Would you have a VBAC if your first birth was traumatic?

Ok, ladies, so I have a concern over here with my second pregnancy and wanted some insight, personal experiences. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and had an emergency c-section with my first. Everything about my first pregnancy was traumatic. I had placenta previa throughout my pregnancy, and up until the end, they told me it had moved, and I could try for a natural birth. One week before my daughter was born, I started bleeding very heavily (I overflowed a pad). I wasn’t sure if my water had broken or not because I was a first-time mom and wasn’t sure of how it was supposed to happen. I was sent to the emergency room and spent over 12 hours in the hospital only to be sent home, and when I asked about my baby, they said, “We think your baby is ok” I can never forget those words ever, “WE THINK!” I went home crying because they never gave me any assurance that my daughter was ok. My follow-up was one week later, and they observed me for a bit and told me I couldn’t leave the hospital without having my baby because the baby’s heart rate wasn’t normal. They took me upstairs, got me set up for a natural birth; the baby’s dad and my mother were in the room when I suddenly started bleeding as I had bled a week prior. Before I knew it, the room was filled with nurses and doctors, and they rushed me to have an emergency c-section where I had a panic attack, they knocked me out, and before I knew it, it was all over, and I was filled with pain. My experience was so bad I didn’t ask any questions and just wanted to leave; I later suffered postpartum depression, and I am pretty sure my experience had something to do with it. Not to mention the worst could have happened to my daughter or me. So you can imagine that when I found out I was pregnant with my second, the whole scenario replayed in my head. Now, this pregnancy has been completely different. No complications whatsoever; the baby is head down already and in position. They told me I could try for a natural birth if I wanted to because the baby boy is not too big and it shouldn’t be a problem, but I should think it through since I had an emergency c-section with my first there is a 2-3% chance of complications. Not to mention I live in a building with a fourth-floor walk up, no elevators, and don’t live with any family, which is also the reason I want to try for a natural birth because I’d have two kiddos that need me. So ladies, what would you do? Please share your experiences, if any. Thank you!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you have a VBAC if your first birth was traumatic? - Mamas Uncut

In all honesty … my first was a emergency csection - she was way to big. Started pushing an then got told to stop and got pushed into surgery for an emergency csection.

My second pregnancy I was so scared when they told me I had to do a vbac, but just before my due date I was transferred to another hospital due to my bmi an they lost my file - so with no information if it was safe for a vbac that scheduled me in for a planned csection… but due to my previous emergency csection they said I had a lot of scar tissue.

My third again I had a csection- I kinda got whinged at by the surgeon saying I should of explained my scar tissue. (I have no idea what more they expected me to say I’m no doctor but I tried explaining a lot of times that where I had my second they told me to have any other babies there as they knew about my scar tissue. But no one listened.

If I could go back I kinda wish I wasn’t happy to take my second planned csection an try for vbac.
Especially if u want a big family consider vbac.
You obviously went through a pretty traumatic pregnancy an birth for ur first but I think a lot of mothers put up a barrier when we feel our babies are unsafe an we feel unsure…

I would honestly explain to a midwife in ur birth plan an try a vbac an get the support to get through it

I have had experiences from both ends. I’ve had cat1 emergency 13 years ago (34 weeks born) with my twin girls (i was basically dying without going into much detail, and my girls were born asleep, but resuscitated) worse experience of my life by none. All three of us recovered, but what they don’t tell you is the trauma lives with you for life. Then I fell pregnant in 2014 with my boy, completely different pregnancy. There was an inkling towards the end (39+5) that history was repeating itself (thankfully not) and I opted for a elective the next day. No problems with birth. It was absolutely blissful. I’m now currently 37+4 pregnant. Pregnancy been OK, not great. Complications have started again and am currently admitted into hospital with booked delivery for Tuesday. My point is that every pregnancy is different, everyone is different. Yes things can take a turn for the worse, but as long as you are being looked after and anything that you are not okay with, get it checked out. They won’t get sick of you, they are there to look after you and baby :heart: I wish you the best of luck xxxx

I had an emergency c section with my first. My ob has said no VBAC for me given my history and the current complications I am dealing with (HG being one of them and my lack of weight/girth). If you really want it, push for it. There’s no shame in wanting a natural or a c section. Both are a remarkable feat.

