Am I Overreacting to My Little Brother Removing Me From Apple Music?

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"So I’m 27, my little brother is 17 I’ve been taking care ever since he was a baby our parents would always b at work, so I’m the one who took over my moms and dads job, anyways So me and my little brother agreed that I was paying Netflix and he would pay for Apple Music so we can both save money and help each other at the same time. So when I make changes to my account I always let him know so he can put the new information into his Netflix account . So yesterday he removed me from his Apple Music and put his girlfriend, I got so upset and felt hurt because he didn’t tell me he was making any changes or he would removed me:( I feel like he could have told me but decided not too. I cried.): I texted my little sister and told her and she said “oh dang you seemed so hurt “ you guys think I overreacted over this or I’m right for getting upset ? Please no judgmental"

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"should he have told you? yes, that definitely would have been the right thing to do. but you’re almost 30, he’s a teenager. of course he’s going to do those things & put his girlfriend first."

"No kids are just mean! You’re doing a great job!"

"I would ask him why he removed u"

"Change the nextflix password. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander."

"I think you have some growing up to do if you’re crying over Apple music. Take him off Netflix and get your own Apple music account."

"I’d be upset too and I’m a petty B so I’d change the Netflix password. A deal is a deal."

"I can see where you would be hurt. He should have told you. Actually, he shouldn’t have taken you off of his account. He and his girlfriend could have just enjoyed his together."

"Cringe. Talk to him, he’s a teenager and obviously pleasing his girlfriend. Communication goes a lot further than acting out of anger."

"He’s 17. So take him off your Netflix."

"I mean a deal is a deal. If he took you off apple music, you change the netflix password and not tell him."

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