A female texted my husband but he swears he doesn't know her

Wondering if anyone husbands has randomly received a txt message from a female about wanting to hook up along with nude pictures? My husband swears is a spam number. He called the number in front of me and the person never answered and he left her a VM stating he doesn’t know her and didn’t knew why she was texting him. I also txted that number from his phone stating that he didn’t wanted to hook up because his wife (me lol) is much hotter than her and he didn’t needed to look for something he already has at home. But this person kept txting and sending nudes (4 photos) and not acknowledging me at all and she also didn’t mention his name just very general txt messages about wanting to hook up. All she kept saying is I want this and that imagine us blah blah… anyhow I google the number and is from someone local! I have the address but I am not ready to confront this person. He wants us to go and confront this person because he says he doesn’t not know why she is texting him. He said he had gotten another txt a while back from another lady but he never answered. He keeps saying is spam. I check the phone bill and I don’t see he has contacted this person but who knows of via internet he has. I have so many mixed feelings because one I could go confront this person but what if they r professional scammers?.. I don’t want to put my kids endanger and I know I will raise hell. But then again what if he is lying and he does know this person?.. that’s why I am wondering if is possible to get such txt messages and be spam? Thanks


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. A female texted my husband but he swears he doesn't know her

Sounds like it’s a spam text I’ve read about these

There’s actually a wide spread scam going around that they say is for trafficking :scream:


Yup. There are lots of spam messages like that. But I would just give her a call.

Twice I have received spam messages like that on my own phone

It happened on my hubby’s WhatsApp. Sometimes it’s just spam/phishing for scamming people for money.

My husband gets them all the time.

There is a huge scam going around


I’ve gotten random spam messages myself about hooking up with women and getting nudes so he may be telling the truth

It’s spam… Also it’s not good to click on the text cuz there is a sex trafficking spam going on and if u click the link they can track you

If he’s willing to go with you to confront her then I’d go confront her!


It happens to me a lot. He’s probably telling the truth. Especially if there is zero correspondence from before.


It is spam. I get the text messages too a girl saying something about missing me and starting sending nudes lol I was like well at least their sending to my phone and not my husbands because I prob would have flipped out lol

It’s a sex trafficking scam. STOP RESPONDING.

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Trust your husband :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Could be a scam but also trust your gut

There is a couple girls doing that I even got it. Its suppose to be spam and some kind of trafficking thing.

It’s a scam. I’ve been getting them

It’s a spam account. Lord. Trust your husband. Or what’s the point?’

My husband hasn’t but I seen a huge thing going around and my boss had it happen to her same thing

Spam is happening a lot with texts…sex trafficking link…

100% a scam. I get those texts all the time

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People do this all the time. It is a scam. Do not reply to messages like that


I, as a woman married to a man, have gotten these spam messages…often. They say to delete them immediately without opening them, because if you do they activate the GPS on your phone and can therefore track you.

My husband gets them constantly. They’re spam and can be used for trafficking

Happened the other day

I literally get these same kinds of messages and had to convince my husband it was spam. It’s a tactic to get someone to respond

Go to reddit and r/scams and check out how common this is. It’s basically so they can trap you and blackmail you along with r/sextortion.
It’s probably not even a woman.
They also easily spoof numbers.

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I’ve gotten them myself, no worries!

I got one last week had no clue who she was or why she texted me!

I’ve gotten these messages … and they’re really good with making it look like it’s a local number . Trust him

I got a text from a woman sending nudes a few weeks ago so it could be a scam

Someone is fucking with you!! A hater perhaps

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Your husband has tried everythinh to show you he doesnt know it and isnt interested with his actions.

Trust him


It’s spam. I promise you that. He wouldn’t be willing to go confront “her” if he wasn’t being honest.

I’ve actually gotten a text like this before with a picture and I’m a chick. I think you can usually tell the difference from a text from an actual person and whatever a spam text is but with all the hackers around I would definitely delete delete delete.

This has been going around. I’m sure it’s spam!!!

I get those spam messages all the time too. I just delete them

I have personally received spam messages like that on my phone. I will say I am a happily married straight female and not interested and they will continue to send messages so I block the number and report them to my phone company.
Also, the local number probably isn’t who the messages are actually coming from. Spammers use a program to make it look like calls and messages are coming from a local number when they are not.

We get them all the time both him and I.

Spam! My husband says these are just bots, trying to get personal info.

Please do not go confront this person. The number is likely cloned and the person has nothing to do with this.
This is a huge scam. Also I’d start changing passwords to everything linked to your phone since you probably received malware with those photos.


That actually does sound like scam/spam. I’ve had it happen on my phone from a woman who thought I was a man too. Or atleast they were pretending to be a woman. English definitely was not their first language and they definitely didn’t actually respond to texts it was like autogenerated texts from a computer or something, so my responses were ignored.

It’s a scam. Mine got the same message. I’ve also gotten them too!

I’ve had them sent to me myself a girl assuming I’m a guy and sending stuff and when I say wrong number they keep sending more.

Put spam block on the phones. It works great, it has stopped a lot of BS text and calls for me.

