A Daycare Worker Was Letting Babies Cry While She Rocked Her Own Child: Advice?

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"I went to pick my son up from daycare and I found a new teacher in the room with him that I have not met…the other two teachers who are normally there were on breaks so it was just her…this is the room that is 1 and under…she was rocking what appeared to be a 7 month old, while two other babies were screaming on the top of their lungs…come to find out the baby she was rocking ( who was not upset in any single way) was her OWN child and now I feel some type of way…i feel like she was straight up ignoring the babies who had clearly been crying for a while and now i dont know if i should bring it up to someone at the daycare…it made me a little upset and now I am concerned for my chils care…"

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"I mean you don’t know if that baby was upset before you walked in. Maybe it was and just calmed down. Maybe she just finished feeding it. There could be a lot of reasons. I’d keep it in the back of your mind and if you see it again then I’d say something but right now that’s not much to go off of. 1 person can’t help all the babies that are crying. I can’t imagine she likes to hear them scream."

"I would say something I’d be pissed if I came in and it was my child , but I would also let it be known that there should never be only on teacher in a 1 and under class"

"This could easily have been a coincidence to be honest. But worth mentioning just in case. I wouldn’t just 100 percent jump to the conclusion though."

"I will definitely talk to a supervisor about it, it’s unacceptable and a conflict of interest situation. Her baby should not be in the room she is assigned to work. And 3 infants should not be watching by one person."

"Yes bring it up… and maybe her child was crying and she picked him up and he stopped… so many questions here BUT yes let someone know that having only 1 percent in the room is a problem."

"Umm I would be more concerned why there was only worker. Typically 1 and under are a one worker to 3 or so kids"

"Thought there was supposed to be at least two in the room at one time though"

"As an infant teacher, our ratio is 1:5 and it is very difficult to get to each baby at once. Maybe her child had been fussy, you can only calm one baby at a time when they get like that…HOWEVER! At my job they do not allow teachers to work in the same room as their child if it can at all be helped. For sure voice your concerns and let the director handle the situation or be a mediator."

"The other child might have been upset before. I think the bigger issue here is why were two other workers on break at the same time? Someone should have been helping her… 3 babies & 1 adult, yeah, someone’s going to be crying… that’s just common sense."

"A conversation with this teacher would clear this up. Communication is key"

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