I had vbac after my 4th which was a csection , all other 3 before were natural. All went good, they do have monitor the baby closer, and will need to place a monitor on bubs heads before it pops out…

Not to be nosey but where do you live? Regardless of which you choose, I would highly recommend getting a doula to help you out and help make your birth, vaginal or c-section a little better experience for you and also help you afterwards. Most insurances cover them. Personally, if I were you I would try for a vbac because you will have kids counting on you and your doctor said your risks are low. Then again I’ve also seen many women say the second (planned) c-section was much easier and less traumatic than the first (emergency) c-section was too. However if you have low risks with a vbac… the healing would be a lot easier on you. If your doctor thinks you can have a vbac, I would personally go for that if it was me. But I have also only had vaginal births myself and the thought of c-section terrifies me.

Just had a natural after my first "emergency c-section four years ago with my first son.
I was told it was a 50/50 chance of going under again but I could always try…
I was 6cms when things slowed right down and I was asked if I wanted to go under… I was determined to get my natural labour so I decided against it, which they didn’t really like… they then after telling me my whole pregnancy that they couldn’t induce me asked if I wanted the drip on very low to help move things along, at this point I was so confused, if they knew the drip was dangerous why are they trying to give it to me? I had to finish an antibiotic drip before that one and I started nipple stimulation to see if that would help.
By the time I knew it I felt like I needed to poo really bad! :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes::rofl: turns out it wasn’t a poo, and after a few pushes and a episiotomy he was out! :sweat_smile:
I was so freaking happy!
I was up and in the shower after I got stitched up and was walking around like nothing happened.
100% recommend going natural if you can, the recovery is sooooooo much better! :heart:

I tried a vbac with my second. My water broke on it’s own and I labored a while at home. I labored for around 10hrs when I spiked a fever and baby wasn’t moving down, so a last minute decision for another emergency csection.

I would’ve loved to have my second vaginally but later found out my uterus and cervix is tilted therefore baby wouldn’t come down birth canal properly. BUT the second csection was much easier than the first and my baby was born a healthy 9lb5oz!

If your doc is on board with your wishes then go for it! There’s no right or wrong way for a child to be born. I wished I could have experienced a vaginal birth but we’re not always in control. Thankful for all the advancements in childbirth. Either way the end goal is for healthy baby and healthy momma. Do what your gut tells you to do and everything will work out how it’s meant to.

If you choose a vbac just remember things dont always go to plan and be prepared that in the event of an emergency you may need another c-section.

Or plan a planned c-section and you know pretty much what will happen thats unrushed and prepared for.

I had severe preeclampsia with my first. Was high risk most my pregnancy from different complications. My organs ended up shutting down and I ended up delivering my son at 35 weeks. He was healthy. It took me a while to get my health back. I had him in 2017. I got pregnant again in 2018 and lost the baby in aug. then got pregnant in October. I was high risk with that pregnancy but wanted to try for a vbac. I had polyhydramis with my daughter. I delivered her at 38 weeks. I did try for the vbac. We did the membrane sweep at 38 weeks exact and I was in labor that night. I dialated to 10. Had crazy contractions and back labor. I pushed and everything but my daughter got wedged in my birth canal. I ended up doing an emergency csection with her as well. I however don’t regret trying for the vbac. It was a beautiful experience for me. I got pictures of the process I didn’t get with my first with trying natural. And my husband also recorded my csection. My second csection was much worse but bc she got wedged and bc my meds didn’t work so I felt everything until they put me to sleep. But my first csection was the same way with issues with the meds. I was told my hips didn’t spread and my body wasn’t wide enough to deliver my daughter.I would say if it’s something your interested in then go for it. Either it will work for you or you will have another csection but either way you get the experience

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you have a VBAC if your first birth was traumatic? - Mamas Uncut

