Am I overreacting?

I’m currently 6 months pregnant. My husband and I used to have a really active sex life but lately we’ve been having sex maybe 1x a week. But he has a TON of porn saved to his phone and new videos are being saved all the time, but we aren’t having sex which makes me feel like he would rather watch porn than have sex with me. I’ve told him about 3 weeks ago that this bothers me and he kind of guilt tripped me & made it out like I thought he was a bad husband. He is a really good man and he’s a great dad, and I don’t think he’s cheating at all. But it seems unfair to me that he isn’t meeting my sexual needs, and instead just pleasing himself to all of these saved videos on his phone. I’ve also told him numerous times that saving the videos bothers me. I don’t care that he watches porn once in a while. But saving it seems wrong to me, especially when our sex life is suffering. Am I just over reacting?

You are absolutely not overreacting!! Everyone making excuses for him are just as clueless! It literally only takes a 3min conversation with him, you and the doctor if he’s afraid of “harming the baby”! HOWEVER, the biggest issue I see here is the fact that he’s making SURE he gets his and don’t seem to GAF that you are s€xually frustrated. Being pregnant is already emotionally exhausting! The last thing you need is to feel undesirable! He is being completely selfish!