Am I overreacting?

It would make me uncomfortable.

Over reacting. Sorry but just because he broke up with his ex, he didn’t break up with their family. Some of my family still talk to one of my exes from when I was 16. If they get on, they get on.

I wouldn’t be upset about this. I still am “friends” on Facebook with some of my exes family but I am totally over my ex. Sometimes when you break up with someone doesn’t mean you have to break up with everybody you formed a bond with just because the relationship didn’t work out. If he is respecting you and the family is respecting the relationship then I wouldn’t worry about it.

He broke up w her not her family. Why should he destroy those relationships because he isn’t dating her anymore? Ridiculous.


I still talk to my high school ex and his family but it isn’t the same for sure

Overreacting. So what if he still has her family in Facebook. Just because they broke up doesn’t mean he has to write the family off. And 4 years is a king time to be knowing people. He is close to them.

Overreacting. I’ve still lots my exs family on socials. My kids don’t even see the dad.

Just because you come into his life, doesn’t mean his past ceases to exist


I’m on vacation with my sons fathers family. They are my family and have been since I was 15. I think it’s unreasonable to be jealous over family. They are likely happy that he’s happy.


Well overreacting…he created bonds with each one of those people! Is he supposed to break his friendship with others just bc they broke up or bc you demand it? Does he get to demand who you are or are not friends with as well? Do you normally exhibit controlling behavior?

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Depends on the context of everything. I’m still friends with my ex’s family on social media. He was a screw up, not his family. Yes we have kids together, but that wouldn’t change anything for me. It all depends on your situation dear. Good chance you’re just over thinking, but hey, you do what best suits you!


He split up with her not them. They’re all just friends like any others. My dad occasionally speaks, via fb posts granted, to my ex husband. We speak occasionally and have messages, my number sees his number now and again and they have a natter. The issues were between me and him not them. Just because we’re not family any more doesn’t mean I shouldn’t speak to them. I still know them and they me, there’s no need to be arrogant or rude and ignore them. Besides, they’ve been split 4 years! Unless he’s EVER given you cause gif concern, Yes you’re over reacting

Overreacting. I have my ex fiance’s family on my Facebook and talk occasionally and haven’t been with him in 9 years. I also have a few other exes and their family members on my fb

I think it’s up to the ex. If he or she got along and made friends with them No it’s not.
I am friends with my nieces and nephews ex’s and I think my kids ex’s. I’m not sure. Anyway. We get along well. But there are a few I’ve been thinking of deleting because I feel strange having them on. But, it’s up to them. If your feeling insecure in your relationship you need to discuss with him about trust issues. You need to feel secure enough to be open to communicate how you feel. If you can’t do this. It will never survive. Communication is A key to a successful relationship.

My husband and I just had lunch with his ex father and mother in law. We also get along fine with his ex and her husband. :woman_shrugging:

My cousins ex husband is still invited to family events. We love him. She cheated on him. Just because your partner broke up with her doesn’t mean his family has to. Divorce and break ups effects more than just the couple.


I divorced my ex husband 15 years ago and me and his mom are like mother and daughter. We had 2 daughters together and we have sons a year apart by other people and our sons visit & spend the night with each other


Definitely overreacting.

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If they have kids, not weird. But definitely weird if they were just dating…
My bfs ex decided to go visit HIS dad a month after he left her. Just so she could talk shit to them about him. She very quickly realized it was poor form lol

Overreacting. My ex and I broke up 4 years ago and I still have his family on social media. Some of them chose me over him when we split :joy: doesn’t mean I want anything to do with him outside of coparenting

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One of my best friends who I consider as another sister of mine is my exes sister . So yes definitely overreacting

I have my exes family on mine however don’t speak with him. I personally think it’s fine. But I keep their families and not them lol

Im still friends with my ex’s family. But I have known them all since I was 12. So I’ve known them 30 years.

Not a big deal at all. It’s Facebook, not Thursday night orgies.


I’ve been separated 12 and i have his family on fb

Overreacting. You don’t break up with friends and family. Just because a romantic relationship doesn’t work out doesn’t mean that you give up relationships that do work.

I still talk to mines mom and sister but his sister is also my bestfriend.

You’re overreacting. Just because he’s done with her doesn’t mean the relationships he built along the way are over too.

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Overreacting… im friends with all of my exes families. You don’t ditch friends just bc you broke up. Some of my exes family always treated me like family and still do.

I have my ex husbands mom, sister and some friends (mutual) still on mine. We have been divorced almost 6 yrs. (I have two kids with him) sheet I have my ex husband on Instagram (not pn fb I couldn’t handle it 5yrs ago seeing his pictures as they were of him and my ex best friend and the child they had during our marriage) we are past that now but nahh. Like he has watched my kid a couple times (shes 3) while we had to work and while I was having my 4th baby. (We were together almost 10yrs)

Rather than give you a blatant and vague reply to your question such as that you are overreacting, Im going to take the alternate route and ask you why you think it may be problematic or why you “think” that “you” have a problem with it and why you think he should have to technically divorce himself from his old acquaintances with his exes family members??? In other words, why do you think you feel so threatened by these random people??? Do you feel deficient in some way or insecure? Again, if so, why!?!?