I had natural with my first and emergency c section with my second on my third they advised me to go section again because of the complications with my second id of loved to have gone natural with my 3rd but i was to scared of complications my next 2 had to b sections because once u have 2 sections u can never have a vaginal birth again… I agree with above comment and go with your gut and speak to your medical team and explain your concerns etc but if u can my advise in my opinion would be to go natural but its 100 percent your decision good luck

I had an emergency c-section with my 1st I made it to 8cm.They gave me petocin to speed things up. his heart rate dropped so low they had to rush me to the o.r to get him out . With my 2nd I had a scheduled c-section planned .my water broke a week early and the Dr. On call that night who wasn’t my normal Dr. Convinced me all signs were perfect and I should try for a v-bac. About 5 hours into labor my babies heart rate started dropping. The Dr tried to tell me everything was o.k. She said since I was concerned she had to offer me a c-section but she thought I could make it. I went ahead and opted for my c-section. Turns out my baby had swallowed merconium. He came home from the hospital for 2 weeks and had to go back for 5 due to lung problems from the acid in the merconium. He is almost 7 months but still has health issues. Just go with your gut and do what you feel is best.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you have a VBAC if your first birth was traumatic? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you have a VBAC if your first birth was traumatic? - Mamas Uncut

A successful VBAC can be very healing for many women.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you have a VBAC if your first birth was traumatic? - Mamas Uncut

Do what you wanna. My third baby was an emergency c section due to her wrapping the cord at 9.5cm around her throat and legs twice. I’ve had two babies since that were both vbac even tho out of laziness my Drs rather do a c section and bc they get paid more for a c section they usually try to push it. Every pregnancy for me has been different as has every labor and delivery. First was text book standard labor and delivery and pregnancy but had gestational diabetes mildly and group b strep. Same with second but they hit the wrong spot with my epidural and she was a nicu baby from pooping on the way out and inhaling it. Third baby as mentioned and had to be on insulin. Fourth baby no diabetes, no group b strep and text book labor and delivery. Fifth baby preclampsia and delivered early after they broke my water at 36 weeks, two failed epidurals, not allowed pain meds and 100% natural and it was traumatic for me and baby who spent two weeks in nicu, lots of health complications for her and I get readmitted for post partum preclampsia. I hated the c section. Hardest recovery, barely could care for my baby or other kids bc of the strong opioids they had me on, the pain was hell. Stairs and walking are torture. You do what you feel is best

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I had a 14 hr labour with first with emergency c section, second was a planned c section. All I can say is only you know if everything is ok, a planned c section is a different experience, I watched my daughter being born just like a natural birth it was a much calmer experience and second child is alot easier the second time as you know what to expect. Your partner can take care leave as you don’t have family here and get two weeks paid by government. The aim is always natural birth but if things change a booked in c section is alot nicer than you remember the first. Good luck everything will be ok just listen to your instincts

My first was traumatic as well. Pregnancy was ok except for major swelling which my gyno said was extreme but normal. Until I was 38 wks, went in for breathing issues, randomly had a hard time catching my breath. They poked me a total of 54 times for blood and an IV. I ended up with a C section. Less than 12 hours later I had trouble breathing. Between that and a nurse manhandling my arm for another try for blood I had a major panic attack. Next thing I remember I was waking up a few days later after they pulled a breathing tube out of my throat. I had gone into respiratory failure. 3 years, a new Dr and hospital later I tried for a vbac but kept waiting for asked expecting the worse so I asked for a scheduled c section and a pick line. Best decision I could have made. Everything was great the second time around.

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I had emergency with my first and was quite traumatic. As she was stuck and her heart beat showed she was panicking. They said my cervix wasn’t dilating and was wrong shape. With my second he was already a lot bigger than her and I went for planned c section as i did not want to end up needing an emergency again. Second time round was fine there was no panicking. I was conscious and fully aware the whole time. And he didn’t leave my chest after they took him out I was then wheeled to recovery with him completely different experience than first time. The decision is up to you but will say a planned c section is completely different to and emergency.:slightly_smiling_face:

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My daughters friend had a c section due to heart shaped uterus her 2nd she did VBAC everything went fine for delivery healthy mom baby had to have g tube which is feeding tube not due to the vbac but other then that healthy baby boy who is now 6 months good luck to you and your new bundle of joy

