Advice on keeping an infant warm at night?

What do you do to keep your infants warm at night? Our house is set to 76, but every night and early morning, it’s just chilly in our house. We put our son in fuzzy PJs and a swaddle, but when I wake him up in the morning, his skin is so cool to the touch like he was cold all night. How can I keep him warm with no blankets due to SIDS and such?


Baby Sleeping bags it’s what I use and fleece onsies

Put a onesie and socks on under the sleeper


If the baby sleeps through the night and doesn’t seem uncomfortable you shouldnt be worried. Especially if he’s swaddled.


That is super hot. I would turn down the heat and make sure baby had two layers on and a sleep sack.


Bub will soon let you know if they are too cold

We use love to dream and they have good cozy ones!

Socks and a hat! Helps keep the heat in

You seem like you’re doing everything right. Hes not waking up. Plus you dont want to over heat the baby


I always put a onesie under the pj

My son I always worried about because he was the same way but in summer but he loves it when it’s colder

Cold is better than hot always remember that!! Make sure fan is off and vents off him! If he doesn’t wake up and isn’t upset than it’s ok (it’s ok to me)

Sleeping sacks with sleeves

I covered both my kids with small blankets at night and they were fine

Holy crap! 76 is way too hot!! Just bundle the babe up in layers.

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76? :hot_face: Turn it down to 68 and put a onesie and some footie pajamas on.


My ac would be at 74

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Shirt & socks under onesie

My ggson is alway cold to the touch but he says hes hot all the time

I was always told better a little cooler than to warm.

Footed fleece sleeper pajamas with socks underneath.

Overheating can increase the risk of sids too. Feel his chest if his chest is warm hes warm enough. My lo used to sleep in just a onesie with our apartment set on 70 and was always fine.


There’s zero way your home is 76 degrees if it’s that cold.


Btw, too warm is dangerous too


Always used. Sleep sack on my daughter. It’s a wearable blanket. She was warm but no worries about her getting tangled it in


If he isnt waking up then I wouldn’t worry, we kept a space heater/fan thing in our room on the dresser and I turned it on at night just to keep some heat circulating when the heat isnt kicking on.

I found this guide very helpful. If your baby is cold, he will wake you


Swaddle them real good and if you can… an indian swaddling board is a gift from God!!!

Do just like the hospitals do. Swaddle and put a hat on. You loose a lot of heat through your head.

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Well we keep our heat at 66 at bed time and my kids all sleep in underwear and always have :woman_shrugging:t2: so far so good they haven’t frozen yet


Its normal for their cheeks, hands and feet to feel cool to the touch! As long as his body feels warms he ok. You can probably add a onesie and socks under the fleece pjs.


76!!! We float between 68-72 degrees and we just put him in a footed sleeper. When he was really little we but a beanie on him as well although it didn’t stay on after he was 3 weeks old


76 is hot. You may be comfortable at that temp but I assure you the baby is not. Tone it down.


Blanket sleeper and a onsie. They say “dress a baby in one more layer than you would be comfortable in.”

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He may be cool to the touch bc he was sweating and hot then it cooled off i say the highest anyone temp should ve set is 72-3 thats if your insulation sucks!! He would cry if he was that cold mostly bc his diaper would ve really wet and cold


Swaddled and footie pjs

Get a portable heater that turns on and off so they dont get sick

My thermostat has never seen 76° if your house is still chilly at 76° you need to have that checked out!


If he was cold, he would have let you know. Cool air provides better sleep. Less stuffy noses, less sweating. Etc.


Your baby should be fine. We keep our house at 71° & most nights my baby sleeps in a sleeper or onsie with a thin blanket. My older boy sleeps is just a pull up :joy::joy:

I dont know. I use 1 blanket for my 7 month old and everytime it comes off I put it back on her to keep her warm. Out home is set to 78


I do fleece pjs with socks. You dont want them too hot and 76 is pretty damn hot. We keep ours at 69 at night. Could always put a onesie on too but i think he’s fine! That’s really hot. Too hot is dangerous!

I have a portable heater that has a thermostat. I keep her room at like 72 during winter.

Could get a heater on a timer and thermostat to turn on at the cold times?

A light hat and socks.

If he were cold he’d wake up- the recommendation for babies room temp is 68-70.

Too hot can cause SIDs as well.
I was a freak about temp and bought a kitchen counter thermostat to place in my sons room.

