Would you be mad if your husbands family didn't make gifts for every kid?

Would you be upset if your husband’s family made gifts for all the kids in the family, but excluded your daughter?My MIL and SIL are making these cute blankets for my stepdaughters and nieces, but not for my 4 year old. I’m afraid she’ll be upset when her sisters receive them and she doesn’t get one. This isn’t the first time she’s being excluded either. Last year MIL gave both my stepdaughters $100 for Christmas, but nothing for her.Edit to add: She’s my husband’s bio daughter as well.


I would tell her if everybody doesn’t have one nobody can have it and send it back.


That’s extremely strange that they exclude her like that and yes I would be very upset…that’s unacceptable. Your husband needs to speak to his family and see what the issue is.


It’s sad you have to edit that she is your husband’s bio daughter. Even if she wasn’t, she still needs to include her as part of the kids. When you get married you become family. Yeah, I would ask what the problem was and if it wasn’t resolved, I’d stay away.


I would just say nice no need to make any of the kids of our one right honey because what we do for 1 we do for all but THANKS!!!


Yes she’s a part of the family so they do for all or for none. If they can’t accept the whole family and be respectful of the unit then they don’t get reg access anymore.


The way NONE of my kids would be involved with them. No way are they gonna make a child feel less than that’s beyond ok and the fact it’s happened more than once is sad


Yes, it’s crap to be excluded.


Why not gift your daughter something more nice in front of the father and the other children and you say it loudly for everyone one to hear that it’s from you and you make it clear the grandma and auntie segregate her

she is discussing! what a horrible humen. im :disappointed:


I would drop them like a bad habit

I would be furious! Your husband needs to do the right thing and tell his mother and sister to stop being garbage and excluding your daughter. If he doesn’t talk to them, or he does and they still refuse, ALL of those presents would be going back to them in a trash bag and I would then tell them that they are no longer giving gifts until they learn not to treat my child in such a horrible manner. The disclaimer here is that it doesn’t even matter that she is your husband’s biological daughter. As an adult human being, you should know better than to treat a child that way regardless of whether they are biologically related to you or related to you through marriage.

I can’t even fathom a grandmother doing this? :confused: I would say if they don’t include all of the kids, stick their presents where they belong! Poor little thing :cry:

I had a MIL that used to pull this crap. I stopped allowing her to bring things for the younger two children(they were her biological grands and my oldest two were not). Excluding birthdays, I made it so She was only allowed to give gifts if she brought something for all of the children. If she did not, I held the gifts brought to the younger ones until she came with something for my older girls too. She caught on real quick.

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I’d be mad if she were his step, its extremely weird and rude that she’s also his bio. That’s not ok. And yes, she’ll most likely notice and be hurt. One for each or not at all.

I’d be flipping livid. That’s a serious conversation you need to have with your husband. My daughter is not his bio (he has since adopted her) and he has said from the getgo if anyone treats her differently from any others, said person will be excluded from our life bc our daughter does not deserve to feel as though she’s not good enough

I’d say to her that if they can’t make her a blanket like her sisters then don’t bother making any. That’s totally unfair and rude. And hopefully your husband has your back and stands beside you.

Curve that behavior and let them know it will not be tolerated. You must not allow anyone in the family to disrespect your child in that manner.

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I wouldn’t allow them to give my other children anything if they all weren’t included unless it was a specific child’s birthday.

Hubby needs to speak with his mother. Gifts for all or non at all!

No no no, don’t let anyone exclude her.
Protect your kids. And if it happens again, remove yourself and your child from the situation. That’s not right. They are just kids!

Yes, I wouldn’t stand for that, and vice versa. That’s all kinds of wrong.

This is the reason we cut my in laws out we don’t do favorites in this family!! And my son started to notice.


I had this issue with my mother in law until my husband told her it’s all of us or none of us and stopped answering her calls for a whole week and wouldn’t let her see the kids until she agreed to stop her petty bullshit

Definitely would be mad, choose not to participate because kids see it and it is absolutely disgusting when adults act that way.

So tell them if all kids rnt included then we rnt excepting gifts for any of them

Time for Daddy to step up for his daughter and confront his family

It’s time to approach them,this is your child stand firm

She should include her. Show no favoritism.

Bio daughter or not she should be 100% included.

I would tell them they all get something or Noone does

If they don’t have something for everyone then no one gets anything :woman_shrugging:

Our daughter is treated differently than our niece is by husband’s family, and it just is what it is. I’ve said things including she may be 8 but she can see the difference in how niece and her are treated; or it really upsets your son when you guys dont call to check on our daughter pr even to say merry Christmas, etc.
We just try to move on from it, you cant force them and ome day our daughter will decide the relationship she wants to have with them. Its hard not to have feelings associated with it though, so o try to let those pass so I dont get too upset about it either. Sorry I dont have much for advice, just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

That’s super shitty and makes zero sense especially since she’s just as much their niece as the others it’s just a different mom. Affects their bio relation none. My family and friends gives my bonus kids the same as they give my bio son even if it means they all get a little less because it’s 3 instead instead 1 kid now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d get her an extra special gift and give to her and say in front of them since I knew your grandma and aunt or whoever were not making a blanket for you, I got this for you instead! Like I’m sure they just ran out of time for another blanket but it’s ok I got you this super badass whatever the fuck it is she’s been wanting. I’d make sure those assholes of adults hear every word of that.