Am I to early to see baby on an ultrasound?

Hey mamas! I recently found out I am pregnant(days ago). Based on my last period, I’m supposed to be four weeks. I got an ultrasound last night. The ultrasound showed that my gestational sac is irregular and large without a fetal pole or yolk sac. My HCG levels were 590. I’m going tomorrow for more blood work to see if my levels rise. The doctors seem to think either I’m too early to see anything or that it is a blighted ovum. Any other mamas went through this? If so, what was the outcome? Thank you.


Mine was 660 in the beginning. I’m now 17 weeks :heart:

Whether HCG levels rise is the most important thing, they should double every 48hrs. Ask GP for more bloodwork so you can check the rise. Totally normal to not see fetal pole/yolk sac at 4 weeks. However the enlarged sac doesn’t sound too promising from my experience. I have had two early losses and in both cases I had an enlarged and irregular gestational sac. I wish you the best of luck.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I to early to see baby on an ultrasound?

4 weeks is too early.

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You should be fine! Take prenatals if you aren’t already! Good luck mama!

Way to early! In nb Canada they ain’t do them until 10
Weeks I believe she said ( I was 13 weeks for my dating ultrasound )

4 weeks is way too early

Too early. Same thing happened to me I was like 5 1/2 weeks and it was the same thing. They kept saying it was probably a miscarriage but a week later there was her little heartbeat.

Way to early girl…wait until 20 weeks or so

Way to early. I’m honestly surprised they even saw the sac that early

Here in NZ we have viability scans at 8 weeks. 4 weeks is def too early

Way to early. Need a 1500 level typically to see a yolk sac .

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My doctor told me that the earliest they can usually see the baby is 5 weeks 5 days. Also HCG has to be over 2000. I went in at 6 weeks 2 days and they didn’t see baby. Went back a week later and there it was with a healthy heartbeat.

I didn’t think you could see anything until 7/8 weeks

Way to early!! That’s why a lot of doctors wait until 8 weeks.

I found out I was pregnant with both of my girls at 5 weeks and had ultrasounds done and can see everything just fine

If you are only 4 weeks, you are too early. We saw my daughters sac and a little fetal pole at about 6.5 weeks. We could really see her via ultrasound at 9 weeks.

4 weeks is too early. Unless something seems wrong you don’t get an ultrasound until 12 weeks in UK

I got an ultrasound at 6w2d and saw the baby and heartbeat. Saw the baby again at 8 weeks. I know 6 weeks is really close to when the heartbeat starts so some don’t see it then snd have to wait another week or so. Usually OBs don’t do an ultrasound until 8 weeks but I had a history of early miscarriages so I was monitored closer.

I was 6 or 7 weeks when they got my baby on an ultrasound

I had them early and that was at 8 weeks.

I’d say you’re too early. I found out early with my daughter and I was further then 4 weeks. They thought I was having a silent miscarriage because they didn’t see anything, no heartbeat or any sign of pregnancy and my levels were low. They sent me home for the weekend and my level grew very little, it was hard not knowing, from there I was monitored until it was confirmed. I now have a beautiful 5 year old

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At 4 weeks you are way too early even at 5 weeks you won’t see anything besides a gestational sac. Try again around 6 weeks then you should atleast see a gestational sac with a yolk sac and a fetal pole. All the best…

My doctor wouldn’t even do an ultrasound on me until I was 8 weeks or so, I found out I was pregnant around 3-4 weeks and he said there wouldn’t be much to see that early. Hopefully that’s just the case!

I was 5 weeks and they couldn’t see him but sure enough was prego healthy baby boy

I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks that only showed an empty gestational sac. Another ultrasound a week and a half later showed a fetal pole and heartbeat. Hang in there, if your hormone levels are going up appropriately, it was likely just too early.

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A friend of mine went too early. She had to go bk a cpl werks later and then she seen her sweet boy

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I had my first ultrasound around 6.5 weeks and saw baby and heartbeat but it was really hard to hit even transvaginal. Week later went back and got measured and everything from atop stomach

I was 4 weeks and they could see everything just fine however everyone is different.

Depends on their machines…
I’ve went to places and seen everything at 5 weeks. Went to others and couldn’t see jack at 8 weeks…

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To early… the first two weeks before ovulation count as part of the pregnancy…

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Usually they won’t do ultrasounds until between 6 and 12 weeks gestation because you really can’t see anything before then. And 6-12 weeks is best for the initial check to verify due date based on baby size.


So I just went through this in April. My baby’s sac was irregular and there was nothing inside the sac, my levels was slowly increasing as well. I was bleeding and end up miscarriaging. Not saying this will happen but just telling my story


My gestational sac was abnormal and I couldn’t see anything in there at around 5 weeks. It evened its self out and two weeks later I had a fetal pole and yolk. I now have a 13 week old baby girl.


