Would you be upset if your family never came to see you?

Would you be upset if your family never came to see you? I moved back to KY after years of being gone because they kept asking ( I didnt really want too) and I gave in…for the first week I was here they stopped by…after that nada. I have their location and they will go to stores around my house and not make an effot to stop by to say hi…I go to their house and thye never come to mine and I am over it


We live near my husband’s family and get treated like we aren’t allowed to ever be a part of anything. I feel so sad for him.


Do they have young kids?
I have family nearish me, but between running our house and running the kids here, there and everywhere for sports I rarely see anyone unless it’s an actual holiday.
I’m sure they would love to see you more, but life with kids fills up quickly.


I live a mile from my parents and they never come over. My kids and I go there. I’ve never thought to be upset about it. Invite them and maybe they’ll make it a point to come. You could assume they may not know if you’re okay with company often?

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Yeah know that feeling very well it doesn’t bother me but it does because I have kids and they are the ones who are neglected all love but my children don’t understand


Have you told them how you feel? I used to get upset when my family or friends didn’t do the things for me that I would and did do for them. I had to realize two things years of hurt feelings:

A) they can’t know what I want and need if I don’t tell them
B) people just aren’t going to love you the way you love them


Yes am upset about it,been over 4 yrs now since was able to to see my son & his family(my 2 grkids) as much as I want to see them I am not forcing it, I don’t want to make it harder on the grkids.However if ever they want to see or talk with me I’ll be there in a heart beat,No matter what!! I have been & always will be there because its called Unconditional Love!!!
That will Never change.


Yes I’d be so upset and ask them why ?

Sounds like my mums sisters and brothers, we would go to theirs mum got tickets so all the cousin could meet up, and my mum wonders why, I want nothing to do win them​:roll_eyes::thinking::rofl:

Why would they need to stop by though?
Running errands shouldn’t come with an obligation to pop in and say hi to you


Plan things and invite them. I never go unless I’m invited. Idk that’s just me. I’m also not much into hosting so I rather be at peoples houses.


Live your life how you want. You should of only moved back bc you wanted to live there not bc u gave in. Love where u live its your only life u will ever have! Move some place that makes your heart smile​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Call a week in advance and invite to come over. Coffee and cake. Soup and sandwich .

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I’m the outcast. My family never comes to see me or includes me in any family events.

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This is why I put myself first.

Young one, this is called life and manners. Things happen a dash to the store is just that - a dash to the store. Grocery shopping trips same thinking - if they have kids - ALSO invite them - manners are manners - you just don’t show up. Be happy you have family and they love you - many many don’t. If this concerns your parents and grandparents- they took care of you and went to see you - you’re an adult now - I think you should go to them, sweetie. They especially won’t be here long - don’t waste time expecting but more time doing.

Call them and tell them you want to see them. Invite them for dinner or game night. They may not want to intrude on you.


Nope wouldn’t bother me at all, but then again I wouldn’t have moved to make them happy.

Going to be store doesn’t mean they have to stop at your house. Do you invite them over? Personally I never just stop by anyone’s house family or not without being invited.


I dont let stuff like that bother me! Lifes to short, im
Not going to force people to come visit me


Tell them what you wrote here and hear out their view. Nothing will ever come from creating theories and frustration in your head instead of having a conversation.

Stop going to theirs then?

No I don’t care if I will never see them again