Would you let your teen hang out with friends if you haven't met their parents?

Would you allow your teenager to have a sleepover with friends when you havent met their parents? My husband said yes, but im not sure how I feel about it


This has nothing to do with “trust the kids”
They are kids, they are not developed mentally to handle a lot of situations yet. Sh*t I’m an adult and still am not 100% mentally prepared to always make the best decision. That’s a lot of weight to place on their shoulders, to always assume they are going to make the right decision. What happens when they don’t and get in a predicament that robs them of the rest of their childhood and ruins the rest of their lives. They need their parents and positive adult role models to help them make the best possible decision in a lot of scenarios.


No. I have to meet and talk to them and exchange numbers.


At some point you gotta learn to trust your kids,
Why not speak to the parents over phone or drop the teen off and walk them to the door so you can meet them?


I host a thing at my house first to meet the friends, their parents come usually as well. Then when she goes there, I bring her so I know where she is. However once she reaches a certain age, I’ve got to let her live a little. She knows what to do for certain circumstances, we also have an emergency word that I will stop what I’m doing and come get her immediately, and its one that no one would even figure out what she’s doing. Again, this is all age based. 12-15 stricter side, 16 and older more room for independence.


I stopped meeting with parents at 16. Sleepovers is a different story. But my teen doesn’t do that anyways. But out of all her friends I’ve probably met the parents of 3 :woman_shrugging:t2:

If I don’t know or trust the adults in that house my kid will not be there alone I trust my child to behave but If i do not know the parents and I certainly don’t know who else is allowed in their home and what their background is too many unknowns to let my kid spend the night somewhere at some point I won’t have a choice but to let her do what she wants


Rules for 13yos and rules for 17yos are so different :sweat_smile: what age are they?

Yes. I allow sleepovers once my kids hit 13. I don’t have to meet the parents but I do have to know the kid…meaning, have heard the stories, any drama, ect. It can’t be a random friend they just met. I do have restrictions about location as well. We have very high crime areas in the city and I don’t allow sleep overs, or after-datk visits to those areas.


I wouldn’t let my kids stay anywhere if I didn’t know their parents. When I was a kid I stayed the night at my friends house and woke up cause it was really hot in there house and her dad came in the room and tried to touch my boobies. I kicked the crap out of him and ran home and he got his ssa handled. Never let your kids stay where you don’t know the adults period.


I am sooooo happy to see all these “NO’s” my faith in humanity has been restored because most parents now days suck!!! They wanna be a friend not a parent

Nope nope nope. Never not until mine are grown enough to defend theirselves and this is that way only because I may never know that a creepy uncle or family friend goes over there when my child does and try weird things with her scaring her into never telling anybody happens all the time you’d be surprised never allow your children to be easy bait.


No. I always make it a point to meet parents before my kids are allowed to spend the night any where. They also do not start spending the night places until they have a phone of their own unless it’s at a place we trust which isn’t many places.


No. You don’t know what the parents allow that you may not be okay with.


Heck no not the way things are now and days… my son is 14 and a lot of the kids in his school already smoking weed/vapes drinks and he doesn’t. I definitely don’t want him spending night and hanging out with kids I don’t know and haven’t met parents.


My son’s 14 and I don’t allow him anywhere until I’ve met at least one parent. And I respect the parents that do the same. Parents need to be more involved when it comes to new places their children could be staying at, regardless of age.


I don’t even let my daughter play at anyone’s house unless I have at least met the parent once 


Depends on how much you trust and know your kid? Does your kid tell you everything? Does your kid genuinely tell you the truth even in bad circumstances? Is your kid capable of of defending themselves if one of the family is a predator? Unfortunately we can never know a person even people we know are capable of sick shit. I personally always like to know the people my child would be staying with, and even then it’s iffy.

I have to meet the parents but luckily my teen likes to have sleepovers here at home. :heart:


I always met the parents.


Nope! Meeting the parents is a must.


