Advice on a non formula milk for a toddler?

Mommas, any suggestions on non-formula milk for my 15-month-old? He had reflux as a newborn all the way through to about nine months old. He is currently on Similac Spit-up formula, but I’m looking to switch him to regular milk without his reflux coming back. I’ve already tried 2% & he liked it, but it automatically constipated him. The same thing happened with Soy milk. Any suggestions for milk that won’t affect his reflux or pooping? Thank you!!!


Lactose free or almond milk

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Goats milk, is usually alot more gentle


Lactose free, almond milk, maybe even 1%

Listen to your doctor

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Have you tried Lactade Milk? That is the actual brand name? They got 2% too.

My son had the same problem left him in formula til j cut him off his almost 3 n been drinking 2 % not much milk tho his ok

Ask your pediatrician

My granddaughter gets constipated on real milk, so we use almond milk for her.

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Almond milk! My daughter is on it and she’s allergic to milk and soy and she loves the almond milk. It comes in different flavors and unsweetened.

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Try putting a little bit of Dark Karo syrup in the bottles.


We use almond milk. My son has milk protein allergy.

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I used Isomil soya formula they sell it in a stage 2 as well,was a god send

My daughter had severe GERD. When the time was right almond milk and coconut milk set with her the best.

My son has to have lactose free milk. The lactaid brand. He had acid reflux as a baby too (GERD). He would throw up on whole milk.

Acidophilus milk or lactaid

Almond milk
Regular diary is awful for humans

The flap should be closed by now so shouldn’t be spitting up. Unless they are allergic or have dairy sensitivies, any milk should be just fine. Goats milk is easier to digest.

We went through a few different ones with my son like coconut and oat. We even made hempseed milk. He ended up only liking Rice milk. It’s good for them and our pediatrician approved!

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Has he been tested for allergys? Good luck!

My son was allergic to milk. We gave him fresh goats milk and he loved it. Good luck

My daughter has bad constipation issues since 6 months old. She currently drinks lactose free milk and shes been good on it. (Shes 2.5 now)

Goats milk. Almond milk and soy doesn’t have the vitamins and nutrients babies need for growth. Goats milk is close to human breastmilk.

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Can you give a smoothie throughout the day as well?

The constipation is a normal part of the switch I added watered down prune juice for a few weeks to my sons diet and high fiber cereal was just fine.

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If your little one is constipated offer them more fruits and veggies. The combination of high fat milk and not enough fiber in the diet is why the child is constipated.

My niece has a GI disorder and can only drink almond milk.

I’d get him allergy tested my daughter was reflux formula up until she was put onto milk she’s only ever had A2 milk and no issues

Almond milk. He might have a cows milk intolerance.

Add a teaspoon of Karo syrup to whole milk for constipation

Almond milk is a great source of calcium and should be kind to his stomach. Worth a go anyway

For heaven’s ask your Doctor!!!

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Mix the 2 while slowly adding more cow’s milk until it’s all cow’s milk

My son loves the Members Mark (Sams) Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk. He cobbles it up and they add vitamins into it.

I would try goat’s milk or Lactaid

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My doctor told me to go right to almond milk my son had reflux also and milk constipated him too. But by the time he was one the reflux was gone I don’t think the almond milk will make it come back

Coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk,cashew milk…

My daughter drank hemp milk

My youngest was medicated for GERD as a baby, the only type of milk his body could tolerate was almond milk. Now that hes older he can drink cows milk.

Hey mom and pediatric nurse here:You have to slowly mix the two. Wean off formula and onto full cows milk or the child will get constipated. Give it a week after on full cows milk and if the constipation is still there then try a different milk. I had the same problem with my daughter. We slowly transitioned to whole milk just fine. Also you need whole milk because the child’s brain is still developing. All kids need whole milk til the age of 2

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When you switched to regular milk did you slowly introduce it or just make a complete switch ?

We give are little one almond milk it helps

I use almond milk and supplement with toddler formula to replace what she would get with whole milk. She was also allergic to soy! It’s a little pricey, but I get the target brand almond milk and formula.