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Wrap him in a blanket, and check on him. Bring him to grandma lol

My room is anywhere between 66-72 at night. She’s in a onesie (if it’s super cold, long sleeve inside, if not, short sleeve), a fleece footed sleeper and a swaddle. Sometimes her feet are a little cold when she wakes up and her hand, but it doesn’t seem to bother her.

Halo brand has a wearable blanket. When it was cold I would put the kiddos in footed PJs and the wearable blanket.

Sleep sacks!! Zip them in, its super comforting

We usually did a onesie, footed pajama and a wearable blanket. If you think he’s still chilly, try putting socks on his feet before you put his footed pajamas on. We keep our house at 68-69 during the winter and both our boys were comfortable when they were little, even without a blanket.

76?!?! That’s really warm. We’ve always kept the house at 68-70. Swaddled in a light blanket and as babies they were always warm enough.


76 is extremely to hot ! I keep mine on 69. And that’s with a 7 and 5 year old and I’m pregnant . And it’ll stay that same temp when I have baby. Will prob drop in temp w the ac on

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Overheating is dangerous, it increases the chance of SIDS. The best way to check their temperature is to feel the back of her neck. Just because his cheeks are chilly doesn’t mean he is.

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Wowers I’m more shocked at the temps of people’s house lol our temp is never set above 70 normally 68 lol I just swaddle my kids and they were fine


Our heat it set on 69and our son sleep in just his diaper or thin pjs

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Babies will cry when cold. Not so much when hot. If he’s not making a fuss, he’s probably comfortable or hot.


Sleep sacks are wonderful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Used these when my little guy was small.

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Just because the temp is set to 76⁰ does not mean the temp is 76⁰. Apparently no one in the comments has ever lived in an old house where outside temps drop below 30⁰ when the sun isnt out.


SIDS can also result from being overheated. House should be between 67-72 for infants.


Sleep sac and a hat my house gets really cold too

I put a onsie on under her regular jammies and a heavier blanket she cant pull up over her face…i keep the room at 70

On chilly nights, I use a onesie under the fleece pjs. But baby will let you know if they’re too warm or too cold.

Wow thats hot… Baby probably gets sweaty because of how hot he is and then that will make him sweat and become damp/wet and cold.
Warm sleeper with a sleep sack, but my house is around 70-71.

SIDS is something in the brain not fully developed. They don’t know why it happens or exactly how to prevent it.


Damn 76°?! I thought my house was hot at 68°!!! That’s extremely warm. A good rule of thumb, if you’re hot, baby is hot. If you’re cold, baby is cold. They’re a baby, not a Turkey. Stop cooking the little one😆

Must be an old heater or it’s really hot. Baby may be sweating

Normal for babies hands to be cold best place to test is the chest!

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Do NOT use blankets. Sleepy sacks are great. Remember a baby can over heat very fast and cant tell you. A onesie (long sleeve jammies) and a sleep sack should be just fine.


This was the BEST sleeping blanket EVER. It’s like zipping them up into a warm blanket and it wears like a vest at the top. I just put my baby in long sleeve pajama shirt and a diaper and she stayed warm all night… and it got down to 9 degrees her first few months home.

Onesie under pjs and socks under the pj to keep warm

I would highly recommend the grobag. My little boy is 7 months & I’ve used it since he was 3 months old! The one I have has detachable arms & his room temperature is always 70, we’ve had no issue :slightly_smiling_face:

A Merino wool sleep sack. Also thermals or Merino outfits.

Marlin’s Magic Sleep suit was perfect for my 3 little ones!! Plus they look adorable in them!!

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I use a footed blanket sleeper

If baby cold they let you Know

70 degrees a onesie and jammies with socks or footie pajamas.

76 is way too warm. You want the house between 68-72. If baby was cold then baby would be waking up and letting you know.


76 is warm! Even if your windows or house isn’t Insulated that well, that’s warm. Idk where u live but your humidity in the house is probably too high. Which can cause mold. Look up humidity levels based off the temperate outside and it should tell you a temp for inside. Other then that wear layers. Have baby in socks and sleepers. My son never sleeps with a blanket. I shut the door and it gets perfect enough u don’t need a blanket and I keep my house at 70


I’d never sleep if my house was that hot lol. My house is set to 69 during the day and 67 at night

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76 degrees? Holy hell


A fleece Halo sleepsack and fleece crib sheets.

