Would You Consider This Cheating?

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"Would you consider signing up for dating sites and messaging other people while you are married, cheating? Even if it didn’t go further than messaging?"

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"I absolutely think that's cheating."

"Cheating! That will lead to other things. Plus that is cheating emotionally."

"Any form of seeking sexual pleasure or intimate partnership from another person is a form of cheating, yes. Why go looking elsewhere when you have it at home?"

"Absolutely. Why are you on a dating site if you're married? Alarm bells and red flags!!"

"Yes. Emotional cheating can lead to physical cheating, it's like playing with fire. Too many temptations"

"Personally, anything that your spouse is willing to say to another person while you’re not around is a form of cheating (especially on dating apps) Flirting to an extent is emotional cheating, which often leads to physical. If your husband has to hide or delete conversations, photos, etc. there’s an issue."

"It’s going in that direction so yes."

"If you have to ask, then you know the answer."

"You don’t go to the restaurant, sit down, read the menu—unless you are planning on eating."

"If you wanna act single, you can be single. The end."

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