I have some exs family on my fb some of the exs I dont t talk to but have their family. Being adults getting along is cool. A break up doesn’t mean you have to start not liking everyone.

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Overreaction…it shouldn’t bother you it’s not like he’s sleeping with them weirdo

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Overreacting! I have an ex-bf from high school and I’m still friends with his family! I was friends with him too until his now wife threw a fit bc she was insecure about it. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I’ve been married for almost 10 years. My husband knows. It’s not a big deal.


Depends… My husband and myself are friends with his ex’s family… My ex husband is friends with some of my family… I have one of my ex’s on Facebook as well… If you have trust issues with it speak with you bf. Everyone’s situation is different.

It’s not really an issue. I’m divorced and still have my ex-husband and practically all of his family (including my ex in-laws) on social media and we all get along. Despite whatever happens with 2 people, they sometimes still get along with people they meet along the way in families and keep in touch. Yes, we have kids involved, that is a lot of it but I do still get along with all of them aside from that, they’re a pretty good family.

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Do they have kids? That would be normal if so.

No it’s not weird long as he’s not asking about her and that I’d become friends with many of my ex relationships family members

It doesn’t have to be his side her side after a break up . I have some older ex relatives on my fb it’s only the younger ones who seem to be petty

Overreacting is putting it mildly. It’s more in the realm of you being a control freak by trying to dictate who he can be friends with.

Definitely overreacting

Overreacting. People and families get close.

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He broke up with the ex not the family. No where is it written you have to cut the family of an ex off. I still love and talk to my exes family and they are still on my social media. I divorced him not them.

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I don’t see an issue. It’s normal to become friends with someone’s family

My partner and I have been together 10 years and I still keep in contact with an exs family - my partner comes with me. They helped through one of my hardest battles, they ARE family to me :heart:


My ex’s sister makes my daughter’s birthday cake every year for free, it’s not her brothers daughter. You are VERY petty and overreacting


Way overreacting.

My best friend is an ex. My SO is very aware of how close I am to the family since I’d known them for 15+ years.
Something is causing this insecurity in yourself though. I’d think of what’s causing that

Overreacting just because he breaks up with the person doent mean the family comes with that thats a different relationship

I still talk to my exes mom on occasion , she is a wonderful woman and helped me through some dark times :woman_shrugging:

Do they have kids together? If so it’s not weird

There’s a line. If he all of a sudden is close with them all whereas he wasn’t before. Weird. But if its genuine “hiya” & “take care” wind your neck in.

Overreacting. I have my existing family on my socials too.

If they have kids together then no it’s not weird. If they don’t then yes it is

I don’t think it’s weird she had relationships with them too that jjst doesn’t go away

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No. I have an ex from literally like 15 years ago, I still love his momma. She’s the sweetest. & she still adores me.

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My family still has my ex husband on their social media and it’s been 16 years

Her family and HER are two separate things. Definitely you need to dig deeper into why you feel this way.

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Overreacting for sure. I’m friends on social media with lots of ex’s family and a couple of my ex’s as well. I think it depends on how the relationship ended and if you trust your man.

Over reacting :woman_shrugging: my dad still have my ex on fb we broke up like 10 years ago :joy::joy: who cares I don’t need to speak to him :joy::joy: and no we don’t have kids together.

That’s something you need to discuss if it makes you uncomfortable, I don’t have any family or friends of my ex on social media but that was also my choice

I have been split from my ex for 12 years, I still have his family on my social media…I’d say overreacting sorry

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Just because their relationship ended doesn’t mean every other connection they made during their time together needs to be severed. You’re over reacting.


I have a great friendship with my high school boyfriends sister. You can discard the toxin but keep the family :joy:

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Nah, you’re over reacting. I dated a man for a year and his cousin became my best friend. 8 years into my next relationship and she’s still my best friend, I talk to my ex’s aunt often (my best friends mom). I would leave my husband if he told me to dump my best friend because she’s my ex’s family. That’s a huge red flag.

Over reacting definitely

My ex and I broke up like 11, maybe 12 years ago. I still communicate with several of his family members (the not psycho ones). I made lasting relationships with those people, completely separate from my ex. I’m not giving up ANYONE in my life because someone else insecure and I don’t think anybody should - especially when it’s simply a friendship with no romantic strings attached.

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You’re probably overreacting, my kids father has all my family on Facebook, but not me🤣
And my man’s BEST friend is engaged to his exes sister, and we were BOTH very close friends with her and never had to deal with said ex… obviously there is more to this that none of us know, and it absolutely depends on the type of contact with them. But more than likely it’s nothing

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You’re overreacting. My ex’s mom and I still catch up every now and then. You can’t just cut out everybody.

I would be more concerned if they didn’t like him


Im sill friends with my ex’s mom from Highschool on socail media. Her son was a P.O.S. but she is an amazing lady.