I know a woman who had a c-section for her first delivery and then had a successful VBAC of twins for her second pregnancy. You mainly want a doctor that is experienced and comfortable in those deliveries and it will help alot

I had an emergency c section with my first and a successful Vbac with my second who is turning a month old tomorrow. I even had pre eclampsia so had my waters popped at 39 weeks.i was 2 centimetres dilated for 12 hours, but he arrived healthy! I did loose alot of blood (1.8 litres) but they stitched me up and have had no problems :heart:

I had c section first time. I was adamant I wanted to push the second time and luckily I got to after being induced.
:100: Recommend pushing, I had so much trauma with and after my c section where I ended up getting sepsis and almost died.

But sometimes we can’t choose, as long as baby is here happy and healthy and mama is ok, giving birth is the main one! Whether that be c section, or vaginally pushing! I hate using the ‘natural’ word because every way is natural, were mother’s bringing our babies into the world :heartpulse::heartpulse:

My first pregnancy was an emergency c section as well because I was in labor to long and spiked a fever of 102 and baby heart rate was dropping. So they rushed everything to get him out in 2015. In 2016 I ended up having my daughter via VBAC which was completely different and my doctor actually helped me through it. At first while in the hospital with her, she wouldn’t dilated anymore after 8cm so they ended up changing my plans and told me I had to just get a c-section done because been in labor to long but had to wait for a room to become available. During the time of waiting, baby girl ended up moving down and I had to opportunity to push. I had another VBAC in 2018. This birth was completely a breeze my easiest one.
I recently just gave birth to my son and it ended up being an emergency c section. I couldn’t get him in position to push and his heart rate was dropping and during pushing I ended up passing out. Woke up to them pushing on my stomach to get him out. It was scary as I felt everything that they were doing.
So just go with your guts and feeling and do what is best for you and baby. Every pregnancy is different. You got this mamabear!

Daughter had a very successful VBAC after an emergency c-section much as you’re describing. Key? Midwives! Same hospital, heck the same room! The difference was the midwives!

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Have had 2 successful vbacs after emergency caesarean.

I so desperately wanted a VBAC. My first birth experience was traumatic. 27hours laboring and an emergency c-section… I just wanted a chance to do it, without the factors that caused my trauma. In the end, I decided that I wouldn’t go out of state for natural, because my daughter wasn’t allowed to enter any hospital, and the only way I could secure care would be to schedule the C-section, which is the only thing any local doctor would offer. I was pretty upset. My first c-section left a lot of painful scar tissue, I’m sure because the surgery was all about saving our lives… This time, it was organized, and the surgeon took his time. He cleaned up all of the scar tissue & the initial recovery was so hard, but I feel great physically 4mpp. The hardest part for me is that I didn’t get to feel involved with bringing my babies into the world. I was hoping my second/last bio baby birth could give me that, but it didn’t. …Now that it’s all done, I have to realize that it was probably the best thing, because I knew my daughter would be taken care of & didn’t have to stress about her, and my physical pain that I lived with for years is almost always completely gone. For me, as much as I didn’t want it, birth #2 came without emotional trauma. It hurt like heck, and c-section recovery definitely sucks, but now that I’m healed, I know it was the right thing for me. I wish I had gotten the clear drape I wanted… but it’s over, so…

Weigh your options. I understand wanting a VBAC & if your odds of no complications are good, it could be very healing for you. It also could go the other way. Looking back, Idk if I could have handled another traumatic birth. That’s just me, though. If it would have been possible, I probably would have kept fighting for my VBAC. The repeat c was good for me, but I still wonder what a natural birth could have felt like. My PPD with this one has been around, but it’s more like I’m just bogged down etc. It’s not rooted in trauma, and navigating my emotions the first time was very different.

