Would You Go on Vacation Without Your Kids?

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“Would you go on a vacation without your kids? my husband wants to go to hawaii for a week and not bring the kids (7, 5, and 1.) but idk if i can leave them…he is upset because he really wants to spend time with me and they can stay with his mom and i know they will be safe…but they are so attached to me especially the younger one and i dont want to traumatize her…what should i do?”

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“Go on vacation with the hubby, he wants some time with you and no kids, y’all need alone time, be grateful you have a safe place for the kids and go enjoy a week with the husband! The kids will be ok.”

“I do all the time. We have family vacation and me and my husband vacations. Mine stay with grandma too and they’re fine I load up on activities for them plan out meals in case they miss their favorite foods and video chat them. Spend some time with your husband I’m sure you both deserve it.”

“We did, we went to Hawaii for 10 days without my kids and they were 2,5 and 8. I missed them but they had fun with grandparents, I faced timed every morning and told them what we had planned, and then every night before bed we FaceTimed as well. Time went by so fast, before ya know it vacay is over. I say do it. The alone time is nice, plus it’s nice to enjoy a vacation without having the responsibilities of kids.”

“Spending time away from your baby is not going to traumatize her. If anything, it’ll show her that time can be spent apart and you’ll always come back to her. Your husband is expressing a need and I think that he should be prioritized in this situation. Time away from kids and quality time together is really healthy and important for a relationship. It’s also important for adults to have time away for themselves as individuals. Go have fun and enjoy yourselves!”

“I honestly wouldn’t. Not for an entire week. I can’t even go grocery shopping without rushing through it though I have severe anxiety without my kids lol.”

“My husband and I have done on vacation every year without our kids since they were little. You need some adult time.”

“I’m not like other moms, so no, I’m not going to pawn them off to others, so I can have a ‘vacation’ from my responsibilities that I brought into this world. If i go on vacation, they come with me. I don’t care if anyone disagrees.”

“Remember, it’s very important to make time for each other. Go with your husband, your baby will not be traumatized by this none of your kids should. Have fun, it’s not pawning them off on someone else. It’s healthy to make time for you and your spouse, it’s not like it’s a every month type thing.”


My husband & I did. I loved it & they we’re split between Grandpa on one side & Grandma on the other for the week we took for us. Definitely important! Wish we would of done it when they were younger & yes everyone survived.