Would you address this with the person? Or just wait and see

I have a family member, by marriage, who is attempting to begin the same business I am in, home daycare. My concern is she has no experience or background in the field, just her own kids and those of family.
There also hasn’t been the best care of her home or children.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you address this with the person? Or just wait and see - Mamas Uncut

Maybe just support said person through it rather than bashing her. You never know, it might work out greatly for her.


Everyone is trying to find a way to make money.
Do not say anything negative to her about her trying to start a business.
Maybe encourage her to keep the place cleaner (assuming it’s not up to standard). As long as she is not harming any child she’s okay.

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Where i am from you need to hold the correct qualifications, so maybe just enlighten her and say good idea but maybe some extra schooling to see if its the right fit for her, or show her a different direction instead of a daycare maybe a babysitting business of some sort. Be supportive, at the end of the day you wouldnt want bad beef in the family. Good luck

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Experience of your own kids is some of the best there is. You sound as though you have none of your own and just Experience in the workplace. Who asna parent I find don’t often give the best care or aren’t the most understanding of kids differing needs