Am I overreacting to my boyfriend not buying me anything for my birthday?

Am I over reacting if my boyfriend does not get me anything or do anything for my birthday?Tomorrow is my 30th birthday I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 1/2 years but we have known each other for about 10 as friends we share a one year old daughter together the first two birthdays he didn’t get me anything we didn’t do anything or even just go out to dinner. I feel silly for doing this but he’s a really good Guy and I know men can be oblivious sometimes when it comes to stuff like this but it really does hurt my feelings that I give and I never receive back I have always taken him out to dinner or we went to Magic Kingdom or I would get him like a small gift even. Should I bring this up to him that it hurts my feelings and if he doesn’t do anything for me what do I say I don’t wanna spend a lifetime expecting and asking for effort.

It’s lazy and cheap! Stop doing for him if he does not do for you. He could write a note or bring home $7 flowers. He is an adult and know how to do nice things for someone he loves. You have set an example so he knows what you do for him. My husband and I don’t do gifts as we mutually decided but we always go to dinner and he usually brings me my favorite wine. Just ridiculous! He can’t be that great if he is half blind and tone deaf!
You can talk to him but having to say it would piss me off more.