Would you be mad if your sister got married without telling you?

Would you be upset if your sister ran off to get married without telling you or anyone else? She is my literal twin and got married without saying a word to anyone and we dont really know the guy and she expects us to just be happy for her…how can I be?

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It’s not about you this is what they wanted …be happy for them get to know him


A bit hurt but it’s her wedding her choice .

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You can be mad all you want but reality is she’s married now and there’s nothing you or anybody else can do about it. So if you want to ruin your relationship with your sister because she decided to run off and get married and not tell anybody than be mad all you want. Now if you want to keep your relationship with your sister I suggest sitting down and communicating with her to find out why she did it this way because obviously there’s something about you and others which is why she didn’t want y’all to know or there in the end.