Would you let your teen play rugby?

Would you let your teen play rugby? it seems dangerous to me and idk much about it

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If that’s what they want to do sure make sure they have the appropriate safety equipment and have a decent coach that knows the ways to avoid broke. Bones when tackled. It can be a very dangerous sport but it also creates sportsman ship and team building skills that are needed later in life

Yip, my son started at 4 (just tag) he’s now 7 and will start his 2nd year of tackle in May.

Yes it would be much better than some of the other dangerous activities teens can get involved in. At least it will teach him discipline, teamwork, training and sense of achievement.

Kids here in Australia play from 5/6yrs old.

My son will be playing for under 11s this year. They okay rough and he is small for his age

Yes my grandsons play rugby ones a teen one younger they love it

My son played from 7yo. Yes it can be dangerous but so can walking down the street