Would you rent a house with a pool heater?

So my husband and I opened up our air b&b and it’s doing really well. But we are debating on doing a pool heater or not. I personally want one. And then we can rent the pool year around. So my next question is are you likely to rent a place with a heated or not?


Yes!!! I only looked at houses with a pool heater in pigeon forge

As a person who uses AirBNB when I travel (and worked for them for a while) I think this is a great investment if you live in a colder climate

Definitely. Especially in the off season when it is cooler/cold.

I would depending on were you live

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Yes, we don’t rent if there’s no heater.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a good idea

I’d defiantly pay more for a heated pool !!!

If I’m renting a house with a pool yes I’d want a pool heater.

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Years ago we stayed in a Beach house before Air B&B they they had a flat weekly and weekend rate for turning on the pool heater. We opted for a heated pool :slight_smile:

A heated pool is always a plus, I don’t understand why this is a question.