Would you let your toddler travel without you?

I would like to know who of you allowed your toddler’s to travel far with family? 5 hours to be exact. She is 2 years old now. Mommy and daddy won’t go with. But I’d like for her to meet her great grandmother and the rest of the family, as they have not met her yet. Any advice welcome and how to make her as comfortable as possible


That’s a solid and absolute no for me. Not a chance. BUT in full transparency, I’m super protective - maybe too much even.


That’s an “absolutely not” for me.


Absolutely not. 2 is too young to Travel without her parents. My kids are 5 years old and I wouldn’t even allow it.


My granddaughter is 2. I’ve taken her to Disney without her parents 4 times (her first trip was her 1st birthday and my son and DIL came). It’s almost 10 hours away. I go for 7 or 8 nights each time. I’ve also taken her to the beach 3 times without her parents (4 hours). My granddaughter LOVES to take trips with me! She does not cry for mom. I do call her mom each night so they can talk.
As long as she is bonded with grandma, she will be fine!


She hasn’t met them before and your allowing them to take her that far off? And they are great grandparents as well meaning well up in age ? I would never in my opinion


My daughter’s have been traveling with my mother to Mexico since they were 2 and 3, they are now 12 and 11.


That’s a no for me…I have trust issues and safety concerns


As long as you trust who would be taking her :100:
And have a way to always get ahold of them .
For me if me or my husband wouldn’t be with her my mom and sisters are the only ones I’d ever trust with any of my kids like that .


Depends on who is taking her. Is your child used to being with them? Do they know your child’s routines? Do you trust them?


Sexual abuse doesn’t happen by accident. Idgaf whom don’t like this comment. I said it!


Absolutely not! A 2 year old cannot advocate for themselves if they need help. Plus a plane trip is a major thing. What if their ears hurt from the pressure etc.


Honestly if I let mine go at that age I’d be paranoid on if they were behaving and being taken care of correctly and how they were handling all the new people.


I’ve always had this thing where until a child can communicate clearly and explain their emotions they aren’t going away without me. It also depends who it would be taking her


I would let my parents or sister take my kids. My kids all began vacationing with my folks pretty young. My oldest was weaned earliest of any of my kids, and when I had relocated to NC from Florida, they came up to get her and take her on vacation to MI with them. I couldn’t afford to go, but they took her there and then back to FL with them a little while before bringing her back to me. She was gone 2.5 weeks. She was about 14 months.

The others didn’t start until about age 4, but they would go weekends with my mom and dad before that.

I fully trust these family members. It would never have happened if I had one iota of doubt.


Depends on who she is traveling with. I have let my kids travel with family but I was always somewhere reachable in the event of an emergency. For example we live in GA. My in laws are in NY. My children spend a week every summer with them… I spend that week in PA with my family. I am 5 1/2 hours away from my children. I can get to them, if they need me.
I would NEVER stay 14 hours away in GA.


For me it would depend on who’s taking her. Have they been in her life? Can they understand her? Will they call you and send you pictures and updates? Do you trust they will keep her safe? If you aren’t comfortable then don’t do it.


Yes! I absolutely did let my baby (thru her growing up) go to NC from NYS to be with her father’s side of the family. It was hard emotionally as a mommy but his mom was & is her only living grandma & family is important. I welcome all the love they gave to her. It started when she was a baby as I said so it was a “norm” for her. Now she is a beautiful well grounded young lady, 24 yrs old and I wouldn’t have done it any different.


I took my Grandson 4 to another Country for 7 days! His mom signed the consent forms and he went on a Cruise. And fixing to take his 3 year old Brother and the following month his 8 year old cousin. All 3 kids different Countries


I like to think I would’ve welcomed the break, but in all honestly, at 2 years old, probably not. It would really depend on WHO my toddler was going with, and how much time that person has spent with my toddler and how well they know my toddler and their routines. If it’s a grandparent that always babysits overnight etc, then I say go for it, but if not, then I’d probably say no. Toddlers are alot of work and they come with lots of meltdowns at that age.

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I let my cousin take my daughter on holidays at 2. I wanted her to experience things I couldn’t provide for her. She would call me twice a day and tell me all about it, and don’t believe any of us would change it. It’s good for them to experience life with family you trust.

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I let my son travel with my aunt since he was like 4 months old since i was in hospital with his twin,but it depends on who you trust with your kids and how well they know the child to be able to take care of them acordingly

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I think it depends on if you trust that person. If my parents were to, absolutely I trust them to no end. If it was just one of my sisters, no. As long as she is accompanied by said family member.


For me that’s a no… I am an overprotective mother to an extent and going away from me that far away at that age I absolutely would not have done it. But I also don’t have anyone that I trust that much to be able to take my child that far… if you’re sending her with ppl you fully trust maybe that would be different. I just have to many what ifs for something like that


Why wont mmmy and daddy go? U say that like it’s a refusal to go which doesnt sound so nice it sounds dramatic in which case no I wouldnt send my kid somewhere I refused to go…if theres no drama besides being away from ur little I’d let her go it’s good for everyone for her to be with fam without u it helps her build that bond with them and gives u guys a break…it will be way way harder for u then her!

