Am I overreacting about this situation with my babysitter?

Yesterday we all generally got off at the same time, so the husband knew we were shortly arriving at the house after him. So we got to our babysitter’s house, and our littles (3 & 1) were sleeping in the living room. A baby gate was up at the kitchen, which also leads to the bathroom and the master bedroom. So get there, and no one is to be seen. The front door completely open, and they didn’t know we were there. We knocked, practically beat, the front door multiple times because we didn’t want to just barge into their house. We waited and waited and knocked more. Finally, I text and let her know we were there. About 3 minutes later, she comes running frantically from the backroom, hair frazzled and pulling herself together… It turns out they were back there doing the do… I’m unsure how I feel about this, and I’m a little anxious now. For one, our kids are extremely quiet and mischievous, she’s even told us how quiet they are and how they’ve been up, and she not know. And no, I’m not saying they can’t sleep alone, or she needs to be eyes glued the whole time they’re asleep but at the same time around to check and make sure things are still good and all like cleaning or something but the occasional checking on them. They could’ve gotten into anything in the living room which included a wax warmer and also there were stairs to upstairs that were not blocked off as well as the 3-year-old knows how to open doors and the front door was right there. Second not trying to be “that person” but we were getting them in less than 10 minutes after the husband got home they honestly couldn’t have waited? I feel like having sex while you’re supposed to be babysitting is inappropriate even if they were asleep. If they couldn’t hear us beating on the door they wouldn’t have heard one of the boys up or into something…


I probably would find a new babysitter. I don’t think I would want to risk them caring for my small children.

Nope!! Time for a new babysitter

I agree you need to find a new babysitter those babies could have gotten hurt or worse

Yikes!! That would not be okay to me at all. :flushed:

That’s a no go. She is technically working and should act as such.


I would be finding a new baby sitter.


Nope! My kids would not be going back! Unacceptable while paying for her services! You’re not paying her to have sex!


Absolutely not! She should not be having sex while she is watching your children. I would’ve freaked


Look elsewhere. If your paying her to do a job than she should be doing that job not doing personal things with your kids there


I would not be cool with that at allllll

I fired a teenager, spoke with her mother, and didn’t pay her for this. Business and pleasure do not mix, especially with children involved.


No shes at work. Your paying her for the service, shes not doing her job thats unprofessional.


No ma’am.
That is so not okay!

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Fired… nothing else to say…

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Big no I would find a new babysitter

So nobody here has ever had a quickie while your kids were home? :roll_eyes:

ETA…door unlocked is not okay.I feel like everyone is losing their minds just because its sex. gasp would you all be pissed too if she had been taking a shit in the bathroom while they were sleeping?!


I feel like if your babysitting you are working and you can’t do that at any other job so no it’s not acceptable

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I’m a babysitter and definitely would NOT have sex with my husband while someone else’s kids are in my care and under my eye

I agree thats a big no no what would have happened if the kids walked in on them so inappropriate they can wait till those kids r out of the house!!!

Jesus your not paying her to get serviced while your kid has the advantage of a few mins alone esp if they are smart and catch on to the moments free range can give.

As a babysitter it’s her job to act appropriately and responsible. You as the parent shouldn’t allow that when taking care of your kids. There has to be rules when babysitting. Kids aren’t just a thing. They are little humans. That’s very unacceptable. A job should be taken seriously she’s obviously isn’t taking it seriously and in my opinion I wouldn’t hesitate to let her go. One mistake your out especially with kids involved.

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Big no. She’s technically ‘on the clock’.
I wouldn’t have sex while I’m at work, and I’d assume my sitter won’t be doing the deed while she’s working either. Not cool, not ok, I’d find a different sitter ASAP


i would lose my fuckin mind. would you have sex in your place of work? in the middle of your work day on someone else’s dollar?

Babysitter fired. Find a new one, do NOT bring your children back there.


I have no words for this :grimacing:


I would never have that babysitter watch your children again and find someone new. That is completely unacceptable to not be watching the children and having sex while supposed to be baby sitting. I assume you pay the baby sitter so she was having sex on the clock. If someone was having sex while working any other job, they would be fired immediately. It should be no different in this situation.


Thats awful! Don’t send your children back there! Imagine if they had woke up?!

