Would you go somewhere you did not feel comfortable?

Would you go somewhere you didn’t feel comfortable? Been married 15 years and I’m tired of going to someone on his side of the families for holidays. We never see them any other day… just holidays once a year and they’re just not welcoming. Even my own husband doesn’t feel comfortable and it’s his own family. MIL thinks we should suck it up and go… but honestly I’m over putting myself in this situations… what would you do?


I would just not go. My peace is more important than other people’s opinions of me.

Stay home. Don’t even put yourself in that position. Choose yourself. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Easy decision for me…do what you want to do.

Holidays are supposed to be Happy. Make yourself and family happy and do your own thing with people your happy to be around.

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Do something you want to do.

For my kidsif they enjoy it yes I would(no if they also don’t care to go) No kids in the picture nope lol


I wouldn’t go but I wouldn’t stop my other half going if he wanted

I would if that’s when I’d see other parts of the family. Otherwise nah. Also I’d think it’d depended upon why I’m uncomfortable….

I wouldn’t go… especially if husband doesn’t feel comfortable either. MILs opinion is irrelevant.

My husband and i agreed on this a LOOOOONG time ago. We dont waste our energy on people who really dont “matter” in our lives(don’t come see us/check in regularly) It relieves so much stress!

Simple. Wouldn’t go :smile::smile: I don’t go to quite a few because u know… I’m an adult and stuff :smile::smile:


My husband was so good to my mother no way I could have been mean to his mom and dad.

I for 1 wouldn’t go & if he loves u enough he’ll stay at home with you

If it causes you trauma or your family trauma than don’t do it. If it’s just cuz you don’t know them very well than I say go.
My husbands family made me always feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. We kept going because my older son enjoyed it but when we had my second son and they ignored him I had enough and I told my husband I wouldn’t put my kids in an uncomfortable situation. He has continued to not go

Nope. Stop going. Don’t let your MIL make decisions for you. Protect your peace. And don’t let your husband decide for you either. If you don’t feel comfortable there don’t go!


I wouldn’t. She can tell whoever else to suck it up, but if I say “I’m not going” I’m not going.

But if it’s once a year idk maybe next year have ut at ur place

I wouldn’t go! After the snide comments made to my daughter (she’s 10 months) wether she understands or not! We’re not going back!

If my husband wanted to go I’d support him. Otherwise if he doesn’t care to go I wouldn’t either.

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I would politely bow out. Say you’ve been invited somewhere else…

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If you BOTH are uncomfortable and don’t want to go, then don’t go. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

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Invite them over to my house,and make them feel just as welcome :hugs:


Not comfortable…not going

It’s time you guys start ur own traditions if husband is so worried about pleasing his mom let him go be miserable


Nah don’t go. Start a tradition with your own little family.


I don’t go anywhere I don’t feel comfortable going stay home don’t subject yourself to it


Nope. MIL can get over it.

Nah why go if everyone feels uncomfortable and isn’t having a good time. If MIL doesn’t like it then oh well.


Don’t go
No family member
Should make any member feel uncomfortable
Your husband needs to step up and tell his mother how it makes you both feel

You don’t HAVE to go….make other plans.

If I’m not comfortable I’m not going or I take my own car so I can leave early if husband makes a stink about it.
Life’s too short to be miserable even for a little while.


Stop going …I don’t have the bandwidth for that anymore

Nope. We just got invited to go to a resort with my fiancés ex and her husband and we declined cause that’s inappropriate and we both said it would be uncomfortable.

As you get older, you avoid those places and start your own tradition. At least it worked better for my family.

Stand your ground. If he insists, let him go on his own. That will probably be the last time he ever insists.

You have all the rights to not put yourself in a toxic situation.

One of the bonuses of being an adult is you do not have to do anything you don’t want to do and you don’t have to go anywhere you don’t want to go. Maybe MIL wants you there because she is also uncomfortable. Misery loves company you know. She will either survive without you there or stop going herself.
You take care of you, don’t put a cloud over your holidays with this.

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I wouldn’t go, if they can’t make an effort to come to your place then yeah no. I also wouldn’t go to a place where I’m uncomfortable at all either.

I’d just not go, life is too short to be miserable. Just think of it this way, they might just be inviting you because you’re family.

It’s simple. Just don’t go.

No, I wouldn’t go. Especially if you only see them once a year and it’s at their home. Doesn’t sound like it’s a close family member or close family relationship.

No I wouldn’t . I’m too damn old to be spending time with people I don’t want to be around .

Change it up. Do your own thing