took another trip to another city here without him. Bonding with your kids outside the house is so much fun. They also go on trips with their dad without me, and we go on family trips too! So go for it! And have tons of fun make memories and don’t feel guilty. If he has a problem he’s obviously not the man for you. :woman_shrugging:t5:

No your not wrong :heart:

Absolutely not. You’re entitled to bonding time with your child. He may feel a little hurt at first, but a truly good man will understand that this is important for y’all. Have fun on your trip :wink:

No. Absolutely not. Your child deserves one on one time with you

No I do this with my son like day trips- his bonus dad has his own boat time and is working when we do- and they do day trips without me as well so it’s good

My husband used to encourage me to take our children away. It was nice for the kids and I to spend some time together and my husband got to rest as he worked huge hours and would still be up with the kids etc. Even just taking my kids to see their aunty and cousins was good for them

My husband and our daughter take trips all the time without me because I hate flying and traveling. They decided that they would go on living their lives and doing what they want. They went to Disneyworld for a week at thxgvg a few years ago. I love it! They loved it. They go to baseball games and concerts all the time (pre-covid).

No way, go on that trip. They’re only young once, I’m sure your husband would understand :two_hearts:

Not wrong. Nothing wrong with mommy son time