Would you take your 7 year old to a funeral?

Okay mommas.
I need some advise. Would you take your 7yo to a funeral. It will be closed casket seeing as his viewing is the night before. This man was like an uncle to my son and he was my best friend. I just don’t want to put much on him.


Honestly if you think he can handle it then take him but if not I wouldnt

I was 5 my first funeral, and I had asked to go. It was my grandmother. She was my mother, my best friend and my confidant. It gave me a better understanding of life and death, helped me deal with loss, and not to ever be afraid of death🖤


Explain to him about death and what he will see there and that people will be sad and maybe crying. Then let him choose whether or not to go.

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I was like 5 at my first funeral and handled it better than I did when I was older because I didn’t understand what was going on.

No…I would not take him.

I would he needs too know the circle of life just make sure its all positive and if he gets freaked out you have the option too mabey have find some other kids too play with ntill the service over good luck :slight_smile:

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I went to wakes at the age. It’s a part of life. Probably went to funerals too, just don’t remember them as well. Hung out with cousins, didn’t get the concept that much.

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Yes, I definitely would and have. It’s part of life.

My son is 2 and he’s been to 3 funerals in his life. If I want to go to a funeral then I have to take him as he’s with me 24/7 and he goes no where without me

Yes. My parents took my brother who was 4yr old & myself (5yr) to my grandmas funeral and then the following year my little sisters funeral. We understood at an early age what it was for someone to die and how it felt to grieve over somone.

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I was 6 when my sister died of measles complications, she was 3. I was left with babysitters . I am now 80 and have been resentful all these years I was not permitted to grieve also. Know they were trying to protect me, but I know she was taken out the door never to return. I can still feel the loss after all these years. Yes, let him go so he sees and understands.


Yes. It’s very healthy to show/expose realities about real life. A lot of funeral homes provide kids books to help parents explain things about it.

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Absolutely death is a part of life.

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Death is a part of life.


My grandkids went to there papas funeral…we just never made them go up to see him unless they wanted to…they did go up and had a good experience…they got to say "see you later papa":revolving_hearts:

Yes. In life theres death. He needs to say goid bye and morn just like anyone else.

At 7 I’d say no he’s not really going to grasp the concept that death is forever. Maybe in a couple years he will but I just think it’s too much for the little ones to comprehend. I believe that since he has seen his “Uncle” that has passed that is good enough. He can have closure from that. That’s just my opinion though.

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Death is a natural a occurrence that happens to everyone in life.

Ask him. I’ve always taken my children if it was someone close to them. Just be there for him and make sure he understands how he feels is ok no matter what

I would bring them at any age

Yes, my son who is 8 years old now comes with me when family die, here in new Zealand it is abit different, we have maraes so its open casket…

Honestly for me, I would protect them from things like that as long as possible. There’s still so innocent sometimes at 7 and why cause them to think about things they shouldn’t have to try and comprehend yet? But, that is just me. I didn’t go to my first funeral until I was 15 years old and I remember not truly understanding and actually it bothered me a lot more than maybe my mom thought it would. It’s already hard enough for adults to understand sometimes, let alone a young child