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I personally wouldn’t but everyone is different and those that do aren’t bad parents. We don’t really have anyone that I would trust to take our kids that far away but If we did and our kids done well with them then I might be more open to it. Do whatever you feel is best :heart:


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Who’s taking her and whom would be responsible? My mom and dad would be the ONLY ONES!!!

I wouldn’t. but I’m also so obsessed with my 3 year old I can’t be away from her for more than an hour lol

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depends… how long is the trip? do you feel comfortable with them being in control of her for an extended period of time?

I truly trust my family, but I’d still have a hard time with this.

Yes she will be fine with g parents

One year I did. My parents and my brother and cousin took a road trip from Texas to Florida. They took both my children for a week to Disney world. I had no idea what to do without my kids :joy: but they came back safe and happy and I was updated with pix every so often

Sure if they are comfortable with the family that are taking them.

It’s all about how you feel about it momma. If your little is comfortable with it and assuming you trust them with her, then I don’t see why not🤷🏼‍♀️ Have some fun packing with her, get her excited! Maybe send her with a blankie or stuffed animal to snuggle in your place💕

As long as you trust who is taking her. Like i would 100% trust my in-laws.


That really depends on who they’re going with. My mom and step mom sure. Others I’m not so sure about that. It all depends on if you can fully trust them with your child that far away and for however long.

I’ve let my kids go with my mom and step dad to fla from Tx by car . They loved it .

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If its my mom yes, anyone else no.

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Nope but I allowed my 6 year old to travel to another state with her father and she was abused so I’m very protective now.


Not that young. My girls are 5 and i dont think id let them go that far without me yet

Absolutely not. I won’t even let her go around town with anyone unless it’s me or my husband. If something were to happen to her while I’m not around I would never forgive whoever she was with even if it wasn’t their fault.

Nope I have trust issues my baby will fully need to talk so I can call and check on her I fully trust my parents but nope

I personally would not allow my 2 year old to travel that far without me.


Uhm that’s a NO for me!!

Never trust ur kids to no one no one will ever take care of them like you know in day u can’t trust ur kids to no one and I mean sadly no one

Make sure to send medical cards. Travel and medical permission paperwork. I also think being able to talk w her on video calls would be great. As long as you trust them 100%. And they have to be accessible at all times.

The question is is she ready to be away from you it’s not always what the parents want it’s what the child needs or is she going to have a melt down 5 hours away :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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I would not let my toddler go without me

I let my in laws take my kids after they were a year

Only my momma (and dad) ever took my kids more than a night.

My MIL had overnights only.

My 4 and 2 year old at the time rode with their grandparents to Disney world which was 7+ hour trip. My husband had to work so we went down later that night and joined them. I was a little nervous but I knew they were in good hands and I was looking forward to a quiet trip because it definitely wasn’t that way on the way home with them :joy: now if we didn’t go down there yeah it probably wouldn’t happen. 2 is too young.

Nooo way.
Until my kids can recall and tell them everything that happens while they’re out of my care they aren’t going anywhere

If you trust them then why not?

This would be a hard no for me. I’d either bring her or a family member needs to come and meet at the airport to accompany her during the flight. With how crazy airports have been with cancelations n stuff it’s hectic as it is, kids have gotten lost doing this during these times. 2 is way too young to travel unaccompanied imo

It would depend on who was taking them. Only people to ever take my son (as a toddler) any distance without me or his dad was my parents.

Who is she traveling with and why send a toddler to a strangers house at all? Helllllll no

Nope I’d have to be there unless it’s a qell trusted family member

I traveled with my toddlers, is it a plane or car? Either way just need to be prepared. Sad they wont take the child. Idk I dont like leaving my kids behind, that’s me though.

Why haven’t they met already? No way you’re going to blame Covid for that

That’s a no from me I’d have to be there especially at 2 yrs old.

My son has been going across the country since he was 2. As long as they’re trustworthy and you know they will stay in contact 24/7 then I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Make sure your child knows who’s going to be solely caring for her that way she’s comfortable.

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My son traveled to Chile with his grandfather. It was work-related. He was maybe 10 when he did that. I have another son that traveled with my son and daughter in law on a 12 hour trip to Florida. I’d say if you can trust who they’re with, then I don’t have a problem with it.

I’d probably have a hard time with it and have some separation anxiety. But I trust my brothers and my partners immediate family.

If you trust them 100%
If you have any doubts then no. I think everyone has different relationships with family so if your comfortable why not?

My kids grandpa live 4 hours way
My oldest goes an visits
We drive one way he drive the other.
He started going around 4 am staying for 3/4 nights
Sometimes a week
Whatever he was comfortable with.

