A female sent me a message telling me my husband was unfaithful: How should I handle this?

Try get through Christmas & see how you feel after. Don’t make Christmas a sad time for the kids as much as it hurts. Then leave his sorry ass if you still feel the same after xx

Try talking to him …show him the messages… she could be over exaggerating some and being petty

Where is your heart? This person who was letting you know all the mistakes your husband made was not looking out for your best interests. Its what’s in your heart that really matters, not some. vindictive bitch trying to clear her conscience. Keep your head high and get on with life. Forgive and forget. Some of life’s lessons are harder than others. Listen to your heart.

He’s a cheater. He won’t stop. If he’s not seeing her anymore it’s a matter of time before it’s someone else.
Research divorce law in your state. Get your exit plan together. Save money on the side. Keep all those texts and messages. Take screenshots. Print them, whatever you have to do. You don’t have to rush the divorce, take your time to get prepared. Remember, first one to the bank wins. He can drain it and no one will make him give you any of it prior to divorce. If credit cards and accounts are in his name, he can cancel those too or close them. Be prepared. Don’t save money in a bank. Judge can make you split it. Don’t buy any big thing s like a new car, etc. It’s going to be an extra bill for you to worry about after divorce.

After Christmas pack up you and the kids and leave if you have a place to go if not pack his stuff kick him out keep the cheating proof take him to court for custody/visitation and divorce I’d give him no chance to “fix” things he won’t stop

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Talk to a good lawyer and you be the one to ask for the divorce… You don’t need to give him much explanation. Just tell him you know everything and honestly he is not worth it.
Make sure you put that you are divorsing because of adultery as the reason on your divorce papers.
You got the upper hand right now… So make plans and all the necessary arrangements.
I went through something similar with my first marriage… and all I can say is focus on YOU and your kids. Make sure you and your little girls start going to therapy too. It really helped me and my daughter


She obviously doesn’t deserve the fiance she has.

Get out. Strategize if you must, but don’t let him blindside you. Systematically separate your accounts, make sure he can’t access all your money and leave you and the kids high and dry.

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Why not just get working, save up, and move out and serve him divorce papers.

Once they cheat and get away with it they will do it again and keep doing it. They will just hide it better. Start getting a plan in place to leave. Best thing I ever did.

No explanation needed. You know the truth.

I would love your husband…he will not leave you…he has too much to lose…maybe play the game back at him to get him jealous then you will have your answer…
Divorce is not the answer better to stay and work it out…


I used to keep any important papers from lawyer or rental places in Tampax or pad box…they never look there…I got everything lined up then left…
I agree it’s Christmas…get this holiday done…get information you need…peas in a row…then confront him…talk to family lawyer to know your rights… usually you can ask a few questions for free on the phone.
Good luck

First thing, talk to a lawyer!! Do not say anything him… yet. Save everything! And have a plan. He’s the cheater, so he should be the one that has to leave the home. But if you decide to work on things, take it slow and steady. Good luck with it all!

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