100% natural I’ve had both natural and csec and never again would I choose c sec. Xx

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I had an emergency c section after 24 hours of active labour for face presentation. It was traumatic for me. The hospital hardly communicated with myself or my partner about what was going on, one midwife kept telling me I was dilating throughout the day only to have another right at the end say I was only ever 4cm never dilated. Thinking back the lack of care, knowledge and consideration made it extremely hard to enjoy the birth of my first born. I did not want that for my second so I opted for planned c section so I knew exactly what was gonna happen and when. Best decision ever.

I had a c-section the first time second time 9lbs baby NO pain meds of any kind. Was in labor 15 hours. I’d rather do that every day than to have another c-section.

If I had a baby and the first one was that traumatic or a danger to my life I wouldn’t be having another one.


Not my 1st but my 2nd I had an emergency c-section in 2014 and my labour wasn’t progressing as my son wouldn’t move from being against my spine.
I had a horrible recovery my body didn’t wanna heal properly.
I then fell pregnant 3 years later and planned on having a vbac and it was successful.
You do what ever makes you feel comfortable x

When the time cones you yourself will know what the right thing to do

I would try natural :blush:, good luck!

I had a traumatic c-section with my first and a successful VBAC with my 2nd so I say go for it mama.

(this was 60 years ago) My first pregnancy was not normal - severe morning, noon and night sickness for a month. Ended up in the hospital having intervenous for three days. I am very small and when I went into labor I refused pain killers. After 12 hours I finally asked for something - . My doctor called and came to see me every two hours - after 24 hours he ordered x-rays (no sonogram at the time) and showed the baby was showing signs of distress - so an emergency c-section. Thank god I had a wonderful doctor, baby was fine - just very big and i could not deliver him naturally. My second child was also c-section - at that time they felt if you had one c-section you couldn’t have a natural birth. Both children are well-educated and successful adults. Don’t know if this helps you or not - but you are right - your children need you.

I had an emergency section at 27 weeks for my first after early labour then placental abruption.I went in,they didnt bother to read my notes and tried to just deliver as full term. I told them to read my notes,they then tried to slow it down and gave me steroids for babys lungs,held it off for 2 weeks until placental abruption,thick bright red blood and they tried telling me it was “blood stained waters and all was fine” i kicked the midwife off the bed and pressed the emergency button.Before i knew it i was in theatre with 12 staff around having a section.
2 years later they told me i couldn’t have a vbac but i did,all was fine.
My 3rd 6 years after that was a planned section after 2 weeks of labour,contractions regular,on labour ward but no progression after 5cm. I had to give in and agree to the section when my original scar was burning and felt like it was on fire.They said it was a sign of rupture.I had let my body go on to too long with contractions and had no choice.It was a much better experience than the emergency one

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All pregnancies are different. I ended up with 3 c sections. My first was bc after all day on Pitocin I wasn’t progressing past 6cm. That pregnancy was a breeze. The 2nd I developed HELLP syndrome and after my baby’s heartbeat kept dropping during the contraction test and my HELLP symptoms got worse I had an emergency c section. I was a few days away from being 28 weeks. My third pregnancy was a breeze and bc I had 2 previous c sections I didn’t have the choice to try for a vbac.

I would definitely try for a vbac!

All pregnancies are different and it’s hard to advise properly because every single person will have a different experience.

However, if I was in your shoes, I would probably plan a c section. Get it booked in, and, if I went into labour before the section, try for a Vbac. Whatever you choose, it’s completely your choice and I’m sorry you had such a horrible birth experience before. Speaking from experience, I promise that will heal x

Try for your vbac! If everything is different, it may go just as smooth as silk. You won’t know unless u try

I have 6 kids and have had 2 c sections, one section was for the cord being wrapped tightly around the baby’s neck and the second for him being a footling breech. My VBACs were uneventful and worth it. If you feel secure with your providers why not try?

