Am I being unreasonable?

My MIL has watched our son since I started work almost a year ago (mainly because she wanted to retire early, in my opinion). We pay her gas money most time. I wasn’t for it from the get-go because she isn’t the most reliable person, and with her previous jobs, something doesn’t go her way, and after that, she just doesn’t care. I also told her that I didn’t want her to just watch him but to treat it somewhat like daycare. I almost always have everything written down for her and can specifically tell/show her what she needs to do, and her excuse is, “ Oh, I forgot. “ For example, this morning. My son has “supervised” toys (puzzles and a shape sorter with a hammer) that he LOVES to drag out and play with. I’ve asked her NUMEROUS times not to put them up. This morning I again asked her and told her to take one out and let him play with it so she can learn boundaries on what to do and what not to do. I even told her to play with him so he could learn, and she gave my husband the most annoying and disrespectful look. There have been numerous times she has disrespected our boundaries as parents. Every time I correct her on something, she gets defensive. Twice already, she’s gotten into it. My husband has threatened to quit. We want to put him in daycare at least part-time (it’s already been decided, and this is not a debate on whether we should or not), but now I’m considering full-time because, to be honest, I’m just tired of it.