Honestly it’s only up to you an your husband an what your comfortable with

5 hours is not too bad… let baby go as long as they are trustable people

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Do you trust the person your child is leaving with? So long as y’all have trust, I don’t see why not? I’ve been letting my daughter leave me since she was a year old!

For me it would depend who they were traveling with. But I’d probably be ok with it.

When we’d travel as kids my dad would give me something (a bag, a note etc) to be in charge of and that usually distracted me from being scared

I let my daughter go with her biological grandpa to travel 4 hours out of state to see her father. (His son) She was ages 5-7. Those 2 maybe 3 trips she took with him are all she’s ever seen of her father. After age 7 she was like he doesn’t come see me, I don’t want to go see him any more, so she hasn’t. That’s been 7 years ago. Just trust your gut.

Personally my husband and I would never allow that. We have been targeted and followed in Walmart. My husband and I have a tactical system about taking our daughter in public. No one is as vigilant as we are when it comes to her safety. However if you do choose to send her, I highly recommend the color wonders markers and pages. My daughter loves taking them in the car especially when she was that little.

Your family she’ll be absolutely fine

It would depend on who was taking them. If it was someone they knew well and I trusted (mainly my sister and my parents and my in laws) I wouldn’t have an issue (at least I don’t think i would haha) but to go with someone they don’t really know, probably not. Also, it would have to depend on the reasons I won’t go with in the first place. If I don’t feel comfortable enough in a situation to go with my child, I don’t know if id let them go. If it was a case of me not being able to get time off of work and it’s a great opportunity for my child, then totally!

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Have these family member watched her before? I’d say no.

Let them take her. Memories and meeting family members who may not be here long, seems like a great reason to her go.

I took my neice away without her parents on holiday 5 hours away x all depends who shes going with as shes not met the grandparents yet and might feel uncomfortable with strangers and will to know and feel safe with at least 1 person x

Well depends on who she is travelling with doe’s she know them has a bond with them? Do you trust them to care for her as you would? If the answer is yes to all then I would be more than happy to allow, actually a beautiful chance to see her other family, only you know follow your gut if your not comfortable don’t allow it

My son did for the first time at 3 months and it was 5 hours away

Depends who she travels with

We let our daughter stay with my mother in law in a different state for 2.5 weeks when she was only 2.

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My 11 yr old, yes. My 5 yr old, no. You will definitely get mixed comments on this but if you 100% trust the person they will be with then go for it. I wouldn’t but that’s just me

Depends on who’s bringing her. I mean if she’s familiar w said family member and sees them often enough and you have no question she will be okay then yes. But if u feel she will not be comfortable and too much for family to handle w out you there I would wait another year or so


Why don’t you and dad just take her

I had no problem with it. She will be w family . You can talk to her on the phone

Definitely not at that young- I trust my mom, sister, and MIL for anything, but I wouldn’t allow that until at least 5

If she is with a trusted family member, a really trusted family member then sure. By herself, no way in hell

It depends on who she is traveling with. If it were my parents I would have no problem with it, I trust them whole heartedly.

As a child who was SA’d by a “trusted family member”, I personally would not.

Think depends who traveling with and what your child is like, only you know your child like my first daughter I wouldn’t mind her traveling with my mum and or sister but my you gest is realy clingy so wouldn’t let her go

That just depends on how close you were and how close the two-year-old is to the people taking her. I would be nervous wreck I couldn’t do it. There’s no way she’s gonna remember whoever she’s going to see because she’s only two years old

Nah… sounds like they are driving, and my kids don’t drive with anybody but my husband and I. I also trust nobody so…

My grandkids have traveled with us…even flewn with us…

Can you trust the family?
Will they have her best interest at heart, pay full attention, and keep her utterly safe?
Will they care for her the entire time as they should?

If all are yes, then definitely!
Use that time to have some one-on-one with hubs and do some things together. As much as you love your kiddo, enjoy your down time. Do what you usually can’t while she’s at home.

I find it odd you want your 2 year old to meet family that mommy and daddy refuse to go see. There’s too much that could happen without mommy or daddy’s protection. If the rest of the family wanted to meet her why couldn’t they come visit with you guys? However, you’re her parent and it’s your choice. If you do decide for her to go make sure you send her with someone you trust 1000000%. With your baby and keep in constant contact with them.

Personally my kids don’t go anywhere I or their dad refuse to go regardless if it’s family or not.

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It depends on who they’re traveling with. I would have allowed my kids to travel with my mom at that age but that’s it.

Hell no only if my mother or dad was taking my boys

As long as you trust them, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if they’re just your distant family you don’t really associate with much, absolutely not.

I took all my nieces and nephew’s from 5 hours away as early as 1 year and now I am taking my great nieces and nephew’s under 1 year old! I have 6 of my own mostly grown and they love when the little cousins come spend vacations or summer time with us! I also had several in foster care previously!
However, I never allowed mine to go anywhere without me! Not a chance! I don’t have the kind of family I could trust with them!

Absolutely no way!!!

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