I had an emergency csection for my first and it was awful but I had vback for my second. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again xxx

Hi momma! I’m so sorry you had a horrible first birth💔
I had a csec with my first and it was beyond traumatic, I had and sometimes still have nightmares, was diagnosed with PTSD and PPD. Fast forward to finding out about my second babe. Things were great! Until I hit 20 weeks and the nightmares were every night I was so terrified about my second birth. I switched hospitals and went to the most pro vbac hospital in my state, did interviews with a few different doctors and chose the one who I felt the most comfortable with and whose views closely resembled what I wanted my birth to be!
My VBAC was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!:heartpulse::heartpulse: It was the best decision I made and I was more terrified of having another csec

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If all systems are a go, do it. I was about to do the same until my ultrasound appointment and found I was carrying twins. Ask them to check your scar while doing ultrasound appointments to make sure scar tissue won’t obstruct the birth canal as the baby grows

I had my oldest vaginally, my youngest son via c-section, and I am planning to shoot for a VBAC for our little girl due in October. They have to tell you that there is small risk involved (I was told I have a 1% chance of uterine rupture) to cover themselves legally in the event that you fall into that small percentage. If you want to give via VBAC, then try. Just keep in mind that things do not always go the way we’d planned for ourselves, and be open to changing gears last minute.

W my first it was a normal and fast delivery … I was only in labor for about 2 hrs… w my second(stillborn 29wks) I delivered naturally and the placenta got stuck and had to be knocked out w my third my daughter she was stuck and I was stuck at 6cm for a long time… and w my son(stillborn 35wks) i lost so much blood my blood platelets were very low… and w this one I am currently 23 wks I’m hoping things won’t be as complicated w my last 3… I have had 2 stillborns and I have a son and daughter…
I hope u can find the right one that’ll be safe for u both :heart:

I had my first child c-section had my second child vaginal…

I had 2 vbac and had no complications. It was so much better than a c-section recovery

I had 2 amazing no down time first was c section I also had placenta pervia and it moved was induced 39 big baby they thought and her hate rate dropped as I was pushing so they made me stop an I had surgery

I had a csection with my first because she was breech. 4 years later I got pregnant and the first appointment they asked what I would prefer and I said csection again because honestly, I was nervous about having a regular birth after a csection. My son tried to come on his own and my water broke, they rushed me to the room. Luckily I chose right as he was 10lbs 10oz baby. They measured multiple times and said he would not be over 9lbs….boy was that off. lol

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Emergency c the first time was so scary for me that I scheduled the 2nd one for a c automatically. (Figured it would be easier if I saw it coming, felt them cut me open the first time, didn’t want that again) Still ended up with an emergency c 3 weeks earlier then scheduled. You can’t plan what your body will do.

I had full placenta previa with my 2nd that resulted very much the same as you ending with a ECS My third was an automatic scheduled C and even if they had given me the option for a natural given the toll,trauma ,and way things happened on the 2nd I wouldn’t want to subject the new one to any possible complications I too had to do this on my own. Newborns sleep alot and it was only a couple week recovery I was tired but strong and determined that I had these lils that depend on me and that’s ALL that matters (FYI They are now 25,19,&13) You got this…

I had placenta previa with my first … after a few bleeding episodes … the last one was a big bleed I ended up hospitalized for 3 weeks before I had a bleed again and a c-section right away … they had scheduled a c-section for 37 weeks, but he didn’t wait that long… pretty close though 36.5 weeks … my second I had a VBAC … I had no complications during the pregnancy . And he was small … I also really really wanted a natural delivery…I did a lot of reading about vbacs … and from everything I read labour as long as you can at home … also … I read any medication can slow down the delivery process … making it more likely the need for a c-section… I think if you want to try for a vbac, and it’s safe for you then do it … it hard to know what to do because you don’t know how things are going to go … but trust yourself … and listen to your body …

Something not right u have two kids that need u?

I had a VBAC after an emergency c-section. First child’s delivery was horrible but so glad she’s healthy. My two girls are 22 months apart. With my second I had a scheduled c-section planned and the baby had other plans. I went into labor 12 days before the planned C-section and the hospital asked if I’d like to try for natural first. I was able to hold my baby right away and walk and be independent. It was amazing. Being already at the hospital if they need to do another c-section you’re pretty safe. Good luck!!!

