Would You Be Upset They Waited So Late?

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"My husbands ex texted him last night at 11:30pm asking if their son had his homework finished that is overdue at school. I completely understand her and him talking because they are his parents but I feel like it’s a tad ridiculous that she had to wait until almost midnight to check in on his homework. I’m even a little more upset that his son has his own phone but because he didn’t respond she texted my husband. I completely understand needing to make sure his work is done, but you could have asked Friday. You could have texted at any point on Saturday but you waited until 11:30?"

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"No. Is the short answer. I wouldn’t be upset. Neither of them did anything wrong."

"Um no I wouldn’t be upset. If his son is currently staying at your house, and she’s alone on a Friday night, she very well could have been busy with her own business. She even could have just thought about it as she was getting into bed. It’s just a text, with he focus on the well being of their kid. Cut her some slack."

"No, she wasn’t trying to say anything indecent. As a mom I’ve remembered homework is due at like 11pm and said oh crap."

"She just had to text so she can sleep better knowing that kid completed homework. It means she is a good parent. It was harmless."

"I wouldn’t be upset because their brief conversation wasn’t inappropriate. They’re his parents and maybe she forgot to message earlier in the day. Little ridiculous to be upset or annoyed over them parenting"

"Get over it or find a man who doesn’t have children with someone else . If it’s about the child she should be able to text him at 2am if she needs too"

"I dont think its a big deal, maybe that was the first chance she was able, and the fact that she called the father and not the child is probably bc kids tend to lie to us about homework so she was checking with an actual adult!"

"No, that is stupid to be upset over. I lay awake at night and think of all the stuff I missed too lol. She probably just forgot until that moment. Jealousy is not pretty. She just seemed concerned about her son. Their kids come first. Always."

"Sometimes I don’t think about stuff until I lay down to go to bed. Maybe this momma is the same way. Maybe she had a busy day and homework totally slipped her mind and she couldn’t sleep until she made sure. As a parent, no matter what time it is, we always worry about our children. And I’m sure she figured her son was sleeping. I don’t see a problem worth getting annoyed over here."

"Not a big deal. Probably when she thought of it and wanted to ask before she forgot. She may have had a busy day herself"

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