My husband got the exact same text

I get them all the time

Yes its been going around

There’s lots of scam numbers like that

Tbh I get texts, weird robo calls and emails… just dont go all bore on the poor guy if he is innocent.

Make like your him set place and time to meet…u go with him

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Sounds like your husband is willing to do this with you. So he’s probably not in on it. Also it could be a spoofed number as well so going to this person’s house may not be the same person


Just block the number :woman_shrugging:


Definitely a scam. I get those texts randomly as well of nude women saying they’re h*rny and want to hook up. It’s not real. They message across all platforms (snapchat, insta, fb, text)

It’s a sex trafficking scam from what I’ve heard. Shouldn’t have texted back. My ex-husband got the same thing

Sounds like you don’t trust your husband at all anyway… go and check then🤦‍♀️


I would definitely not confront anyone that randomly sent me a text. Sounds dangerous

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Yes there’s a scam going on with the Same woman picture and nudes. My husband got it too alone with many others I know. Some say it’s a sex trafficking scam

from a guys perspective… if he is an otherwise loyal guy, there is no reason to doubt him at this time. ive gotten fb messages like that. not texts.

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I’ve personally got those type of messages. I would trust him

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There is a scam going around of some chick sending texts I’ve received them. It’s all over Facebook and the news app

Calm down… it might really be spam or just someone being a jerk.

I get them and I am a female. I just got one yesterday claiming she "just wanted to talk after I clarified I didnt know her and blocked the number…

If your suspicious there is always the phone record

Even I get them ,they are fake account sending random

My girlfriend got one… it was just a selfie at first and the next one was a full nude in front of a body mirror.

Iv heard of emails and IM but texting is new to me. SMH

If he wants to confront the person then obviously he has nothing to hide.

Lots of people have been getting them lately. It’s even been on the news recently.

Yes my husband gets spam things like this all the time it’s happened since we been together and it’s happened in Snapchat too from people that wasn’t even in his friends list that when you click the link it messed his whole entire home you with a virus so I think he would be telling the truth from our experiences.

Also to add, the number is likely a local number that is being spoofed. Meaning whoever actually owns that number likely has zero clue it’s being spoofed and used to send spam/scam texts.

Professional scammers?! Honey he is cheating I would think…just weird…only one way to find out go and confront them🤷‍♀️

Well yes it happened to me - which was weird. I automatically blocked her though and told her to stop texting.

this is the new prank phone call from years ago it’s sending texts (most likely not even her) with photos to just random numbers.

I have received these myself . Scammers

I would think this is a spam. My son gets these types of messages on his phone more often than I’d like. He’s 11!:grimacing::woman_facepalming:t3: Also know that spammers can use any number. I had a friend who lost her husband to brain cancer. A few months after he passed she received a call and messages from his number pretending to be him. Imagine How horrible she felt after looking on her phone to see that “hubby” was calling. So although the number is local it does not mean that it actually is.

I’ve received text like that :joy:

Yes!! I got one of a woman myself there is a scam going around

It’s a scam they are high jacking cell numbers I get about 10 of these boogus texts and emails and phone calls everyday

It’s a scam, my husband gets them too. I have as well :woman_shrugging:

It is a spoofed number and responding at all lets them know your number is active. They will likely continue to send links trying to get him to click on it to phish his information.

I received one at 1am this morning. It was female, photos included…

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There is one going around and it gets sent from the same area code as your number. I got one a few weeks ago with just a pic of the girl. I didn’t even open it just saw the pic when i pulled it down from my notification bar. Deleted it right away. A few people i know got it too

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Hahahaha I got one the other day!!! She texted me saying I stood her up and didn’t call her after we met at a bar… I don’t go to bars haha then kept texting me and send me a nude. Even after I said I was not who she thought I was

Scam ,I got them too and I’m a mom

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This has legitimately happened to tons of people. It’s a scam.


I get all kinds of super inappropriate text messages from numbers and email addresses I don’t know. Some of them contain photos. I’ve called the numbers before and had a person answer who had no idea what I am talking about. These scammers clone people’s telephone numbers all the time. I’ve even received calls from people saying they’ve missed calls from me or received texts from my number that I never sent.


Yeah definitely scam

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My husband got the same thing. 4 nudes and a text about last night being amazing. He was with me the entire night. Fast forward a week later and I got the same text and pictures. It’s a huge scam going around right now.

This one is going around. I received it.


I’ve gotten those kinds of texts. All spam. Rest easy on this one

My husband gets them all the time. I just block it and go on.

Yes it’s a scam I had stuff like that sent to my phone you shouldn’t respond


There’s a scam going around dealing with this type of texting, that after you respond to them… your location is recorded and it is related to sex trafficking.
Stop responding and let that shit go!
Believe your husband!

He is telling you the truth It’s a spam text…I have got those same text…

I got a message for a women wanting to meet and sent me nudes it’s a scam I would have never called or texted that number back as soon as u do they can get all ur info

Girl it’s spam. :joy: they use text now numbers so it uses your local area code. Sounds like you’re insecure. Block the spam number and keep it pushing. Wishing luck to your husband for having to put up with this madness

They’re spam. I get about 10 a day