Would you still take your kids on vacation if they don't listen?

Wow I don’t know how you got custody of that poor kid, she needs support and help. Not having her ass busted all the time

The issue at hand is what you posted and talked about!!! Are you serious? Get the child therapy she sounds like she needs it to deal with her issues of being taken away…


Nope no vacation id take her to therapy.

what the fuck? TAKE HER ON VACATION. show her that even when she’s not “behaving”, she is still loved unconditionally.

if you can’t do that then you shouldn’t be taking on a child with trauma.

Take her!! Show her your love is unconditional. Sounds like she’s never had that. Give her rules but show her your love


Take her on vacation. Maybe that’s what she needs right now while going through her own emotional stuff with her mom. Be there for her, do happy things together, make an effort to be her stability while her world is in chaos.


I wouldn’t leave her behind. … that’s family time right there. Just don’t go buying gifts because she’s in trouble. Have her see a therapist so she can have safe place to talk with someone.

She needs and wants love. Yes take her on the trip. Leaving her behind sends the message that she’s not lovable or good enough. Poor kid


Be kind … this child needs you!! Be the adult, understand and discuss not judge and punish. Life is so hard, be their soft place to land, go on vacation, create positive memories!!

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Depends on where you’re going. I wouldn’t leave her behind. I would talk to her before going .
You can try to get help like others have talked about. But you can’t make her do it . I tried with my own son he refused. Be her frim but soft spot.

Sad…cant exclude her so she doesnt go nobody goes oh well! Of course she is acting out her life was flipped upside down! Remember you got with her dad after her…she was first…she could be rebelling against you as you are the replacement “mom”! Wear her shoes for a day see what her life is like…she has to let out frustration somehow…try getting her to talk or get her help! Dont be selfish!

Are you family or foster? Sounds like there’s misplaced resentment. She blames you for her not being with her mom. Without knowing your specifics it’s hard to guide you. If you’re fostering through an agency talk to your SW about the family going into counseling. If you’re family with custody then get everyone into counseling. You can’t completely blame her. Her world has been destroyed. She’s not handling it the way you want her too. But nobody has handled her situation the way she wants them too, example being put with you & not her mom. She’s angry.


Yes to the vacation. She needs to know she’s part of the family.

Maybe a vacation is just what she needs

She is reacting to what happened. She may need therapy :disappointed:

And this is why she is how she is!! Look In the mirror and take some of that responsibility your putting on that broke. teenager.

So you’re asking if you should make her behavior even worse than before by taking her only social and mental outlets and expecting her to be okay?
All that does is leave a mental mark and later in life, shes gonna punish herself every time she thinks shes not living up to your standards. Literally taking away from herself the things she loves and finds joy in when all that accomplishes is depersonalization and depression.
Sounds like she needs counseling and an open ear. When she acts a fool, suggest she do something to calm and relax her mind. All too often we lash out because we are overwhelmed with life, emotions, people. Teach her how to cope instead of self-chastizing and putting herself deeper into a mental hole.

Yes take her. The family needs some positive bonding. You’re in for a roller coaster of the teenage years so give positive time when you can.