I still talk to my exes family… her and I aren’t close but i love her mom and sister

Im still close with some of my exhusbands family and talk to/see them frequently so the kids have a relationship. It’s not about me it’s about the kids. And we go to my daughters things together.

I feel like this question needs more context… how long were they together? Did they have any kids? Does he still talk to his ex - or just her family?

Without more background info, it’s hard to answer this… my kids dad and I split last year - not civil, at all… (he cheated with my “friend” next door, then drugs became involved…) so like…I don’t make an effort to see or talk to my ex, but we have 2 daughters together (4yo and 6yo)… so, I still talk to my ex’s family – because they are my kids family, ya know?

Every situation is different so like i said, I feel like this needs more context for a good answer


I personally dont see it a problem they were probably like family! xx

That was his family 4 years ago! Yes you are over reacting

I don’t think so I’m extremely close with my ex’s family we have a very long history and his mom calls me her adopted daughter. We talk all the time I couldn’t imagine having to give them up they are my true family

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My ex and I been split for over 20 years and I still have communication with his family I even adopted two of his cousins just because he was evil and still is, dont mean the rest of his family are the same…

I don’t see anything wrong with that, I’ve made bonds with a few of my exes families that have nothing to do with my exes. We meet people & just connect sometimes.

I personally don’t see a problem. I am close to my ex sister in law. My brother in law and her divorced each other, not me

I don’t see the problem. I dated this guy all through high school and my first year of college and while I don’t talk to him anymore, I still talk to his aunt and uncle and we send each other Christmas cards and stuff and that was over 13 years ago that him and I dated. :woman_shrugging:t2: They are super amazing people and I enjoy having them in my life, regardless of what happened between their nephew and I.

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What exactly do u find weird about xx

My exs mom and I are SOOO close. We do lunch quite often actually, text almost every day. She tells everyone I’m the daughter she’s never had and I call her my mom as well. That woman saved me. And I left her son 4.5 years ago and have been married for YEARS now.

Just because you break up with someone doesn’t mean you lose the love you’ve built for the people you were surrounded with while being with that person. To expect a person to remove everyone from a past they’ve had is freaking selfish.


You might not me mature enough for a boyfriend yet :woman_shrugging:


I have family of ex’s that I dated 15 years ago on fb. Lol

Don’t start trying to tell him who he can speak to…it will get old quick.

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I guess it’s normal. My husband’s mom still let’s her love be known for his ex from like 6 years ago

He family didn’t do anything wrong. Just because the relationship didn’t work out with the ex doesn’t mean that the relationship with the family was bad. I think it’s ok


Do they have kids together?

You’re over reacting. My family still talks to my ex, and his family talks to me. We’ve been divorced for over 30 years.


Overacting just because their relationship ended doesn’t mean the relationships with them have to end. You’re being toxic.


No that’s weird. My HUSBAND and I have have been together 6 years and his mother still comments and loves pictures of 2 of his exes and their children (not my husband’s kids) and talks about how gorgeous they both are but won’t even like a picture of her own granddaughter🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s weird and disrespectful


I’m friends with most of my ex’s & their family. My husband is very good friends with my oldest daughters dad ( He’s not my oldest daughters biological father either). My ex’s family still claims me as family & even claim my youngest daughter as family. Here’s the deal-You don’t get to dictate who he considers family. People are growing up & realizing not everything has to end on bad terms. That is family that was there before you, if you start getting insecure & handing out ultimatums don’t be surprised if he chooses them.

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My ex from 12 years agos family is still very close with me and my family. I was even in one of their weddings and my ex wasn’t. It’s completely normal.
Another ex I had I still go and have Christmas with as long as he isn’t there :woman_shrugging:

You are overreacting especially if there are children involved. I will use my family as an example my parents divorced when I was 9, at least half of my dad’s side of my family reached out to my mom to say they still consider her part of the family and love and support her. They kept in contact with her for many years. When you are dating and connect with their family and develop a bond does not break when the relationship breaks there is nothing wrong with continuing the friendship. It sounds like you are worried more about your guy going back to his ex after 4 years it’s not going to happen.

You are over reacting.Im friends with my ex family…:roll_eyes:

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Why is this a question? You might not be mature enough for a relationship at this point. If you don’t trust him, leave him now.


I’m still ready close to one of my ex son in laws

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My ex still talks to my family and is best friends with my sister (she’s gay) not that it matters lol but he was my first real boyfriend and will probably always be in our lives. I moved on and am currently in a relationship with kids and it’s not weird… him and I are just neutral/civil. I won’t be the one to say you’re overreacting because I’m not living your life but what I will say is that it’s probably nothing and just people who probably treated him great and he just didn’t want to cut them off because what happened with him and his ex has nothing to do with the ex’s family. Talk to him about your feelings about it and go from there based on his reaction. :heart:

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I am close friends with some of my brother’s exes and they broke up well over 10 years ago :rofl:

may be a good thing if they still like him?
Must be a good guy or they wouldn’t right?