Would You Be Upset if Your Husband Forgot Your Birthday?

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"Would you be upset if your husband straight up forgot your birthday? we have been together for 5 years and i spent the entire day cooking and cleaning for him to come home and not even look my direciton or acknowledge what day it was…he told me he was going to be late coming home from work so i assumed he was stopping to at least get me something but no…he stopped for beer and wings after i legit made a whole dinner…i still havent said anything and he still hasnt realized…i am just hurt at this point."

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"Happy birthday ! I’m sorry that he forgot your birthday . I hope he realizes and makes it up to you."

"My husband forgot my b-day 25 years ago and I still remember how that made me feel so good luck."

"I’m sorry but I would be reminding if my love didn’t start saying he is making plans for us days or a week before! Like giving hints I want to go to the casino, or etc he probably has been tired from work just spaced it!"

"He obviously has other things on his mind. Sorry… He will say he forgot… He literally doesnt care. Men do forget but… 5 yrs no… Dontfall for his wings and beer. He has other priorities…"

"Go put on something nice, do your hair and makeup, grab your keys and purse, walk by him on your way out the door and say “I’m going out for a drink for my birthday. I’ll be back later.”

"My husband of 10 years told me happy birthday finally towards end of the day and that’s it. Me and my bestie decided to go get Mexican food and margaritas and then went out. It was an awesome day hangin with her! Hope u have a friend u can go do something with."

"I would be pissed! I’ve been with my man 15 yrs and he always makes sure I wake up to something on my birthday and same for him if u have to remind someone its ur birthday then u should move on clearly he doesnt care."

"Omg I’d straight up have a whole slobbery blubbering meltdown. It may have been a 1 off, but it still hurts. Definitely let him know he fumbled big time this year."


No, I am not a child. People forget things. It5 doesn’t mean anything except he forgot. I have never understood people who make such a big deal out of birthdays.