Would you stay with someone who cheated?

Would you stick with someone who’s admittedly cheated on you with an escort, always sneaks/hides/deletes phone calls & texts with their ‘girl best friend’ which is a past ex & doesn’t give consideration for your feelings? But he thinks doing all this is okay cause he basically pays your way through life with you…?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you stay with someone who cheated?

This can’t be a serious post??!!

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Hell no, get out now.

Good god NO!!!
Really hope you run far, far away.
That’s a cheating narcissist and you’re setting yourself up for failure if you allow what you know goes against your good character and heart.

Absolutely not. I would LEAVE.

NO! Break that off. You’ll drive yourself mad trying to make sure they don’t do it again.

It’s time you both part ways

You must think it’s ok, otherwise why ask this question? Why stay with him at all?

You don’t need anyone’s permission to go. And you don’t even need a good reason, or any reason at all. Just go.

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No. Find a job and get out. You’re better off on your own.

Right … so do you stay because he pays your way ? If so, he’ll continue doing what he wants bc you’ve shown him you’re not going anywhere. He’s not going to change.

No and why would you???

I have. Was a mistake. Save yourself the heartbreak again, again, will keep happening or you will find out more about him

No. You know its time to go.

Well the question is not whether it’s right or wrong anymore because even if he thinks it’s OK because he pays your way through life or something you clearly think it’s OK as well because what you allow continue and you’re OK with the behavior through your action of merely staying … Verbally no it doesn’t sound like it’s OK but your actions tell him it is so if you are at fault as well… :black_heart:

If you have all these red flags and still have to ask then you already know the answer.

Is this a serious question?


I think the question is if your this unhappy why are you there?

Absolutely not! I’ve more respect for myself than to put up with that shit for sure :100:

nope i dont even trust or give the guy a go if know had cheated b4

I also get that change is the scariest thing a human can go thru…but maybe the best thing you could ever do…for yourself probably for the first time in a longtime babygirl

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Absolutely not. Where there is no respect, there is no future. I lived that life before and it will slowly kill your outlook on relationships and your self worth. Run. Better, beautiful things are meant for you.

This site is getting ridiculous :joy:

I’m no your worth more

Hard no. You are worth more.

No move on.
Find someone that respects you.

How’s this even a question? Do you accept it? Put your big girl panties on and get a job and find a real man before he gives you some shit you can’t wash off. He sounds disgusting :face_vomiting:.

Take your trash out! :wastebasket:

Hes honest about it which most arnt. Myself everything eles would have to be perfect and I too would be getting mine outside the marriage if I were going to be staying with myself the everything was terrible so I took the kids and dog and left

Once a cheater always a cheater

I would definitely stay if I hated myself and had 0 self esteem and enjoyed being hurt and playing the victim

You teach people how to treat/mistreat you bu what YOU TOLERATE. :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post: Let him go. Not the one for you.

Self respect! U should never settle and makes u sound lazy that u are just letting him pay ur way through life!! Move on and get a job!!

Nope. It’s just going to get worse and he is going to continue cheating and disrespecting you.

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I tried to get past when my ex cheated. He swore things would be different. For a little bit it was. Then he went right back to treating me the same way he did before. Then it got worse. I thought to myself if he’s still gonna treat me like that after I tried to get past all that. It wasn’t worth what it did to me mentally and emotionally

NOPE I tried and he kept cheating with her. I filed divorce

I I think even the best of people make mistakes. I definitely don’t believe once a cheater always a cheater. However there sounds like a whole lot of disrespect and lies so it would be a big no for me.

Nope take the trash out

Is this even a real question???


Nope. Girl get a job with your own money and tell to hit the road

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Nope I’d be gone. I’d prefer to live in a carboard box than live with someone like that because ‘they pay my way’ girl run you deserve better

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Only if he paid for EVERYTHING I asked for. that includeds a 12 bedroom house with movie theater and indoor and outdoor pools and monthly vacations and a horse and a piggy and someone to take care of them and a chef and a maid among other things but if he can’t afford all that then no I’m better off alone. :smile:


No. Leave. Your life will be miserable, I promise.

Act like him. He can pay - because he thinks that makes him special and you can do what you want. See if he likes that.

Hand him the trash bags, he can take his self out. :wave:

By that I mean take your independence back and trash that S.O.B. Before there are serious consequences for you both. This screams so many things.


The fact he is thinks is acceptable bc he pays for you is even worse. You are not his property.

Not just no… HELL NO!

That’s an individual choice. If you want to have someone pay your bills and not be independent then that’s how it will always be. Remember there are always consequences to choices and you choose to have a man pay your way instead of doing so yourself.

Not In a million years ,been there done that, and you have to think no matter how much they mean to you,you mean very little to them ,take them back they know you’re weak and they can do it again. Know your worth.

If it was just flirting then maybe depending on the situation, but actually physically cheating or sending pictures, nope!

Past behavior is a dependable prediction for future behavior. The cycle will go on and on…or whatever Celine Dion said :person_shrugging:

Been there done that, NEVER again. I’m worth more then that :purple_heart: so are you!!!

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No. I have standards.

hell No Learnt the hard way once a cheater always a cheater.

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No have some self respect and say goodbye…

Nurp…I didn’t even read the story and my answer is still NURP!!!

These fan questions cannot be real :woman_facepalming:t2:

Umm negative! Red flags, it isn’t a carnival!

