Would you let your child live with their dad if they asked?

If your 15 year old daughter wanted to live with her dad would you let them?


I recently allowed my 15 year old son to move out of state to live with his father, it was a very hard decision and I’m very sad and miss him, but I have to start letting him make life choices. Good luck mama it’s hard.


If that’s what they want and it’s secure and safe

It would be hard but in my case their dad is a good dad. Not the greatest man but he is present and contributes so I try to think it’s fair if that’s what the kids would want. Doesn’t mean I’d be happy about it lol

So many factors into making this decision. I would ask people you are comfortable with talking about your concerns and the pros and cons.

I did this to my mom when I was younger, lasted about 3-4 months and I was back to my moms.:roll_eyes: I’d talk with her about why, if she still wants to after y’all talk, let her. It’ll either be good for her or she’ll be back, good luck momma!

Yes. Kids will test boundaries and usually prefer the parent with less rules. But you can’t fight it.

It depends, is he a responsible dad, does he have rules and maintains them. I he has a good home environment and a good dad, yes.

That’s when I moved with my dad when I was younger. Moved around that age and lived there for 1-2 before I came back home to my mom.

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Unfortunately for us Mums , Dads are seen as more fun, because (in general), we have to make them do stuff such as get ready and homework. She will soon realise it’s the case at Dads too. Personally I’d be gutted, but as long as she’s safe, I’m sure she’ll be back x hugs to you x

If he was stable and responsible, yes

If Dad is a good Dad and child is able to make that type of mature choice, then yes.

I did she lasted 2 months and came home realized how much he doesn’t do for her and how good she had it with myself and her step dad


Yes. At that point it could be up to them. If he is a good parent then why not

Yes. As long as he can be financially responsible for her and has a reasonable amount time and desire to assist with her with whatever she needs and time to spend with her, why not.

As long as she has her own room or shares with a sister, he has a stable job or food isn’t a worry. and you know she is 100% safe. Dad’s aren’t second class citizens any more. A lot of times they are just as good parents if the chance is given.

In my state it’s up to the child who they live with.

Technically they’re old enough that a court would allow it.

It’s not about what the mother wants it’s about what’s best for the child and if the father is a good dad has a safe environment then yes the child should be able to live there

I would have a big conversation as to why ? As teens/kids could prefer there due to less chores…more junk and less rules…later bedtimes etc. Respect her wishes for sure…but figure out why shed prefer there ? Not quite the age where they know best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes. If that’s the choice my child has made I’ll support them fully.

My kids have been making their own decisions on that aspect since 13/14. My oldest son goes back and forth between our houses on a schedule, my oldest daughter is with me, and my youngest daughter just flops around. They are 14,16, and 17.

I have learn at that age if they do not want to live with you let them go you can’t keep anyone with you at that age who wants to go to the other parent let her go . She will be back

I would, I let my son go live with his dad yrs after our divorce, He came back about a month later, if that, At that age they can choose who they want to live with

The circumstances are different for every family. Dynamics differ from one to the next.
At 15 I wouldn’t really have a choice but I get along well with my ex and my kids need to know I trust their decision. Also tell them my door is always open.

If he has proven to be a good dad who puts her needs first then I don’t see a problem with it.

Is their a relationship with the dad? Is she running away or to something?

Yes? As long as it’s a safe stable place.

My daughter and her dad no. A child with a good father, yes. For one thing if she really wants this and he’s a good father he’d probably win in court. Why take it to that level?

Yes! The child is old enough to make that choice, if their is no reason or risk not to then the child is entitled to choose to spend some years residing with the opposite parent before the child is old enough to fly the nest completely, they may have better friends there or the location suits them better, or maybe mother and daughter just clash and would be better suited living separately to avoid a relationship break down, try and focus on how this makes your daughter feel rather than your own feelings which im sure will feel like a broken heart!! You just need to let them fly a wee bit in order not to lose them completely

Yup, my 13 year old decided to go live with her dad last month. I figured she’s old enough to make her own decisions and learn her own life lessons. She moved back yesterday. Lol


This depends on if the other parent had a stable place really

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Yes and say but if ever want to come back home door is always open for you .