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Overheating is a contributing factor for SIDS, you should definitely turn the heat down some.

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Be careful not to overheat. 72 ish with light pjs.

My apartment kept feeling super cold even when turning up heat to 78, come to find out it needed to be charged(?) Idk what that meant but handyman came and did something to it and after 73 was perfect temp for winter! Maybe see if something similar is going on with yours. As for dressing, I will swaddle my baby boy at night, since we leave it set to about 72 but it turns off automatically at night, and I swaddle his arms since he isnt rolling yet, and I will place a blanket over just his feetsies. Its low enough I know he cant kick or pull it up over him. I always have socks on hom and a long sleeve onesie. I’ll put a hat on him depending on how his chest/body feels without it, if hes still cold I put hat on and he seems to be fine

Put a blanket under the tight fitted, elastic sheet

Try a little electric heater in the room on top of a dresser set at 71 . The baby’s room might get colder then the rest of the house.

We used a sleep sack until our daughter was 15 months. We also have a space heater in her room (I know that isn’t for everyone though) because her room is one of the coldest in our house 🤦

Our house is always between 71 & 73. My 6mo wears jammies like this, no socks, no covers. He tends to run a little hot like his daddy and gets restless if I try to cover his legs and feet.

Your house is 76°!?! Holy cow! My house is 70° during the day and 67° at night. You sleep better in the cold, including babies. My babies slept swaddled with only a onesie. Once they found break out of that I put them in a slightly heavier cotton sleeper and a stiletto sack. When they outgrew that, just fleece sleeper (no onesie or socks) with feet.


That’s too warm to keep a house. A lot of time when you are cold, baby is NOT. They don’t regulate body temperatures as well as adults and have the same number of sweat glands as adults so they sweat more, which helps cool them down. It may be why they feel cold to the touch. I find it highly unlikely that at 76 degrees the baby is cold.


Everyone here has great ideas. But baby is cold to the touch when the house is 76°F?!?! No amount covering is going to warm him at this point. Take him to the Dr ASAP. There’s a medical issue. Possibly low iron. My daughter & her father are like this. Her lips would even turn blue. Freaked me out! Her father thought it was normal. Dr said her iron level was always just on the edge of normal or just below. Nothing he was ever worried about. I put her on iron supplements myself around 3yo (when her dad got out of the picture). She’s felt better since. Get his iron checked. If it’s on the low side even if it’s “ok” ask your pharmacist about iron drops you can put in his bottle. If you’re breastfeeding take an iron supplement yourself. If his iron is in the middle or high end of normal ask Dr to check thyroid or other issues.

I go by the “dress your baby how you would dress”

Honestly the kids should be perfectly fine. We keep our house at 68 during the day and 66 at night and my 10 month old is happy as could be. You honestly may be overheating them so they sweat and get clammy

I put baby boy in fleece footie pajamas and then the swaddle that comes with the SNOO bassinet. We keep the house at 70.

68-70 degrees at night in our bedroom and I put a onesie, socks and pjs on him and he’s usually warm enough sometimes I use sleep swaddle type blankets to keep his body warm while his arms are free for him! He hates full on swaddles ever since like 2 months old since he noticed he has hands lol

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I’ve read that the babies room must be kept between 68° - 72°. We normally keep it at 70° as much as possible. My son prefers the cold anyway so he sleeps with a t-shirt and socks with his thin blankie. But he’s over a year now. When he was younger, he had onesie, pants, socks, and his thin blankie and that did the job. 76° is way too hot in general (unless if medically necessary)! Try and keep your kids rooms as cool as possible. They sleep longer and better when it’s cooler. Good luck mama!

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Just go off of how you feel, he needs one more layer than what you are wearing to be warm! :blush:

I used to use to put two PJs on my babies when it was super cold, but overheating a baby can also cause SIDS.

In my case my son wears his diaper to bed. We are at 68 and if we put anything on him he sweats to death. So unless we are going somewhere or just came home he hangs out in his diaper. Maybe a onesie.

Omg my daughter sleeps the best when her room is 67-68. If the baby is cold, the baby would cry. My daughters hands are always cold. She is happier than a pig in shit most of the time. Just because you think theyre cold doesn’t mean they are. Babies cry when they need something and id be more concerned with the baby overheating