Ask yourself when you get a disease

It depends if he just strictly cheated once and is visibly sorry and actively showing you he is sorry and trying to earn your trust back then maybe, but if he is doing other things behind your back like talking to her on the phone and repeatedly cheating then no. Either way that is a personal choice not for someone to make for you.

Uh no? How is this even a question.

I did for years and when I finally left let me tell you never will I ever let a man bring me so low again. So my answer to you is don’t stay. Love yourself more. Good luck

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The fact you have to ask this is sad. Hell no.

Girl anything else??? First time/thing is enough for me

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Hmmm I don’t even know how can you still ask in the group unless you hoping for someone to say YES stay with the freaking guy :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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this page is now garbage…enjoy it …you deserve it

One would be extremely ignorant and lacking a whole lot of self respect, if they stayed with someone like that. F**k no.

I feel like you already know the answer is no you don’t stay but now your looking for the courage to leave… trust me better opportunities and people are just over this hump you got this do what your heart tells you too bc ur mind will lie to u but ur heart can’t no matter what u tell it

There’s no way that someone is actually asking this question… I mean if that’s what floats your boat, then sure, stay in the relationship lol others with common sense wouldn’t put up with that nonsense.

That’s manipulation still - making someone stay for financial reasons and being secretive. Leave if you can, know it’s super hard. But you already said it yourself, he doesn’t care for your feelings. And let me just remind you, boys are great with crocodile tears too. You’ll give them plenty of reasons and chances and they’ll make the same mistakes till you’re ready to leave, and most will cry and “break down” - if that happens, just remember all the times he did that to you and didn’t care how he made you feel (that’s how I got stuck in staying is because wi felt bad when they’d freak out and cry and hang on to me), don’t let him do that to you…once all this passes you will feel so much more at peace. Good luck and I’m sorry you got Fd over :confused:

I got to be honest here,if you aren’t disabled, fully capable of working and chose to allow him to fund everything you own some responsibility to relingishening that type of power to someone else! Hes obviously no good…he takes advantage of you as you have of him! Somethings money cant buy integrity, morals, free will
Get a job!!!

It shouldn’t be what others think or feel is acceptable.
The real question is, DO YOU THINK ITS OKAY.
If you dont, then it’s not.
This is your relationship.
You decide what is, and isn’t acceptable.
You have to decide what you are willing to accept and not accept with the confines of your home and personaly relationships.
Set boundaries, and expectations, for you, and your partner. Openly talk about them.
If you’re not on the same page with your wants, needs and expectations, neither will get what they need from the relationship

:roll_eyes: of course, that makes complete sense. Honestly these questions get worse and worse each day.

What a stupid question

If you are tolerating all that and sleeping with him just because he finances your lifestyle you are pretty much an escort to him too. Leave. There is no respect and you’ll end up with a disease if not careful.

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Hell no! A cheater is always a cheater. Take yourself off of the clearance rack! You deserve more.

Why do you even need to ask this question of strangers??? You know the answer better than anyone, if he makes you feel worthless to him, then leave him !

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Think of another female you love: mother, sister, daughter…
Imagine she was going through everything you are.
What advice would you give to her?
That’s your answer.

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I would just have too dump him ASAP…you deserve better or even if alone it would be better.

No!!! You need to leave this man!! You need to learn how to be independent so you don’t have to depend on anyone!! When you are dependent on someone they can use and abuse you and you feel stuck!! Just because he pays the bills does not mean he can cheat and treat you like garbage!! Leave!!

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:wave:t3: BYE , I think you know your answer

Absolutely not. Cheating is not a mistake it’s a choice.


No? I feel like you know this answer…have some self respect.


HELL NO!!! RED FLAGGGGSSSS go!!! You can find someone who knows your worth. Don’t settle for less!!!

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No. He is going to give you an STD. Get rid of him and take your self esteem back.


You already know the answer

I would say, if you’re asking yourself that question you already answered it, in my opinion.


Absolutely Notttttttt !!!
YOU Deserve More!!!

What we allow is what will continue…

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Nope! Know your worth girly. This isn’t it.

He’s a piece of :poop:… And do you know what we do with :poop:? We dispose of it :blush: throw that WHOLE man away sis

By staying you’re only teaching him how much he can get away with.

Not at all. & if he’s being financially abusive while cheating, girl runnnnnnn. He has no respect for you, that’s clear. Love yourself more than you love him. One life to live, don’t waste it on being with someone like that/someone you don’t(can’t) trust.

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everyone is different, I personal could not, nor did I stay with my ex, because he cheated, Now with all that said, why in God’s name who anyone even ask this question??? No one seems to have any common sense anymore & that is very sad :frowning:

He thinks it’s ok to break your heart and trust, and put your health in danger because he pays for shit? Hell no that is a controlling and abusive man. Don’t stay to try to make it work, there is no making it work with someone like that. You deserve so much better.

Why even ask this question when you know all of us will say no! Lol

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Well that’s a very disrespectful way to look at people. You aren’t something that is paid and bought. That being said he feels that he can pay to get what he wants(escort). The issue is so you need this guy or are just stuck with him. You don’t have to stay where you aren’t wanted or respected. Paying bills doesn’t allow him any extra girls to bang. That’s not how that works. Only you can decide what you will allow and tolerate. It’s your life and your relationship. You deserve better though.

No I wouldn’t. Because they will do it again

i would “NOT” why because u never know when this may happen again - if they cheat on u once u know damn well in your heart that they will cheat over ,over again on you - i’d get out while u can-run