Advice on formula?

Any opinions on store brand versus name brand formula? Is store brand just as good? I use either earth’s best organic or similac advance (blue can).


Store brand is just as good. I used it with both of my girls. Just compare the ingredients side by side with the name brand to be safe.

Used earths best at first became too expensive store brand was for us and our pediatrician didn’t say anything about it had the same ingredients too

Kirkland!! We love it

Store brand is just as good

I get similac on wic but when I run out I buy store brand. My daughter doesn’t act any differently

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Target brand of advanced formula is pretty darn close to similac

Just compare ingredients on them

I use the target brand. Up & up if we run out from what wic gives us

Store brand is just as good. Dont go broke from buying name brand. Also true for diapers

I like the parents choice(might actually have a Walmart or sams choice logo)that’s comparable to similac. The quality is about the same and it’s much much cheaper!

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Store brands were just as good when we were supplementing for my daughter. Found the one from aldi to be great for my daughter

Aldi is very comparable and huge container for a fraction of the cost

With my son, we could only use the Walmart brand low iron formula cause similac or enfamil had too much iron for him and hurt his tummy and he was reacting to everything else

I tried all of them and similac was the only one that didnt make my baby girl gassy because she was sensitive

Store brands are just as good, I used the parents choice and it had same ingredients as the Gerber he was on

I used Parents Choice because there was less crap in it

We got similac because of the coupons and we thought he had to have the name brand, we thought it was better for him. Now we’re using Walmart’s brand (half the price) and he loves it just the same. It’s very hard to make that decision being new parents, because you want the best for your baby, but he doesn’t know the difference.

Sams brand they have several choices

The advance messed my daughter belly up

Parents choice was so much cheaper and just as good for both my boys.


My youngest was on either emfamil or Walmart brand and never had any issues. My oldest was on emfamil and did really well with it.

It’s just as good save where you can lol I use parent’s choice brand of formula, diapers, and wipes :wink:

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Used parents choice at walmart for both my boys (who started on similac) never gave us any problems and the price is decent

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My daughter could only use the enfamil gentlease

They can be. I got enfamil through WIC. Used Walmart brand and it made my youngest more gassy.

I used the store brand compare to similac adavantage (the blue one) for my last baby and she did just fine on it. I dont really think it makes much of a difference. Sometimes I had Walmart brand sometimes I used Sam’s choice.

I use similac advance but use store brands and everything is literally the same ingredient wise, and my daughter does just fine!

The best deal for your money is buying from sams club! You get a HUGE tub for only 22bucks!!

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We use to use Members Mark or Kirkland with my first. With my second unfortunately she seems like shes lactose intolerant so we have been buying Parent’s Choice equivalent to Enfamil AR much cheaper. But now she’s 15 months old and we’re on a new road to find what she wants to drinks.

I use Gerber, Similac and enfamil seemed to caused my little one to be really gassy.

Parents choice because it was a hell of a lot cheaper and essentially the same thing as name brand. Formula is one of the most strictly regulated food-type-things to exist. Even store brand has to meet certain criteria

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Depends on the baby and their tummy. My daughter did fine with certain generic soy formulas (Walgreens, Target, and Walmart brands), but my son could not handle anything but Gerber soothe with probiotics.

I swear my goodstart!

If your baby can handle generic formula then yes do it. My son could only handle alimentum.

I used Earth’s Best in the real can for mine.

We used Similac for the first 8 months. Then switched to Target and had no issues. Wish we would have done it sooner- it’s half the price!

We used parents choice with both kids and they both preferred it over name brands

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We use target brand similac sensitive it works the same and much cheaper

Kroger Brand worked for us

I couldn’t afford Enfamil. I used Parent’s Choice. You get triple the amount of formula for the same price as the name brand. Both have the same “exact” ingredients.

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Just remember not all babies are the same what works for other babies, may not work for yours. Try different kinds that are supposed to be close to what you use and use what works best for your baby

We used the target brand when we were low on cash cus it is cheaper and has the same ingredients as the blue can. It never upset my sons stomach to switch from that brand to the other.

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We tried several different brands with my oldest, but he had reflux so bad nothing seemed to soothe his little tummy. A friend suggested parents choice gentle gentle and it was a success! Plus it was soooo much cheaper! Win-Win!

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Costco sells formula for fairly cheap too if you have a membership.

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Check out Baby Formula Expert on YouTube. She is amazing!

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It’s all basically the same thing, store brand is just cheaper.

As long as the baby can tolerate the store brand formula there is no need to waste money on the name brand formula.


I used krogers brand of gerber

My son needed Nutramigen… Anything else would year his stomach up.

I use acme brand similac advance pro

We got Similac through WIC when we had our babies. Of course our babies ended up needing more than WIC gives. And we chose to buy the same Similac just so there wasn’t any issues switching back and forth.

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we used to buy similac sensitive and then we switched to the off brand. comforts at kroger, parents choice at walmart. there is literally no difference and its half the price.

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It’s all the same nutrients

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Goats milk is closer to our breastmilk, is gentler on babies tummies, and doesnt have all the nonsense regular formula does. Just a thought


The Similac and the target brand is word for work same ingredients if you read the back! Soo much cheaper!

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We use similac in the blue can because that’s what the hospital starts them on and what WIC provides unless otherwise specified by a dictor. We also used Parent’s choice Good Start and Enfamil when needed. Luckily neither of our girls had any digestive issues but I’d be careful switching around.

My son was on similac pro advance and I bought the members mark equivalent from sams or the parents choice from Walmart and he did fine with them and they are so much more affordable than the name brand.

My youngest son FINALLY got to a point where he could do gentlease formula (he was on nutramigen until about 10 months) and he PREFERRED store brand.

I actually prefer Walmart brand but wic only allows the name brand so it’s what we stick to until we have to buy extra.

