Would you let your teen fly alone?

Moms, I need your opinion. Would you let your 13-year-old travel internationally alone? My son’s father wants to fly my son to London, where he lives. We have been separated since before my son was born but despite this, we have a good relationship and meet up annually for him to see his father. This year, due to my pregnancy, I am unable to join them. The flight that my son would be taking would be direct flight from New York to London, which takes 7 hours. I’ve been flying with my son since he was 2, so he’s pretty comfortable on planes so there’s no issue with that. I’ve also talked to my son about the possibility of him going by himself and he says he’s good and excited to be on his own. Although my partner and I are comfortable with the idea, our families think otherwise. However, I know airlines provide unaccompanied minor assistance, so I plan on looking into it.Seems odd. lol


Absolutely!!! Heck I’m totally game and it’s not my kiddo :two_hearts: :joy: amazing adventure amazing memories, amazing parenting TEAM :two_hearts:


I have flown alone as a kid several times. I have three kids and they have also flown alone and they love it!!!

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My daughter flew to Germany alone to see her sister when she was 12. She did great.

Totally fine… I did spain and back many times at that age back & forth xx

Yes! They have people that will accompany your child. What a great experience for your child!! My friends kids flew to Canada as teens to visit their dad and did very well

My sister flew from South Africa to London at the age of 12 no bother.

I would in this situation, especially because it’s a direct flight. That makes it very simple.

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I did it at that age, and loved every minute of it. Let your child have the experience of a lifetime, he will be full of love and gratitude xx

Absolutely let him go! He will be fine and have a great time with his dad.

As long as both parents are comfortable with him flying alone, I don’t see the issue.


I say YES! I used to travel on my own from AZ to Croatia to visit my grandparents when i was 14 & 15!

If it’s a straight flight then yes probably

If he’s comfortable, and you and his father get on and are also happy with it all, let him do it, forget what others think this is your son his father and your own business, they will help him out on the plane all the way through, to meeting his dad! It’s not a huge flight compared to flying to London from other countries and being direct is easier too!

I flew from London to Tenerife when I was 14 (4hr flight) and at that age I had zero fear, my family member dropped me to the last point which was pretty much boarding, and my grandad met me the other side at the gate x


My son was 9 when he flew internationally alone. He loved it! Although my daughter is 11 and i wouldn’t let her. Each kid is different and unless your family want to accompany him then not their problem

I started flying by myself when I was 8. There’s precautions you can take at the airport like a stewardess or flight attendant accompanying him since he is a minor. Also have him check in with you when his plane lands. Depending on what airline, you can also sit with him at the gate until his plane takes off.

About 10 years ago, I let my then 12 year old fly alone to go visit his father. My experience with it was great! He had airline personal with him the entire time and we had zero complaints.


My step son use to fly alone quite a bit. We live in Texas and he and his mom lived in Virginia and also North Carolina.

My husband flew to London for school from aged 11. The Airline really does usually look after them - especially on the actual flight - and as long as your son is sensible at either end, I don’t see a problem at all.


I’m 24 and I’ve been flying unaccompanied since I was 5 parents drop at gate til 12 I believe and then parent meets on other end at gate.

You can literally walk him to his gate and watch him board if that makes anyone feel any better, but if your son if comfortable and it’s a direct flight to his father waiting on the other side then why not?

Wasn’t quite that far but I flew from New Zealand to Australia (3hr flight) an home again 2 weeks later on my own at 9, (went to stay with grandparents) the air hostesses looked after me, lots of kids in New Zealand fly unaccompanied, our main airline has special things in place for minors flying on there own

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In 2010 I traveled from
Shreveport to North Carolina for marine ball and I was 15/16. I would def do minor assist etc. maybe see if you can hide a tracker or some sort on him just incase. It just scared me with this world we live in now that he would be taken especially abroad. I also had a lay over in the huge airport in Atlanta Georgia which was scary bc it was so crowded and fast past. I never flew before then. I had to ride a train thing which was wayyy fast for me! I met with an old lady and became friends and we helped each other get to where we were going.

I personally wouldn’t, I would hold myself accountable if my child got snatched. I think that would be my biggest worry! who is their to protect them?
But at the end of the day it’s not what others think it was you feel okay with! Would you be okay with yourself if something happened? Don’t feel they are mature enough? Do you feel that they understand the proper steps to defend themselves and keep themselves safe from potential predators.


He’s been flying annually he’s a pro.
You can get unaccompanied minor tickets.

I think this depends on the individual child. I have 2 kids that are 12 and 10 and I can’t trust them to go to the bathroom by themselves. I have a 6 year old and I could trust her to fly around the world and back :joy:

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If y’all as his parents feel ok with this , then let him. If he’s ok with it, he’s ready and they have people who can keep an eye out.


In this world we live in today, absolutely not.

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I let my 13 and 12 year old fly to Arizona from Flordia a couple of years ago. Airlines have unaccompanied minors where they sit close to the flight attendants and the flight attendants take them to the person who is picking them up at the gate

Its a direct flight. I would & pay for the flight attendant to keep an eye on them.

Sure! Let him go. Just make those arrangements. You might be able to get a gate pass, and accompany him until his plane leaves. I did this in December. Smile, and don’t let that worried mom look show on your face. Please be excited for him. It is usually a thrill to fly alone. He’s a big boy now!

You can pay to have a flight attendent stay with him the entire time

Let him go! The only options that matter are you, your ex, current spouse (limited) and your son. Anyone else doesn’t get a say.


Yes. The airlines will allow you to check him at the gate bc he’ll be an Unaccompanied Minor. It’s a process at check in but you go to the gate for drop off and pick up. A flight attendant will walk him iff the plane and his dad can get him at the gate in London.
He’s 13 momma. If he’s ok, let him try. If he hates it, you work out something else. At least let him try. :sparkling_heart:

Yes! They have people that will accompany your child. What a great experience for your child.