No sleepovers.
But they can go out with friends


My kids were not allowed to go somewhere unless I met them first


I meet the parents but I also don’t allow sleepovers until they are well into their teen years.


Always know the parents and any other adults who may live in the house. You just never know!

I always meet the parents, always!

Ive not met every parent x i usually just text to confirm and find out where they live


Nope. Meet the parents. Find out who all will be over at the house while your child is there.

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Don’t have to meet the parents but at least talk to parents on phone even once. Live out of city though so usually have to pick up the sleepover anyway too. Lol


Personally I don’t allow it

Young teen maybe. Older teen sure

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If I know the kid, yes. And I don’t mean met them once.
Plus, it depends on age. If they are old enough to call me or 911 of needed, yes. It some point we have to trust our kids and trust they can be honest if anything happens.
At some point we have to stop teaching our kids to live in fear. Being prepared for an issue and living in fear of something are different. Check the registry. Know who is on it in your area.
Don’t be the “A male relative is coming over, don’t wear shorts” person. Don’t teach your child it’s their fault if something bad happens. That’s unfair and gross. Bad things happen no matter how prepared we are or where we are. Teach them to speak up and call 911 if there’s a problem. Teach them to trust themselves. :blue_heart:

ask for numbers and introduce yourselves…

I guess it depends on trust. And what kind of town u live in too. I let my daughter hang out with friends who I haven’t met their parents, mainly cuz meeting their parents once won’t give me a real idea of who they actually are. I trust my daughter to make good choices. If she doesn’t make those good choices than she stops hanging out with those kids. Not cuz i think it’s their fault, but Because my daughter proved her judgement isnt the best around them for whatever reason. She has a best friend who she hangs out with everyday. Im friends with her mom on Facebook and we message each other once in a while but i haven’t met her in person. Mainly cuz I’m always working. But my daughter needs to make the choices of who she should be friends with based on her own judgement. Ive seen so many amazing kids with awful parents and vice versa.

My kids were always allowed to hang out with any kid they wanted as long as they followed my rules & I knew where the were at all times. I would talk to them about who the kid was & their relationship (how they met, got along, what their friend was like, kind of nonchalantly - not like an interrogation). I would encourage them to have the friends over so I could meet them. I tried to have kids stay at my house more than staying somewhere else. But if my kids did stay over at a friend’s house then I would have to meet the parents.


My parents had to step foot in whatever house I stayed in and to meet the parents. If it wasn’t a suitable house or people for me to be around they didn’t let me stay. Did that until I was 15 years old

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If I haven’t met the parents, they’re strangers, and I’m not letting my kids sleep in strangers houses.


My mom always asked for parents name, phone number and/or address.

I just read a story about a teen girl having friends sleep over, and her father drugging the girls when he made them smoothies. The parents luckily were notified by one of the girls because she didn’t feel safe and felt funny, so they all came to get their kids and he kept trying to deny access to them. Luckily nothing other than drugging happened but nah I’m good on sleep overs.

You never will truly know a person. And sadly from experience it’s the ones closest that you trust that turn out to hurt you most.

It depends… we’re you one of the teenagers that got drunk and almost died in the middle of a cornfield, when you were suppose to be spending the night with a friend, like the rest of us? Or did you follow your parents rules? Unfortunately for kids, fortunate for us parents, now a days, it’s a lot harder to lie to us, they have cell phones AND an app called Life360.

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Nope not a chance for a sleepover. Going to the person’s house to hang out yes but not overnight


Back in the day I used to think my mom was just overprotective but now seeing how many kids are kïlled or SA’d, I’d HAVE to meet the parents at the very least. But even then, for me personally, my son is not sleeping over ANYWHERE. I simply don’t trust other adults.

Not only that but there’s been cases where kids sleepover with hidden bullies who harm them. So I fr don’t trust kids either tbh.

