Would This Be Weird to You?

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"Imagine being with some one for 6 years and only having like 3 pictures together all from the same occasion years ago (aside from generational pics at reunions) how would that make you feel?"

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"I hate pics so I would not feel bad. Everyone is different"

"Not everyone likes taking pictures, so it could be that? Maybe ask why you don’t take them more often? or suggest that you take some?"

"I wouldn’t be okay with that. I’ve been in relationships before where pics were a fight. They weren’t good relationships."

"I have like 2 pictures of my boyfriend and I been togeather 13 years!"

"i hated not having more pictures with my fiancé, but it was my fault. i hate pictures and i feel weird taking them. so i never took any and i wouldn’t let him"

"Me and my hubs dont have many together. Maybe 4 or 5 pics in 5 years lol. We have pics of each of us with our kids, but not many together. Most people dont realize how important pictures are until theyre all you have left"

"My parents have no pictures really cause my mom doesn’t like her picture taken. They have been together between dating and married for close to 50 years. We just got her in pictures when the grandkids started. Now we have family pictures. We were also sneaking them for a bit."

"My significant other hates pictures of him. He has had the same profile pic for 7 years lol"

"Not weird…some people just dont like pictures"

"The last picture I have with my husband was from like 5 years ago lol"

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