Am I overreacting?

Maybe I’m overreacting because I’m highly sensitive due to being in an emotionally abusive relationship before this one. My husband is the sweetest, most caring man out there but my god, when it’s bad, it’s really bad. Lately, we’ve been fighting nonstop. Mostly about money and our child. He forced me to retract my two weeks at my job even though he knows I’m unhappy there, now he’s complaining I don’t make enough. Yesterday, he snapped at me to quit talking even though I didn’t know he was on the phone. No apologies for that. Just guilt tripping me by acting like the best husband ever afterwords, not paying attention to me hurting. He got offended I wouldn’t have sex with him, his form of apology. This morning everything seemed to be going good but as soon as I got frustrated with our little one getting into everything and causing havoc he made me feel like crap for it. I’m so drained from the back and fourth and I feel like it’s completely unfair that our child has to witness this. I just need some advice before I lose my mind. How do I handle my husband’s up and downs? Am I being too sensitive and this is normal male behavior? I know it’s not normal that I’ve been fighting the urge to pack all my crap up into my vehicle and taking off with my little one for a few weeks now

Honestly you can’t put the blame on all him. Your behavior and actions are also very unstable. Stop trying to be the victim here and sit down with him and communicate. You both are in the wrong.