Yes. I have 2 kids. I had majority custody for a while and then we had close to 50/50. Kids asked to go to their dads for the summer and ended up staying down there. I moved close to him, we had 50/50. About a year and a half ago, I had out son full time and he had our daughter full time. We live about 20 min away from each other so we had access to the other kid. It just worked out better that way for what they needed. And I knew in my heart when they were a few years younger that this was probably going to be how it went. Didn’t suck any less. But if he’s a good dad , why not?

Yes, as long as he is a fit parent.

Yes, as long as my child is happy and I know dad is taking good care of her and as long as dad is actually present, not just there.
It also depends the reasoning behind her wanting to go live with her father.

Men/Father’s have as much rights as women/mother’s do, the law and society just tends to fk them over.

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In most states she can decide where she wants to live at that age, but it’s also a discussion about safety, and why. I know a lot of kids want to move because the other parent is more relaxed and the kids can do whatever they like. But as long as she’s safe and not going to do anything to get in trouble she should be able to stay with dad a while

Yes… 15 is old enough to pick where they want to live but I wouldn’t let them keep going back and forth!

As long as he is stable/safe, then absolutely.

Yes and being 15 she does have say on what parent she wants to live with.

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No I wouldn’t until they are old and legally enuf to make their own decisions. My House. My Rules


Yes, because Dads are half the parenting equation. Its not a shot at you as a parent, your daughter wants to love with her Dad and thats all. Its hard, and I absolutely sympathise, because my kids wanted to live with their Dad too, but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad Mum, just that she is happier living with Dad at the moment.


Depends on the situation. No one else can make that decision for you without knowing what is going on. So what anyone else would do doesn’t matter.

Depends on the reasoning. If it’s because he lets her do whatever, no. But if it’s because she wants to be closer to him… absolutely. It would hurt but he’s just as much her parent as I am. It’s not about what you want.

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Well me and my kids dad are still married, but if we were seperated and she wanted to and he was ok with it then yes because he is a good father

If it gets taken to court. The court will ask your kid where he wants to live and they will grant it. At 13 I believe is when the courts bring the kids in to listen to the kids

My daughters father no but a normal father yes

Yes. As long as he wasn’t a realy bad parent he has as much right to your daughter as you. Dad’s get a raw deal

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If you trust the dad to make sure she stays safe, goes to school everyday, and he isn’t abusive or neglectful then I don’t see why not. She’s old enough to have a say in who she lives with.

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Your child has a say at 12 yrs old and he/she has a right to choose now if there is a reason why the courts deemed he shouldn’t than no. But I believe he is probably a parent left her do basically what she wants without rules let her go let her see maybe life isn’t so wonderful on the other side lol.

Yes because i know her dad would have the same of not stricter rules. I know she would be Okay Thérè

At that age in my state it’s up to the child unless the parent chosen is found unfit. On a personal level if he’s a good dad and makes the effort to be in the child’s life I would. If he has no interest in the child and basically is a dead beat dad I would not.

Absolutely…Unfortunately I didn’t have that option so let him help you teenage girls can be Frightening​:face_with_spiral_eyes::woozy_face:

Absolutely :100: I would because I know what kind of dad he is I watched him fight his ass off for his first 2 so damn straight but thankfully we don’t have to worry about that as dad and I are still together but yes … dad’s are just as important as moms are believe that coming from someone who grew up with out a dad and only had make believe step daddies I would have loved the chance to be with my dad im 48 and still have no idea as to who my father is and I struggle daily with that so Absolutely

If you guys don’t live in the same school district, I would have her wait until she had a drivers licenses then do every other week at both homes.

I am currently dealing with this. My daughter is living with her father bec of the hours I work, but I CHOSE the job, I CHOSE to do the work, but in reality I should have CHOSE to listen to her. It sucks yes but he’s a damn good father and takes care of her. We see each other everyday and she stays with me whenever she wants. It’s lonely yes, but at the end of the day if this is what she wants then I am 100% supportive of her decisions.