I have a dairy allergy that requires epi pens and no dairy exposure. we use ripple pea milk and so delicious coconut yogurts. It has more calcium and protein. But it has half the amount of fat so you need to supplement with healthy fats like nut butters or avocado for brain growth. But i would make sure with your pedi we worked with ours and our girl is a great eater. She literally eats everything so it was easy to balance.

Goat milk!! My kids are allergic to milk and soy and love goat milk.

My son likes coconut only that works go with unsweetened first

Water down the whole milk

No milk. Kids do not need milk. My son is almost 2 and doesn’t drink milk of any kind. Even his pediatrician said it wasn’t needed.

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Try almond milk or whole milk

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Almond milk! My little guy has had severe reflux since birth and has been on all different kinds of formula and medications. He’s 9mths and we’ve introduced Almond milk along with his omeprazole and there’s such a difference in how he acts and he isn’t puking as much either.

My daughter had reflux and we have her on whole milk no problems

You could also try lactose free milk

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Try lactaid whole milk

All milk if you drink enough will constipate anyone. You’re only suppose to have 2 cups of milk a day max. Juice and drinking lots of water help with constipation. Also bananas will make a baby constipated. If hes getting other dairy products like yogurt he doesnt need to drink a lot of milk. We use to let my son have as much milk as he wanted. He ended up on medication to soften a mass in his intestine so he could poop and his stomach pain went away.

Try almond milk. Cashew milk is also super yummy but expensive. Milk at this age is not actually 100% vital if they are getting other dairy like cheese or yogurt, mix it up, try different things, see what works for him.

Almond milk is great. I remember when my little one was really small soy constipated her and I wanna say they told me to have her drink a little bit of prune juice or any kind of juice to help and it did. Plus lots and lots of veggies in the mix would be great as well since fiber is good for you

Almond! My little eventually ended up transitioning to 2% at 2 yo but we have to limit it because he constipates easily and has reflux as well.

I’d also try watering down the milk extremely that helped with our little ones constipation

Goat milk 100% I’ve have put up with digestive issues my whole life and goats milk is the one that does the least amount of harm. Expensive but worth it.


Has your doctor ever prescribed for you famotidine? You give it twice a day. I’ve done it for my son and it helps so much

Almond milk!! I love soy milk, but I cant drink it - my tummy dont like it :disappointed_relieved: but my tummy loves almond milk!!! I hoard that to myself!!

My little dude had the same problem. Switched him to almond milk and not only did the gas problems stop but his milk intake increased. Good luck mama, you got this!

We use almond milk but some people have also suggested hemp milk for its nutritional value

Put a little clear Karo syrup in each bottle . That will help with the constipation.

Don’t give him milk? I don’t kids can get what they need from other things. I’ve tried everything with my 18 month old. Almond, lactose free, regular. It all goes right through him. So I’ve just eliminated it all. The rash he got from pooping too was awful.
Things like coconut milk don’t really have much nutritional value so I found it pointless to even try.

Goats milk is kinda expensive… It was the only thing that ever helped and helped my son gain weight he was very sick when he was born. Always throwing up i tryed everything… Finally i did some research and goats milk was the closet to what he need to grow and be healthy. It was easy on his belly… The docotr eventully worked with the health dept and w.i.c. and i got the milk they helped me pay for it for while. As your doctor may b able to help you.
P.s. almond milk cause of allergies and the most milk my son couldnt drink until i tryed goats milk. He is 17yrs old now and still suffers from acid reflux highly bad…( goats milk helps tremendously…)). Good luck

Any plant based milk. My daughter had reflux bad. She never liked almond milk her personal favorite is cashew and rice but rice milk is kind sweet.

Silk or almond anything that says dairy free

I use goats milk and it’s good.

My son drinks fairlife lactose free.

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Talk to your pediatrician about it before making any changes!

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Almond milk worked wonders for my son. He’s lactose, but he throws up still at age 4 if he has much dairy. It also doesn’t constipate him. He either gets the flying shits or can’t go at all with dairy as well.
I’d talk to a dietician regardless.