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Nope! Yes as a teen they are more aware of assault and abuse, but also, what if these parents are drug addicts/alcoholics/ ect ect ect , they let their kids do all these things and now your kid is over their doing them?
Absolutely not! But all the kids are welcome at my house anytime!

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Nope, I meet the parents first before letting my son out of my sight

No I need to meet the parents

No I have to meet the parents I need a face to who will be responsible for my child there is to much that happens in this world and I am as a parent going to do what I can to protect my child

Absolutely not and even some parents I have met I don’t let my daughter spend the night at their house. I trust very few people with my daughter. It’s different if I know the parents well/we have hung out together/I talk to them regularly. If it’s someone new nope.

No. Learned my lesson the hard way so never again and mine is 13 now.

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I get the phone number and address of the parent and call before hand. Then when I drop her off I walk up to door and introduce myself. I make sure she has her phone, charger, and life360 is on at all times. But yes, I do let them go to sleepovers if I don’t know the parents.

Depends on age, I do not meet the parents of every friend my 17 year old wants to stay over with. But I still do for my 13 year old and probably will for a few more years.

For me meeting the parents doesn’t mean much, anyone can put up a fake front for a limited time, I need to actually get to know them, and see them interact with not only my child but their own children. I ask the questions like.who is coming and going from the house, friends, family, anyone. There are some friends who’s parents I’ve met, and I just don’t get the right vibe from the., so no sleepovers there. I have 2 friends houses that I allow sleepovers at. I also allow sleepovers at my house as long as parents are comfortable with me!!

Nope and if I knew their mom or dad while I was a teen, they aint going no where near their kids either

Nope lol don’t allow my kids to sleep out. Their friends can come here. Not because I don’t trust my kids… but I won’t be put in the position where they come to me about SA or anything else happening to them. It’s a rule here and always has been. No sleeping out.

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Idk. It depends on the type of my kid when they reach that age. But if sleep overs are happening I’d rather it be at my home then someone else’s.

These days even meeting the parents doesn’t make me feel at ease knowing what I know now. And you can’t blame parents if you ‘prefer them are your house’ when a parent can feel hesitant there as well when so many can be blinded by their own bs. No I don’t really like it and teenagers harbor the most abhorrent secrets. Hang out maybe but not a sleepover.

Nope! This world is far too crazy to let my kids stay with other people I’ve never met.

No. My parents never did except for ONE time I begged them to let me and then the entire sleep over was a complete nightmare. I still to this day wished I hadn’t of begged them to let me.

No. If you don’t know the parents and haven’t met them I wouldn’t be comfortable with letting sleep over.

No,just no……I always preferred kids staying at our house.

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Depends on the age but I say anyone on my house under 21 I need to know where your at and no sleep over if I didn’t meet the parents first.

It’s not about your kid. It’s about the people they’re staying with. Do you know the people that will be there. Our neighbor has an 8 yr old daughter. She went to stay the night at a friend’s house (when she was 5) they knew. And their daughter was raped by her friends older sisters boyfriend.

They are not hanging out with Anyone (thats How they get into Trouble)

My 16 year old son, yes.
My daughter, no.

My kids are not spending the night at no ones house that I don’t know nothing about.

Yes my grand daughters aged 11 and 14 do sleep overs occasionally
We know the kids and where they live
And their parents phone numbers
You didn’t say how old your teen is

Depends, at 13 or 14 no. At 16 or 17 yes because they have a car and can leave if they feel uncomfortable.

They hang out at my house.

No. Too many variables for something to go wrong.

My kids only get sleepovers at my house. It’s just me and my kids. No men come on my house.

Absolutely NOT!! :100:NO!!

For my child’s safety id wanna meet the parents, you just gotta protect your kids :100:

Hang out yes but sleepover no

Nope. Not at all. I think people are naive or just plain oblivious and dont care about alk the dangers of doing this.

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Not. A. Good idea. Check out history. Of. Doing. This.

I always meet the parents first.

No sleep overs for my kids ! Too much can happen! No kids overnight at my house either.