Am I in the wrong?

Me and the father of my almost 1 year old have been together for 6 years and also have another baby due 5/14. He now has a pretty decent job making about $300/day. Because of our baby and my pregnancy (33weeks) I’m only able to work short 4 hr shifts through an app and also as a delivery driver, so I make nowhere Near as much money as him yet We still split all the household bills. Keep in mind all we pay is rent electricity and internet. I have a car note that I pay 100% as well as buying majority of the household needs also. I have two older boys from another relationship and during tax time I keep 100% of my refund even though their dad and I have an agreement on money which he loads on each boy’s debit card each week. With my girls father/ boyfriend he Mentions almost every day how I didn’t give him any of my refund! Keep in mind he barely helps with my daughter and hasn’t bought anything for or unborn daughter! Be has two girls from previous relationships so two different baby mommas who receive child support from him while I receive NOTHING. He asked them and they refused to give him any money. Am I wrong for not giving him anything?