If u give him juice dilute it a bit for reflux

Have you tried goats milk

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Try him on 3% that milk there suppose to start in if not try oat milk hear its pretty good for u or goats milk

Constipation for a little one transitioning to milk from formula is more than common! I had minimal issues switching my daughter over at 12 months and she’s 14 months now. I would ask your pediatrician just to be on the safe side, but some constipation is anticipated for sure, especially with little ones. :relaxed:


Definitely try alternative milks. If babe had reflux as a baby then most likely it’s still an issue and I’d stay away from dairy products. Goats milk being an exception as it’s closest to human milk. :heart:

My son is lactose intolerant, he has been since birth. We give him a little bit of Almond milk here and there and he LOVES it with no problems at all. Every baby is different though, so to be safe I would always ask his doctor first.

Lactose free 2% milk… my daughter had reflux and that’s what I used with her

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I give mirilax In with the milk when I know my baby’s having issues.

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He doesn’t need milk. Water is fine. Just make sure he’s getting nutrients and what not in other foods.


We started both our girls on skim milk and slowly worked them up to whole milk but they still get blocked up from time to time from it

My son drinks lactose free milk and almond milk.

I’ve seen a LOT of people speaking highly of and recommending Pea Milk. It has the highest and easiest to digest protein with the most fats and nutrients comparable to dairy, but the lactose free aspect is more gentle on young tummies.

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Try 1% -less fat
Might be easier to digest.
My 2nd one was lactose intolerant and could only tolerate liquid Soy formula. When we switched her to cow’s milk she had no issues.

Try mixing half 2% and half of the Similac for awhile. It worked for us to transition to all milk and no formula.

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Pediatricians recommend that whole milk is used for babies after 1, and until they are 2 years old. They say that the fat in whole milk is essential for brain development. The constipation at first is normal, give some grape/apple/prune juice. Also foods high in fiber can help! Water is also very important for little ones diets! :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you tried lactaid? Its lactose free milk. My kiddo has to drink it.

My son had crazy stomach issues prescription formula etc
Dr has us give him goats milk. If you’re opposed to animal milk, almond milk/ rice milk also worked for him!!

Goats milk is easier for them to digest so they don’t get constipated, or have reflux,you can get it in 1 litre tetra paks at the super market from the chiller

Don’t give miralax. It’s not ok for use in people under 17. It can cause psychosis. If he’s constipated, a safe natural solution is prune juice, magnesium powder, or vitamin c powder. Almond milk abs coconut milk are good, but remember. They don’t NEED milk. There’s more calcium in most veggies than milk :slightly_smiling_face:


My kids drink oat milk , almond milk and 1% milk . With the help of a nutritionist recommend eating plan for their needs . My 2 yr old had severe constant constipation. And nothing helped it until we saw a nutritionist and her pediatrician. We give her 1 fiber advanced gummies in the morning and one at night which helps so much !

And if you’re worried about fat intake, alternatives are a avocado, olive oil, eggs, real butter, and nut butters

He’s gonna get constipated for a little till his body gets used to the milk. We gave my son, who also had reflux, Lactaid. It tasted really good and he never knew the difference.

I will tell you 47 years ago when my child was born my Dr put my son on 2% diluted with a little water only because he kept throwing the formula up. He was only 3 weeks old. He did great!!! Best of luck to you!!

Almond or cashew milk maybe??

Something for you to think about…My baby had reflux super bad I even upped her dose of zantac and nothing! I researched like crazy and found cell salts… hylands #10 nat phos is what they’re called… her reflux was so much better after 1 dose and completely gone by day 3 and only came back if she didn’t take 2-3 salts with every bottle. Super tiny they dissolve right away and don’t taste bad at all. I made it a game and my girl loved them.

Unsweetened Almond Milk

Try giving him some pear juice it will help the constipation

Almond milk is what my sister in law uses for her lactose intolerant baby. He has no problems with it