Would You Be Okay With Your 5-Year-Old Drinking Coffee?


"Would you be okay with your five-year-old drinking coffee? She told me that when she stays the night at her grandma's house, she lets her have coffee in the morning, and they sit on the front porch and drink it together. I called my mom and asked her, and she said she barely adds coffee in the cup, and it's mostly creamer…but even creamer has a ton of sugar, and I am not okay with it…I don't want to stop her weekend with her nana, but I don't want her drinking coffee."

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"One of the best memories with my grandpa as a kid was drinking coffee with him in the mornings. my mom didn't like it but I cherished it and still think of it to this day."

"Don't sweat the small stuff. Your child is making sweet memories with her Nana. Be thankful you have someone that loves her so much."

"One of my favorite memories was coffee in the morning with my grandmother. I think of her every time I make that perfect cup. Pick your battles, at least your mother is involved in her life."

"One day a week at nana’s house will not hurt her but the memories will be a blessing to her when she is older. My 8-year-old granddaughter has some the other day and I made her decaf."

"When I was a little girl, my Grandpa bought me a little white cup and saucer so I could drink coffee with him in the morning. It was mainly milk, but I didn't care. 70 years later, that cup and saucer is in my hutch. Every time I look at it, I remember my wonderful Grandpa. Let your child have this special bond."

"Some of my very best memories are sitting with my grandma, reading the comics while she read the paper, and drinking coffee with her. Some of the best conversatuons happened during that time. It was when I learned about where she came from, and how she loved unconditionally."

"Pick your battles. This is something she will remember about her grandma forever. Don’t kill special memories over that."

"I think it’s more of a bonding moment for them which is very sweet. Ask her to switch out for decaf maybe and a sugar-free creamer and mostly milk. I totally understand your point but sometimes we need to give a little for these moments."

"I can just visualize how sweet and special this moment is. The two of them sitting there sipping their coffee and discussing plans for the day. Those moments are far more important than how much sugar is in her coffee."

"I wouldn't take that memory away from my daughter. If she's telling you about it then she probably really enjoys that moment with her grandma. I would send her to grandmas next time with decaf coffee and sugar-free coffee. Or even some instant hot chocolate if I was bothered by the coffee."

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