It would depend on the reason WHY.

When I was about 15, I wanted to move in with my biological dad… but that was because my mom and step-dad had rules. Rules that, at the time, I thought were ridiculous… maintaining good grades and good attendance, curfew, no boys in my room, chores etc. My biological dad didn’t have these rules and since I was a teenager, who knew it all, I wanted to live with him so I could “make my own decisions, because I’m grown”.

My mom wouldn’t let me move in with him and I’m glad that she didn’t. His (and my step-mom) parenting style is what allowed my step-sister to have two kids before she was 17, a police record before she was 18. Their “rules” also allowed my younger half-brother to get caught up in drugs and have a police record by the time he was 16, because they just didn’t care.

So if your daughter wants to move in with her dad because he lets her do whatever she wants, I would say no. If she has valid reasons and she is willing to discuss the issue maturely, then consider it.

Also, keep in mind that certain states have certain laws that have an age to where the child can decide who they want to live with and the court will grant that parent custody, solely based on the childs wishes.


Some of these comments be wild

Mine are younger but express their wishes all the time. If they had it their way 2 would be with me and 1 with dad😕. I’d maybe let her go until she turns 16? As a trial. Because once she turns 16 she could legally just leave and go to stay with him anyway. Just a suggestion though. I coparent and I know why my children have their preferences. But feel they’re too young to make that decision

I wouldn’t recommend from first hand experience…my daughter at 14 wanted to go live with her dad. I regret it to this day. She became a wild child, due to her dad’s consistent lack of supervision. When she moved back with me just shy of her 16th birthday. I had a party planned a week after Xmas she takes off on an escapade. I was frantic. I had every body searching police, amber alert, even notified missing children…nothing for 6 days thru an acquaintance an her “” friends grandmother"" I finally got a real location. My son an his buddies were going in…that didn’t happen because she came home on her own traumatized by her ““escapade”” I immediately took her to the Dr. She had been sexually assaulted…charges were never filed even tho I pressed the issue. So really think about if u actually feel the other parent is capable…I obviously was TOO trusting.

Mine went for a school year, realized it’s not the same and just going for the summer. Needless to say he’s back with mama

I am
Literally going threw this right now, against my better judgement I allowed my daughter to go. I feel she is old enough to call me if things go bad, and in ten years she won’t be able to tell me I kept her from her dad. It’s hard I cried every day for the first week, but sometimes we have to allow our child to make there own decisions


I switched between living with my mom or dad many times growing up, and was always able to spend as much time as I wanted at the other house. I’m really grateful for this, because it helped through rough relationships with both, and helped me have close relationships with both parents. They never made me feel pitted against, and never made me feel like I was going to hurt the other. It gave me agency in my life and the freedom to explore what home environments I really preferred.

I would have a sit down conversation and have her give REASON for wanting to do so. It’s been MY experience with this topic, They want to go to the house with the LEAST structure, Discipline, And Expectation of them. Do you and Dad share parenting ideas? Does Dad participate in her schooling? Is Dad Present enough for adequate supervision? If so, Let her go ,Enjoy the BREAK!

My mom let me move with my dad when I asked to. I moved back soon after that tho :rofl:

Depends on the reason. And whether or not dad is a capable and trustworthy parent.

If he’s a good, involved father, then yes. Just make sure she’s doing it for the right reasons.

Absolutely yes, unless there was possibility of it being a dangerous situation. Being that said yes he is their parent too. The child Absolutely deserves to have a say where which parent they want to live with

At 15 she ia old enough to make her own decision and at 16 she is old enough to walk out and go anyways without permission so make sure it what she wants and let her go let her know the door is always open x

That depends on why
When I was 12 I wanted to live with my Dad,but I hated my mother. It wasn’t her rules or chores it was how she treated/or didn’t treat me. Most kids think the other parents house is greener.

She’s 15 so she gets to decide unless the move would be in a danger to her in some way.

It depends,why she wants to move with him and if he is able to take care of her

She’s old enough to decide where she wants to be.