Am I overreacting about my husband smoking around my sons stuff?

You live in their house because Henry is not providing for your family well enough, for whatever reason right now. You could be on the street or in the woods, but they gave you a place to stay. You can’t tell them what to do in their own home, that they paid for. They are trying their best to make sure you and baby are OK. Quit acting like you are entitled to anything and everything, and do what you have to do to get your own place. You absolutely cannot tell the in laws you live with, how to live. So. Your 2 choices are:
Sit down and be quiet til you can do better.
Get out, even if you have to live in a car with your family. Heat is brutal. Homelessness is necessarily violent, sometimes, and never safe. There’s worse things out there than tobacco smoke. Decide which side your bread is buttered on,and make a grown up decision.


I hate when people smoke inside and it’s really selfish to expose others to it. As I child I hated being near it and smelling like it.

its about all you can do at the moment ,maybe a move in the near future ??

Stay and accept it or move out. You’re correct about smoking but you’re a guest in someone else’s house.


Honestly I’d be mad I’m a smoker and I don’t smoke around my son’s stuff in the house or anything

No you’re not overreacting at all like I said I’m a smoker and for like the first year and a half of his life I would wash my hands wash my mouth and I wouldn’t pick him up in my smoking robe now there were times I had to grab them and it wasn’t able to wash my hands but I washed them as soon as I could

My husband goes outside , and won’t light up if our kid is around.

I wouldn’t stay I know it’s easier said than done but maybe you could ask them yourself and say I know it’s your house and I respect you but…. If they don’t respect you after that then go

I totally understand where your coming from. Here’s my thought on this. I would start by thanking them for the opportunity and all of the help. And politey let him know you don’t feel comfortable with him smoking around the babies stuff. If it ends up being a problem just move the stuff out of there until he’s done. Be greatful you have a roof over your head.

This can cause SIDS and is very serious so I don’t blame you for being upset! Are you able to move? Sounds like they are being very irresponsible but they just might not be educated on the dangers. Is there a training they can go to? My local hospital used to do education seminars on this.

You are right stop :raised_hand: the smoke now!!! before it’s too late :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cigarettes are gross … weed that’s a different story

2nd hand smoke killed one of my friend’s twin newborn baby. One is still alive, but the other was 4 months old and died from inhaling too much smoke.