Would you be mad if your parent got married without telling you?

Would you guys be mad if one of your parents got married without telling you? So the other day, I saw my dad and saw he had a wedding band, and so I asked my grandma did my dad get married, and he said, ya, he got married a few months ago. She said he didn’t want to tell you cuz he didn’t want to upset you. I go. I wouldn’t be upset that he got remarried, but now I am upset my kids, and I weren’t invited. I feel it is my dad; he should have told me. My dad and I don’t have a bad relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem inviting us. He hates my mom tho that maybe that has something to do with it. But would you guys cared that your parents got married and everyone knew but you.

I would be upset. But as long as they are happy, I would get over it.

Personally I wouldn’t be upset if one of my parents got married without telling me but I can see why you are mad. I would however be a little shocked that they got married.