I was told you may see a doctor with a vaginal but not a baby really. More a speck and a yoke sac. Only time I’ve ever gotten an early ultrasound was with my miscarriage and I should have been 8w but it stopped growing at 6w and there wasn’t anything in it. My other pregnancies they wouldn’t even do an ultrasound until I was 18w. I get so jelly hearing other women get them around 12-14w but always get told its not necessary until the anatomy scan.

You can see a little flicker, let me see if i can post my first ultrasound in the comments i have a video

I went through it last year. In my case it was a miscarriage. I was 6 weeks, no fetal pole, yolk sac or heartbeat. My HCG levels were extremely high though (over 1,500). They thought it was either twins or molar pregnancy. I ended up having to get a D&C and it took almost 3 months for my HCG levels to return to normal :disappointed_relieved:

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I had a blighted ovum and I was bleeding and cramping and they couldn’t see anything at all, nothing was therex my hcg levels were also going down. My second pregnancy I had spotting so I went into emerg and the ultrasound tech decided to tell me I was probably having a miscarriage and that she couldn’t see anything there so I was out of luck but the dr came back in and my hcg was where it was suppose to be so I waited a week and went back for another ultrasound and there was a little baby bean in there (who is now my 2.5 year old wonderful daughter) and I just had implantation bleeding. It definitely could be too early and don’t rule out the fact that you’re growing a nice healthy baby in there :heart: I know it’s hard to think positive and waiting is the worse but try your best!


Had this happen with my son yet I was 7 weeks and only a sac was seen…being my first time pregnancy I decided to go to another dr and by the time I got in I was 12 weeks and the baby was seen perfectly. Many times babies develops slow in sac and many drs won’t tell you this. But as long as you keep getting your hcg levels drawn I did twice a week and they go up it’s a positive thing

I had my first ultrasound with my youngest at 5 weeks only saw a tiny little bean thing and the yolk, you’re probably just a bit too early to see anything. Don’t worry until there’s a reason mama! It makes things so much easier on you

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I think they can’t really see anything clearly until 6-8 weeks. My OB won’t even do a confirmation ultrasound until 8 weeks.

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I had a brighten ovum !! I went thru so many ultrasounds and soooo much blood work just to ultimately have to get an abortion in the end bc they couldn’t find any embryo

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We used a fertility center to help us get pregnant, we had our first ultrasound at 4 weeks and they could only see a sac (with their super fancy machines that were meant for early ultrasounds) about 2 weeks later we went back and there was a heartbeat/everything looked great. Shes almost 2 now. :two_hearts:

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I had a blighted ovum. It was really difficult and upsetting my doctor let it go on for about 11 weeks before I got a d and c. I hope this isn’t the case for you and it’s good they have thought of it at least! Good luck.:green_heart:

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I went a little before 6 weeks and couldn’t see fetal pole. Just wait a little longer. Keep checking your levels to make sure they rise. That happened to me but I just ovulated late. My baby is fine and now 5 years old.

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Too early. Had a friend go for a ultrasound, she was to early couldn’t see anything. Went back a couple weeks later and bam there was 2 in there.

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I just went through the exact same thing mama.

Hold in there. Baba will show up soon :heart:

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Back in '08 my daughter got pregnant she was like 16 17 somewhere there and she was seeing a woman doctor and every time she went to this woman doctor she would tell her oh there’s nothing there’s nothing there the baby is dead and all this and other there’s nothing there and then she had turned around and give my daughter hydrocodone to take finally we went to a one last time she said the same stuff was acting all mad cuz we were there and I left there and we went down to male doctor which I had seen before he did blood work said her levels was still up there so she wasn’t exactly losing it right then but she did end up losing it about a week later I think the pregnancy would have went along fine if she had not gone to that woman doctor because she was trying to give her a hydrocodone and everything to take the same doctor woman from what I gathered had given someone muscle relaxers which from what I understand you’re not supposed to give people who’s pregnant muscle relaxers or hydrocodone to take the girl with the muscle relaxers the baby died the girl got pregnant again and on this baby I don’t know which one it was or not was the first second third and fourth what she was pregnant and at home and her sister-in-law was playing with the baby through her belly the baby was moving and everything I believe this was the same doctor again and they left their house it took maybe 30 minutes to get to the hospital and when they got there the baby was gone some people just needs to get a second opinion wait longer if the doctor tells you something you don’t like definitely see another doctor good luck I hope your baby is okay

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I to early to see baby on an ultrasound?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I to early to see baby on an ultrasound?

They weren’t able to see properly with my first ultra sound when done at 10 weeks 3 days, so they did a vaginal ultrasound and measured everything to give me a better eta for due date instead of going off my last period and I was at 9 weeks 2 days based off her size . I think you’re simply too early to tell and you could possible be a little earlier than you think you are based off your last period like I did.