I would be upset too:/

So you are basically paying her to have sex when she’s supposed to be watching your children. Ummm no


Yeah that’s bad like. They could have waited. And why was the door left open with young kids in the house unattended. That is not appropriate behaviour for a babysitter far from professional

Um no!!! I would find a new babysitter!! HIGHLY inappropriate!!! We don’t even knock on our babysitters door. We just walk in - she told us to from the beginning.

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Sounds like someone shouldve invested in a baby monitor…lol

I would be finding a new sitter ASAP if that is happening she’s not caring for your children properly as she is getting paid to do.

Sooo if she was running a daycare it would be ok for her to have sex as long as the kids were sleeping? :woman_facepalming: :rofl:

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Bye!! New sitter asap. Not ok at all

Hire someone else. Bottom line. I’d never and I babysat from the age of 10-18. Nope!!!

Obviously it’s a big no no… but still funny. How old is this babysitter?? Im wondering what she said she was doing? And wonder how often that happens with other babysitters!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Unacceptable. Point blank.

I would have went off.

Wow please never go back

I would be livid you have every right to be upset

I would have beat her ass. Which is partially why I don’t have anyone watch my kids besides family or very close friends. Call me overprotective idgaf. I would have dog walked that bitch down her stairs n the whole time i would have been saying “see this is what could have happened to 1 of my kids while u left them unattended”. I do not play about my kids safety.

Get a new babysitter! That is disrespectful and irresponsible!! A number of bad things could have happened.

Thats a nope. I’d be finding a new sitter asap. Completely unacceptable and negligent on their part.

Buh bye!!! I’d find a new one and then tell anyone you know never to use her!!!

Find another sitter. Totally inappropriate

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I’d get a new sitter…the way I look at it is you are paying them, it’s a job. You don’t do the deed while “on the clock” so she shouldn’t either.


Yeah I’m not to comfortable with that. That’s just incorporate in my opinion

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Ummm… that’s disgusting…
I would’ve beat her ass…

Please do not leave your babies…they are totally irresponsible.It was pure luck that the children were still asleep.God it is really worrying me.

Completely unacceptable!!!

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I definitely would not be bringing my kids back there so inappropriate when your supposed to be doing your job babysitting there’s a time and place for that I hope the babysitter doesn’t have kids that’s so messed up

This is why I trust no body w my kids #ongod

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Fire her immediately. Her having sex while she’s supposed to be babysitting your kids is completely unacceptable. But really, she shouldn’t be in the other room for so long no matter what she’s doing. You’re right, they could have woken up and she wouldn’t have known it. And the front door was open? If you guys were able to walk right in, then anyone could do so and take your children. I would never bring them back.

She would never be watching my children again. Period

Absolutely unacceptable. She’s being paid to watch your kids not have sex

The door was wide open. Your kids could’ve gotten up and wandered off outside. Or been taken. Oh hell no. No way would my kids be going back

Nope nope nope , babysitter was being incredibly irresponsible! You are not overreacting.

Nope not acceptable at all. I’ve given my sitter A LOT of leeway and we’ve had to discuss my sons ability to climb her chain link fence a time or two but I’ve always talked to her about an issue and gave her the chance to correct it before I went to pulling my son. If you’re willing to talk to her about it, she understands what she did was not acceptable, apologizes, and can agree to never let anything like that happen again then give her another chance. People make mistakes and as long as your children weren’t in any immediate danger she should get the chance to change what she’s doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be livid but talk to her before pulling your kids. Especially if they’ve been going to her for a long time.

And here I felt bad napping when the kids I babysat napped :joy: they’d sleep for 3 hours I’d sleep for one and start their dinner. Who has sex while babysitting!!??

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So now that you have gittonvadvvice and a Big Ni from everyone what is it that u did? Did you keep her or not?

I would have barged in since the front door was open! No way I would have just texted and waited, no I would have walked in and started yelling her name while looking for her.


Trust your gut. It is rarely wrong


This is why I don’t do home daycare… I wouldn’t be comfortable with and get the kids something better. A license daycare where there’s structure, routine and they can learn and grow, and where teachers won’t be having sex during nap time…

Find a new sitter I would have lost my cool


Time to send that Tramp Packing!!!

