Would You Be Mad if Your Spouse Brought a Dog Home?

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"Would you be mad if your husband brought a dog home without even talking to you about it? We have 4 kids and now am also stuck taking care of a new dog that i didnt want"

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"Yes. And I would refuse to look after it, too. He can crate it and take it out when home. Or take it to work or find a daycare for it."

"yes, i wouldn’t be looking after it that’s for sure."

"Yes I would be mad"

"If I ended up being stuck being responsible for it? Absolutely, yes."

"Been there. To be fair, he has made a fabulous dog but I didn’t speak to my husband for 2 weeks."

"YIf there was no discussion about you taking up the extra work, then it’s his job."

"That happens to my best friend. At first she was mad but then it grew into 1 of the best things he ever gave her aside from the children"

"I’d be livid especially with 4 kids. Having a dog is no joke it definitely is like having another child"

"Sit him down and tell him he brought it home HE is responsible for it. If he doesn’t take care of it let him know it will be out, you’ll find someone else who wants it and will actually care for it."

"I’d be furious! Getting a pet and especially a dog is a big commitment not to be taken lightly. It has implications on your time (walking him),finances (vets are not cheap, your home (fur everywhere and chewing) and can be a tie when you want to go on holiday. It should have been a decision you made together. You have every right to be angry."

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