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had a really bad, traumatic experience with my first as well that ended in an emergency c section. i ended up planning the second one (baby estimated 10 lbs mama scared lol) and it was so smooth and nice, i walked myself to the ER i knew exactly what day he was coming. it was overall a nice experience. my third was a planned c section and i would say it was more traumatic than my first. my point of saying that is just so you know planning a c section is not always cupcakes and rainbows but if i was in your shoes i’d go ahead and plan one, at least that way you’re knowing when he’s coming and less likely to be out cold during the birth.

I had a normal delivery but then I had a retained placenta and they tried everything so the the flying squad and an ambulance to the hospital
I was in a home where babies were delivered and it’s 4 miles from hospital
They had to take me to theatre where they removed my placenta surgically and then I had a hemorrhage I too suffered badly from depression afterwards but I went on to have other babies you will be fine xxxx please try not to worry

I had an emergency c section with my first…my second was vaginal. Absolutely NO complications… everything went smoothly, and was so easy!

Just please remember every child birth is not the same just as not every child is not the same… advice is do the plane A as to what you want with the information given … as you know things can change in the snap of your fingers so always have a plan B so you’ll know what’s gonna happen either way n you’re not gonna be stressed … your doctor will be looking out for the both of you … you just be ready for plan A or B n go with the flow…. It’s out of your hands so just breath n pray …:relaxed::woman_shrugging:t3::tipping_hand_woman: you will be fine n if it makes you feel better n you do believe in God ask your Doctor to have a quick prayer with you …. Most always they are happy to. :tipping_hand_woman::relaxed:…. My surgeons never refused a prayer n always have a smile :relaxed::tipping_hand_woman:… they know who’s really in charge​:tipping_hand_woman::relaxed:


If it’s been at least three years since the last birth, you could try natural. Time to heal before the next delivery is important.

My first was an emergency C, the second was a planned C, and the following three were vbacs. The last two vbacs were without any medicine for delivery or during recovery. Everyone is different but it felt so much better when I did the vbacs, especially with no medicine. I wish all of them were like that. People thought my doctor and I were crazy to even try the vbacs but they turned out to be the best thing in my birthing experiences.

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I also had a traumatizing first birth which resulted in emergency c section that was even more traumatizing. A lot of it was neglect on the staff and I’ll never forgive them for it. I’ve had 4 other pregnancies (that were losses) and that hospital never acted like they truly cared and I was just a nobody. I switched doctors and hospitals for this pregnancy and I feel much more at ease about it. I know you’re already 38 weeks, but maybe try talking to someone else??

I had a traumatic first birth and emergency C section. I chose to have an elective C section for the second. Don’t let people try to shame you into thinking you’re taking the easy way out. It’s not the easy way and it’s a safer option based on your previous experience.

Thrust in the Lord!it sounds like you’re in good hands!this time sounds like it’s going good and I think you will have a easy delivery!

Nope. Had traumatic emergency c-section with 1st and baby in the NICU for a month. I was not gonna do that again. Baby #2, planned c-section, peaceful, calm, baby with me at all times happy and healthy. My OB was open for VBAC but I backes out.

I had an emergency c section with my first almost lost my son his umbilical cord was around his neck but with my second I had a vbac and everything was great to be honest it all depends on ur body how it heals from the C-section I’m currently 38weeks with my third and I’m going natural with this one to

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I had an emergency caesarean with my
Son after a failed induction. Once he was born, the anesthetist said “7 more seconds and he would’ve been dead”….who the hell says that! I also felt totally disconnected from my son for about the first 3 weeks as I felt the birth was ripped away from me. Stupid I know but that’s how I felt.

When I had my daughter I asked for a VBAC. I explained my fears and concerns and the OB and nurses were amazing! Just talk to the doctor and midwives, and I’m sure they will help you through it and calm your anxieties. They will be with you the whole time as they need to be with a vbac. I’m so glad I did, it was an amazing experience having a vaginal birth.

I had my second one naturally and it was different from night and day

Every pregnancy is different

I’ve only had natural births, my 4th was more complicated than other 3. Sometimes unexpected things happen and I believe in going with how you feel at the time and the advice of the professionals. You can plan so much but births are so unpredictable.

Get a new team-gyno and try VBAC!

Try to have your baby the right way my daughter did the second time and everything was fine