Way to soon to see anything on the ultrasound. You probably won’t see anything until at least 10 weeks unless you do a vaginal ultrasound.

I saw a lil bean and heart beat at 7 weeks!

I had the same thing happen to me and it ended up being too early for the ultrasound. Heartbeat happens between week 4 and 5 if I remember correctly. Sack was low on my uterus, no heart beat, and they thought either it was early or it could be a miscarriage, due to it setting low. He’s 11 now!
My next visit the doc made a joke that I was the one that got pregnant in the car on my way to my last appointment. :rofl::rofl:

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It could very well be too early. They had trouble seeing mine at 5 weeks, but everything turned out fine. Try not to worry. (I know it’s hard) But it’s completely normal to not be able to see anything at 4 weeks. Just follow what you’re doctor says and good luck!

I was always told your HCG needed to be over 1000 to even see anything on an ultrasound


That’s so soon! I’m surprised they even did an ultrasound so soon. I would try and relax and not worry about it as much as you can this early (easier said than done)


I had my ultrasound too early with my 3rd baby. Freaked. Me. Out. They brought me back a week later and opted to do a transvaginal, where we spotted the teeniest bean. I was 5.5 weeks or so at the second u/s.

My oldest I had a transvaginal ultrasound at about 5-6weeks and everything just looked like “a pearl ring” as the tech called it.


As long as you are not having heavy cramping or bleeding i think its just too early. Good luck :heart:


You wont be able to see much by ultrasound if you’re only 4 weeks. You cant see much via abdominal ultrasound, has to be transvaginal and HCG needs to be at least over 1000 to see the little fetal pole and possibly the heartbeat. You should be able to see a heart beat and fetal pole at 6.5 weeks. I wouldn’t worry about it just yet because youre so early. Provided you havent had any spotting or bleeding. And if you do, then stay off youre feet until it stops and contact youre ob/gyn. I work in OB Office

I got my first ultrasound at 7 wks and they were able to see everything. I hope things work out for you sweetie.

With my first daughter I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks 3 days and all you could see was a tiny dot.

It is a bit too early, I think. Also, if you’re exactly 4 weeks, your HCG is kinda high for a singleton👀

i went in at 6 weeks and did not see anything on the ultrasound…went back 2 weeks later to a healthy baby with a heartbeat!

4 weeks is a little early…I had one done at 5 weeks with my daughter because I miscarried before her…transvaginal…could see the entire sac and everything and hear babies heart beat


I was 4 weeks when I had a ultrasound and before that I went to er and they seen the sac than I went to actual dr a week later and everything was fine,at the er it was to early but it wasn’t to early for dr John Edwards at Henderson and walton at Saint vencents in bham al.

Most doctors around me won’t do an ultrasound for you till your considered 8 weeks for this reason.


I think it is too early to be sure. At 9 weeks I had no yolk sac and no heartbeat.
That doesn’t mean you don’t, so don’t be discouraged yet.:heart:


Too early…6-7 weeks is the earliest you should be able to hear heart beat and see more than just a sac


Yep to early. At 6 weeks we could see baby and the heartbeat but even then it’s a 50/50 shot. 7-8 weeks is best IMO for an ultrasound.


This actually did happen to me with my daughter. We went back 2 weeks later and everything looked normal. The rest of the pregnancy was completely normal and she was born perfectly healthy. Sending all the best vibes, Mama!


I was 4 to 5 weeks when I found out with my oldest. And they did a vaginal ultrasound for more detail on baby because I was so early. Hopefully you’ll get better news!

Usually it’s 8-10 weeks and even then baby is tiny.

Yes way early. You shouldn’t get one before 7-8 weeks if you expect to see baby and heartbeat. Try not to stress. What they saw is totally normal.


I had a fetal pole and heart beat at 5 weeks when I had to go in for an ultrasound due to a scare.

At 7 weeks pregnant I had an amniotic sac but no baby inside of the sac. Seven days later, he showed up on the ultrasound :blush:

I agree that it is extremely early do to an ultrasound at 4 weeks, and that their findings could be misleading. I went through a fertility clinic when I got pregnant and they just stuck to blood work for a couple weeks, and I got my first ultrasound done at 7 weeks (which is also pretty early)

Try to stay positive and as long as your levels are rising, that should be a good sign

I have had 2 blighted ovum pregnancies. It was tough to understand and to get through, for me at least.

I went through this… I was just a lot earlier than they thought. Went back two weeks later and we saw the bean… here I am with a toddler beside me now! :black_heart: sending good vibes for this pregnancy and baby :crossed_fingers:t2:

They should not have even done an ultrasound at 4 weeks and scared you like that for nothing. SMH. Just trying to rack up a big bill for the insurance would be my guess. Don’t let it scare you. