Am I feeding my baby too much now?

So I had to switch my girl from ebf to formula at almost six months, and she was struggling to pick up weight when she was bf, but after a month and a half of formula, she has picked up ALOT of weight like an lb and a half, and she has sooooo many more wet diapers. Am I a bad mom? Was I starving my baby before? I was so determined to bf this one like I did my first, and it just didn’t really go well from the start. I feel bad now seeing how she’s thriving. Or is she eating too much, and I’m a bad mom now?? She has about 8 oz every 4 hrs. Please, give me feed back. My chunk for attention


It sounds like she’s doing great, you’re doing just fine! :two_hearts:

I wouldn’t wry about feeding her too much, she’s just growing! If the dr hasn’t voiced concern, then don’t wry about it! Breast milk is different than formula- your doing what you and the lil needed to do! You got this! :heart:

If you’re concerned, then you should contact her pediatrician and get medical advice from them.

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I have breastfeed my two babies, and they were both very small! Everyones babies r different! If she is happy and loved everything else will fall into place! My firat was always small until about 2 years old. Ur doing great mamma!!

She should be starting on solids, and her doctor should be able to tell you if her weight is too much. This is really best answered by her doctor.

8oz every 4 hours is a lot, maybe give some baby food at mealtimes to help fill her tummy, but if she’s hungry, let her eat

Doesn’t matter how your feeding her as long as you are. My daughter has been eating 8 to 9 oz every 3 hours since she was round 5.5 months shes 7 months now and eats baby food along with her 8 to 9 oz bottles lol don’t worry about over feeding at this age they are growing <3

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Whats done is done. Your fine. Shes fine. All is well. You got this momma.

  1. you were not starving your child. Your breast milk is tailored especially for your baby, all the nutrients your baby’s body needed nothing more nothing less was produced just for her. Formula is different, more of a broad spectrum, so to speak. She is probably getting more calories and, therefore, eliminating more waste, with the same amount of “liquid” she drank from you. As she adjusts to this new normal, her weight will probably adjust as well. Just remember, fed is best. You do what you feel is best for your child.

It sounds like she’s doing fine!! She may also be going through a growth spurt right now, which will just make her hungrier than usual. My guess is she won’t be drinking 8 oz for too long (it’s kind of a lot!!). My son went through phases at that age where some days he’d drink anywhere from 6-9 oz every 3-4 hours, and only 3-4 oz other days. He also flourished after switching to formula and gained A POUND A WEEK for about a month and a half straight! It was nuts!!! He eventually tapered off and had more normal weight gains. You’re doing great Mama! Address any concerns with her pediatrician.

I did 50/50 bf and formula. Ds4 was 10. 1/2 lbs at birth. He was off formula at 12 months but still bf 3x a day until 2

My dr. Always put it this way. 24 ounces a day. An ounce an hour. 4 every 4 . 2 every 2. No matter how you do it. Make sure your baby is getting at least 24 ounces. a day;)

8 ounces is a lot. Talk to her pediatrician about how much she should be drinking. She should be starting baby foods as well. Also breastfed babies are usually smaller. Breast milk is easier to digest and digests quickly. Formula takes longer and will keep her fuller longer. Just because a baby weighs more doesn’t mean they are healthier than a smaller baby.

8 oz every 4 hours seems about right. No you weren’t starving her before., please don’t guilt yourself. You were doing what you thought was best. You’re a great Mom, keep up the good work.


She might be hungry now, she’s 6 months and only drinking formula? She could probably start eating solids. Pediatricians recommend six months, my daughter started at five months.

the fact that you are asking yourself that, shows you are a great mom! just consult with her pediatrician to make sure she’s healthy and in a good percentile range for her age. hey doctor will tell you if you’re feeding too much

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This happened to my daughter i ebf for 6 months then she was super super fussy I realized she was starving I was so happy to see my fat healthy baby when she was fed the formula

You’re not a bad mom for breastfeeding. EBF babies gain less weight than formula fed babies. I’m curious did a doctor dianose her failure to thrive? Did he get CPS involved who made you stop breastfeeding? I ask this because my daughter gained weight very slowly. She was gaining though. Doctor wasn’t concerned. But her father kept commenting that she was so skinny & claimed it was my fault. His son was 300# at 13. He thought that was fine, a goal for my daughter. I also know if a Dr dianoses a child failure to thrive & they believe it’s the parents fault they get CPS involved. Anyway if I were you I’d try to breastfeed if you still can & supplement with formula. If that’s what’s you want to do. It’s a middle ground. Maybe she won’t gain as much as a eff baby.

I think 8oz every 4 hours is a lot too might be time to start introducing some solids besides formula.

Maybe check with YOUR PEDIATRICIAN :woman_facepalming:.

Maybe she wasn’t getting enough breast milk from you i had that problem with my son

No that’s fine my daughter eats about that much plus solids breakfast lunch dinner

A lot of breast feeding babies are skinny. But every baby is different. You weren’t steaving her at all. Formula tends to make babies put on weight. And some babies it doesnt. Everyone is different. Your doing an amazing job :heart:


You’re not a bad Mom. All babies are different. Let her eat, get chunky and be happy that she is healthy. If her doc thinks she’s ok, she is… And so are you Momma !


My daughter’s doctor told me they are supposed to gain about a half an ounce a day (my daughter is a preemie and breastfeeding;; not sure if that matters) but every baby gains differently. I highly doubt you was starving her momma, she would have let you know :slight_smile:

No girl be kinder to yourself. Thats great the baby is thriving. Its ok your doing great

My daughter is 5 months and eats 4 to 6oz every 2 hours. And sleeps most nights all night. Let her eat dr isnt worried dont worry. I also about a month ago with drs consent started baby food. 2 times a day which has also helped

You are doing what you need to…my boys all started out breastfeeding but ended up on formula…i could not produce enough milk…they gained a lot of weight…but that os fine

Speaking as a mom of chunky my monkeys. It sounds like you are doing good with feeding.thats what my kid’s were like.

Your not a bad mom you can never tell how much they get when u r bf unless ur pumping. I agree let her eat n get chunky :grin:

A bad mom never worries whether or not she is a bad mom!

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Shes okay momma. You are not a bad mom. You are doing what’s best for your baby. Keep it up💛

You are a great mom :heart:

My formula fed baby was a chunk and my ebf for about the first 6 months, then be bottle of formula with the rest breast till a year was slim.
They are both still like they were then haha.
Oldest loves to eat and the younger picks a little here and there all day.
She was just fine EBF and now she is just fine formula. If she is healthy and happy that is all that matters.

You weren’t a bad Mom then or now. You are doing great and you will make adjustments if the doctor tells you need to. Raising our babies is not one size fits all approach. So don’t worry so much. You are doing just fine. : )

It all depends on birth weight, her weight now, age, etc… but for a young infant, 8oz every 4 hours can be a lot. Check with your pediatrician or a PP nurse , they will know best.