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We used Parents Choice or Members Mark. Our Pediatrician told us to switch that it was All the same.

I used the Parents choice brand of similac for my daughter and never had a problem!

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It’s all the same. You’re basically just paying for the brand name.

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Hospital s here do similac, WIC does enfamil both my girls had parents choice at daycare because they provided and we did enfamil at home with no issues. Buy a small can to see before you make a huge investment but store brands are cheaper

My youngest daughter was on similac sensitive (orange can) and I thought I’d save myself a couple bucks and buy parents choice…by the end of the day using parents choice she was so fussy and crabby so we had to stick with similac

I used the Walmart brand with my first and the enfamil neuro pro with my second. The differences that I found was that even tho the enfamil is 12 dollars more, it’s mixed soooo much better and doesn’t have a horrible formula smell

Ask for samples from Dr, sign up for mailer samples. See what works best for baby.
Some make baby spit up more than others.
Enfamil-spit up
Similac- no issues

Honest company-

Tippy toes has been our go to formula. The purple “gentle” one to be exact. Our pediatrician recommended it as it is word for word the same exact ingredients as the gentle ease enfamil. Our son loved it and we are having a daughter next month and will be using it again! The only difference is it’s half the price :grin:

Breastmilk, goats milk

When I was a member at BJ’s i used their formula. I compared ingredients, everything was the same. $30 for a 42oz container, and sometimes even had coupons. (I was comparing Enfamil Gentlest vs. BJ’s)

We’ve used enfamil but switched to parents chouce. Our daughter hasnt had any problems with it

Just read the ingredients, hold both products in your hand and read the labels, most are just the same except for the name brand.

Parents choice is good

I started using Similac and then switched over to Target store brand. Same ingredients and haven’t ever seen a difference with our son.

I would base it on what the baby prefers and can tolerate.

I used parents choice because it was cheaper. My daughter had reflux with the parents choice.
With the name brand she never had a problem

I used up and up and enfamil with my kiddo, he seemed to handle the switch seamlessly. they were very similar in ingredients just a little more of one thing or a little less of the other.

We use the same club formula brand

Tried a few different brands but my girl loved Similac (Pro total comfort) it was an easy transition after 7ish months of breastfeeding. I’ll be using this brand again for baby number two coming soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I used similacs grass fed formula for my daughter, she went from breast to bottle and I use Costcos non gmo all organic for my youngest,.its working great, would also recommend a dr.browns bottle, atleast for my son its working, he wont finish a bottle otherwise.

I used Similac Advance Soy until my youngest was about 4/5 months. It was the only formula he could tolerate. I switched to Parents Choice soy at around 5/6 months and all was okay. Enfamil with my first, but only because I was poor then and received it free. He had no issues with it. They are now 14 and 16 and I can count on one hand the number of times they have been sick with a fever or ear infection, etc. (One hand for both, not each.) Formula babies can be just as healthy and all formulas follow the same standards. :slight_smile:

We used parents choice (compare to similac pro) with both of our kids and they did very well on it!

Whatever works for your baby.


Whatever your baby can handle. My dad was a pediatrician and said that store brand is just as good as name brand. If you have a CostCo in your area, their formula is inexpensive and good.

Um here asking strangers what’s best for your kids smh


There is no nutritional benefit of organic anything, let alone formula. If it’s cheap and your baby tolerates it, GREAT!

Otherwise, get what is easiest on your wallet!

Formula is regulated by the FDA and so store brand vs name brand will both be required to have the proper amount of nutrients for your baby. As long as you’re not buying from a random person with their own “recipe”—anything you find at a store packaged properly is fine for your baby! :heart:


My son used whatever was the cheapest to buy for his daughter . No health issues for her , apart from odd cold .
She is 3.5 y/o & has been 95% in his care from 6 months , with the last 12 months 100% care .

My kids were able to tolerate both brands so of course I went with store brand it’s cheaper especially when I had my twins formula is pricy

I live about an hour from Walmart as I live in the mountains so I buy Similac advance from town however when I do my weekly trip I buy the Walmart brand compared to Similac advance and my daughter actually does better on the off brand. Plus it’s way cheaper.

Might look into WIC-- they have a LOT of answers to questions like this. They have nutritionists that you can get to know.


Whatever brand works for your baby. Store brand vs name brand (of the same kind) there’s really no difference.

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Earth’s Best is what I’ve been using on both my kids, neither had or has an issue… I use Amazon Prime to order, it’s cheaper that way to get them in a batch

I use similac blue also, but now that my baby is 11 months and eating solids, I do store brand as it’s no longer her main source of food.

Breastmilk is always the most recommended… but if you are already on formula, anything sold off the supermarket counters or pharmacies that are FDA approved are ok regardless of brand… I personally have S-26 formula milk reserved for my newborn just in case I run out of breast milk… otherwise I prefer breastfeeding my wittle wubwub until 6 months… long as my boobs cooperate :joy::joy:

Read the labels… Majority its the same shit


I used store brand (walmart to be exact) in my opinion it’s all the same ingredients just cheaper. “Organic” is just a label to sell for a higher price if you compare store brand to name brand ingredients its all the same

A store brand is a name brand product just with the stores name on it. You just need to look at what each store payes for in brand

What they don’t tell you, is that Similac and Costco formula are the same. Its 30 dollars vs 15 for the same ingredients. You are paying for the brand


I used earths best for both of my kids.

I would never feed my baby generic anything…ask the peds doc not us! What was your baby sent home on? That’s your answer!

All bubs tummy’s are different my grandsons 6 Months old now and has Tried 3 Different brands since born the chemists super market sell good brands some on special if your bub has a specific medical condition and requires special formula you could ask your Dr if you can get Tina in prescription good luck