Would You Be Offended if Your Husband Went to His Mom's for Dinner?

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"Would you be offended if your husband did not eat your cooking almost every night? my husband will call me on his way home from work and ask me what is for dinner and if he “doesnt think it sounds good” he will go to his moms and eat…he does this AT LEAST 3 times a week…am I overreacting here? His mom lives right down the road from us so its not a huge deal for him to always go over there…but i feel like she shouldnt still be feedin him dinner almost every night"

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"I love my MIL, and her cooking is amazing. But yes, I would be irritated if it was to happen that often and would probably tell him to go back and live with her lol."

"Stop cooking for him…"

"Just keep saying what he doesn’t like and tell him to bring food for you too. You won’t have to cook. It’s a win for you too."

"I’d be cooking what ever the hell I wanted to eat then."

"Wouldn’t worry me. Just don’t cook for him at all. You will save tons of money for a girls weekend"

"You should make a point to catch on to what she’s cooking a couple nights a week and make the same thing. But no he shouldn’t be doing that"

"Ask him why is going over to eat so often, try and get to the bottom of it. Maybe he doesn’t like your cooking (I’m not trying to be mean) then I would try and ask her some recipes to help u out"

"Well see I’m petty because the next time he’d call me asking what’s for dinner I’d say “ask your mom!” Lol"

"Why don’t you just plan ahead and agree what nights he’s going to his mums and then you know in advance, you don’t waste food and you know when to have more down time?"

"Go eat with him. If it’s better there, then go. If she can feed him, she can feed everyone."

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