Would you let your SO's parents buy your kids presents if they aren't in their life?

Just let them. My son gets some random things in the mail through Amazon from a very distant elderly aunt of mine whom Met me when I was a baby but she lives far away. She never had kids and considers me as her kid(she loves loves me but hates my sister, for good reason). She keeps up with me through my dad and sends gifts often. Christmas, birthdays, new babies, just because, etc. I just actually received a giant box from amazon that had a bunch of baby girl stuff and essentials for my unborn daughter. She never has met my son but her love language is gifts. Aka Let them buy gifts but you can relabel them as from santa if you want to

Such a shame kids need their grandparents in their life I love all seven no matter what wished I could see them more often but they get older they need their lives too

Let your kids make their own judgments on people. Allow them to give presents. In the future your child will know exactly what the in-laws were and we’re not there for. If you don’t let them then your giving them ammunition to use against you later. “I tried to be there for you but your mom wouldn’t let me.”

Be the bigger person, it’s something good for your daughter let her have that.

Sure its a nice gesture

Id be polite to them your kids are watching you.always.

We’ve been in a pandemic for over a year so it’s reasonable that they wouldn’t see her, elderly people are most at risk. But they are clearly thinking of her so I would let them.


I was in a similar situation many years ago, my kids are in college now. As the kids get older, they realize who is really there for them, who wants to know them and be a part of their lives. In the big picture of things, this Christmas gift, which may never appear, will not make a difference one way or another. Live your best life, enjoy your child and let others do what works for them. Its honestly not worth the effort to fight over.

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Take a video of the child opening their gift or saying thank you to them. Maybe that will help them reconnect

I let them because kids don’t understand our drama with these kinds of situations but there will absolutely be a day when they realize who is there for them consistently and who isn’t consistently. I bank on that, I try to do the right thing and shove my shit to the side with issues like this.

Accept the gifts and keep the door open…never refuse love even if given intermittently…

I say screw them… if they ain’t in her life now then dont let them… they left her so I say no…

It could backfire. Make the grandparents hold it over your head for accepting the gifts but now their presence (whether they make the attempt or not). I say not worth it. Or if you’re not worried about repercussions, accept them and tell the kids they are from Santa and avoid the questions of “where’s grandma” or whatever

Accept the gift and say thank you?

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If. They. Would. Like. To. I. Would. Say. Yes.

If it’s that big of a deal donate them to a charity!

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My sons father is not in the picture but his parents will randomly text me out of the blue to see my son… I don’t let them bc I dont want my son to feel bad nor does he even want to. Hes 10 and his dad has other kids that’s hes involved in. But no I wouldent take presents just bc of my situation. I think if your only going to be around when its convenient for you then u can just stay away :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yes let them! Please don’t take Christ out of Christmas… The children need to know what it’s really about. This is from a grandma that loves her grandbabies and can’t see right now. God bless

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Don’t be passive aggressive just ask them to take her somewhere she enjoys. It will be a gift and quality time.

Maybe try talk things through or asking what happened sometimes things aren’t what they seem at all. And as for the gifts this may sound a little bit weird but in a way they are thinking of your little girl if they wanna buy her a present , they’ve atleast had some sort of thought of her and decided to ask something she wanted so they are atleast thinking of her :woman_shrugging:t2: don’t get me wrong you should never try to win over a child with gifts or only ever send them gift but sometimes it happens and that’s all your little one will have to be reminded of them later in life , they may not see her or spend time with her but they are atleast thinking of her and asked you as the parents what the little girl would like so they would actually get something she’d enjoy.

let them buy for her because you never know when you wont be able to afford to buy gifts


No but its the thought that counts stop being so hard hearted if theu want to let them even if all they want is their time if not then say no cant you think of anything else smarter than just cutting people off that dont please you?

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