Would you be ok with an 11 year old having his gf over for sleepovers?

Would you be okay with an 11 year old having his girlfriend over for sleepovers, or am I overreacting? I just think it’s too young for that to be happening or maybe I’m too old school now.

No. I have 3 step kids… 14, 13 and 12. We will not let them have any friends stay the night that are opposite sex. Really the one that tries to have friends over is the 14 year old and this is mainly because his mom allows it. We just know how he is and we wouldn’t trust him like that. Even for our 12 year old we wouldn’t allow it. She is a great kid, and never have any issues with her but it’s still a no. They can hangout during the day & go to the mall or get food but they can’t stay the night