Absolutely not. My kid would never go back

I would be pissed and find another sitter asap

Totally inappropriate.

Solid no from me. I’d find someone else ASAP

Id be mad too! They could have waited

Door was opened or just unlocked?
She needs to baby proof front door and stairs

Also she’s on the clock
And that was unprofessional
I mean she knows what time u arrive.
That’s always the risk at home daycares… not having everything secured

What a shame
I’m sorry

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Oh hell no she would be fired !! No sex while babysitting shouldn’t even be a question what if the kids woke up and saw them or got hurt or anythingv…ewww…nope nope

I wuld of been very upset as well. Totally out of line

Time for a new babysitter!

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That’s going to be a NO from me. Totally unprofessional to do that and from a safety and security standpoint I would not trust her with my children ever again. What if there was a stranger at the door instead of you?

My children would NEVER go back!! And she would not even get a chance to apologize. It’s her job to protect your children :rage:

Time for a new babysitter

Totally inappropriate I’d find a different babysitter if I were you

The main thing here… why are you knocking? I let myself in at the sitters.


Nope. So inappropriate!! I would NOT be sending my kids back again

That woman has no business watching children if she thinks it’s ok to leave a front door wide open without constant supervision awake or asleep. The sex thing is a huge no.

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Shouldn’t even be a question I would of unleashed hell on her right then and there

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I’d be finding a new sitter. That is her job and I don’t know of any job that wouldn’t fire you for having sex on the clock.

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No you’re not. I would look for someone new.

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That’s not cool. It’s just like having sex on the job but only in a household setting which is not appropriate. How sure are you that they don’t do it in front of the kids while they’re awake? Not good. Find a new one and discuss rules.

Nope. They’d never be going back, thats so inappropriate

Yea that’s a big problem for me. I wouldn’t be ok with it

Very inappropriate!! I wouldn’t be sending my child back

Oh hell NO! My son would never be going back. That is so inappropriate. An even having the front door left open an her at the back of the house while kids in the front!? HELL NO.

I was a nanny for a few years from the time I was 17 until around 20. This is unacceptable. Regardless if shes at home, when the kids are there shes on the clock just like any other job. It should honestly be taken more seriously when youre taking care of children.


That is sooooooo not appropriate and completely 100% irresponsible and negligent. You are paying her to take care of your child not to have sex while she’s supposed to be caring for your child. That is not okay. At all. I know it’s hard to find child care right now but I’d certainly be searching for a new daycare and letting her know in the meantime that is not acceptable. I can’t believe she even told you that’s what she was doing :woman_facepalming:


It’s crazy that on this particular day the door is open and they’re doing the do and you happen to find this out. Things happen in mysterious ways. I’ll take this as a sign to either keep my eyes on her or get a new sitter.


I second that, oh hell no! I dont care who you are, sex on the clock (whether your own house or not) is NOT acceptable. So so unprofessional. I would get a new sitter immediately. Good luck!


Nope. Find a new sitter. Super unprofessional and just like other moms I would have quietly went in, grabbed and packed my kids up and knocked on the door… where’s the kids :woman_shrugging:t4: MAYBE SHE SHOULDA BEEN WATCHING YOUR KIDS instead of trying to create her own :roll_eyes:


Oh u were nice. I would of put my kids in the car and then text her I was coming so i couldve watched the panic on her face when the kids weren’t where she left them… UNATTENDED.


I honestly would’ve been tempted to walk in and take my kids home without telling her and then wait for her frantic phone call to you to prove your point. I would’ve called the police after I got my kids to let them know that you had them, but I seriously would’ve taken them. What she did is unacceptable. I would be looking for a new sitter


Absolutely not appropriate, napping or not she was still on the clock. Whether you were going to be there in 10mins or another few hours she should have waited but the fact that she knew you’d be there soon and decided to do it just makes it all the worse in my opinion. As you said they could have gotten into anything but they could have gotten out since she left the door wide open and clearly was not paying attention at all since she could hear you beating in the door! Given the times I’d imagine trying to find another babysitter you could even remotely trust probably wouldn’t be easy, but I’d at least start looking around because that’s just beyond ridiculous.


Also what if someone broke in the house and took them? Really anything could happen if you cant hear the front door or the kids… All the possibilities are scary. I’d find a new sitter…