Ive heard alot of good things about the unassisted flight service so def would consider it myself xx you know your son and whether he can my girls definitely could even the younger ones

Yes, my daughter was 14 when she flew internationally to her dad in Taiwan, a much longer flight. Your son will be fine.

Honestly, I would be absolutely petrified. Bad things happen and bad people exist. If something happened, I would never forgive myself.

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He’s your son it’s yours and his father’s decision. I personally wouldn’t be okay with it because I would be terrified something would happen , unfortunately I’m a mother who struggles with anxiety very badly

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Go for it. He’ll be fine.

Let him do it.My daughter first flew alone at age 14 .Her dad was there to collect her .Make sure he has a working phone to keep you updated also give him his dad number or any important numbers .He should be fine.

No definitely not … I’m sorry but we can’t even trust the humans we live next to these days never mind sending our children out of eyesight to a different country alone . So may bad people out there I would just not be comfortable with that .


Absolutely yes, my son flew from London to America he loved it, the stewards were fanastic, he sat right at the front and no one sat next to him. I took him to the gate and he was met at the gate, hes 34 now and still talks about it. Let him go x

My son has been flying solo since he was 8. Give him some independence especially if he is okay with it. It’s a direct flight.

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If it a straight flight, I don’t see a problem

Yes. My daughter attends boarding school on the West Coast & her school handles travel arrangements. A lot of kids attending are first time flyers & having to do layovers. It’s not unheard of and more common than you think. Just depends on every parents comfort level.

Depends on the kid. But It’s a direct flight and it’s only 7 hours and he is 13. I would be ok with it

Talk to the airline
Do they have some one to be with him until his dad can get to him

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If your family doesn’t supply over 50% of that child’s personal items and care then they can sit down.
Let the kid go. And you enjoy your pregnancy. :heart_hands:


You know ur son better than anyone and if ur comfortable, and he is then go for it  what an amazing life experience he will be having at 13

I started flying by myself when I was 10yrs old, and even got stranded overnight for bad weather once… the airlines and flight attendants made even THAT seem like some exciting adventure. Having travelled alone myself as a minor before having the ability to have damn near constant contact with my parents - I would let my kids do a direct flight for sure!

Unless there was a piece of paper legally saying he would have to return my kid by a certain time frame, I wouldn’t. :woman_shrugging:t2: I wouldn’t be afraid of the flight, I would be afraid that my kid wouldn’t return. :sweat_smile:

No…nada…absolutely not! Not the way things are these days!


If I remember correctly until age 14 they can’t fly completely alone and an unaccompanied minor assistant must be used and paid for with the ticket.


My first concern would be that since your ex has your son in another country your son wouldn’t be returning. My second is if something happens your son is alone. Think if the plane is hijacked or crashes. Do you want your son’s last moments to be of him being alone & scared? My third concern would be if dad didn’t show up (for example got into an accident on his way) to get him. I’m sure the airline has a procedure for that. But he’d still be alone a lot longer than you planned. For me too much can go wrong.

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Usually they let parents take minors to the gate and if that’s the case, your ex can wait at the gate in London around the time your child lands as well. If that’s the case, I would let my child fly alone. I was actually flying by myself at 10 and the flight attendants were always so great

He’s a pro! Forget what the family says

Domestic flight, yes. Internationally, NO.

Yes. But only bc it’s direct and you can arrange to be at the gate when they board and his father can make the same arrangements to be waiting at the gate when he arrives.

I believe they have accompanied minor tickets

It would freak me out but I would as long as the have a phone

Nope ya don’t have a recourse if he doesn’t send him back

I’m not a parent but I know when I am a parent I would be too paranoid especially with all the sex trafficking that goes on with kids being alone on airplanes or being overseas by themselves at the airport so I wouldn’t suggest having your 13-year-old fly by themselves! But that’s just me because I’m paranoid. If you feel like he’s going to be safe and be aware of his surroundings do what you want to do because you’re his parent!

I would allow my child to fly alone on a direct international flight to see their father! They have unaccompanied minor tickets! I think that I had to pay $200 extra for one internationally, but they’ll make sure he’s safe

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I think it depends on the child personally. Some 13 year old are mature enough and some aren’t.


What age can a child fly alone internationally?
Some airlines permit this for kids as young as 12. When a child has reached this minimum age for traveling alone without unaccompanied-minor procedures, the airline does not require evidence of parental permission to travel alone. If the child has a passport, he or she can even travel internationally.

British airlines won’t let a child under 13 to travel alone

I’m confused as to why what your families say has any bearing on your decision for your son

Why does it matter what your families think though?
Is he their child?

Stop caring about what your family thinks , if they are so concerned one y them should fly with him .
At 13 and with fly attendant help he will be fine.

Yes ! Just let the airlines know he will be traveling alone and they will make sure he’s safe.

I flew alone at 8 years old. Yes I was chaperoned by the Golden Wings Airport staff. If you trust your son and he has the maturity go for it. Another option is have the father fly and get him n fly back.

At 13 and he’s flown many times before to London in a direct from NYC, yes, absolutely.

If the 13 yo is comfortable with it… I would.

I flew at age 13 from Oregon to Texas, having to change aircraft in Dallas by taking a tram with no accompaniment. It’s surprising how well kids can figure stuff out.

My son flew to Germany by himself back in 2010. He made it home and back. And then again in 2011 and 2012. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Yup. Let the boy go. He’ll be fine

International travel alone in a time where kidnapping and human trafficking are rampant. Are you nuts? ? NO WAY !!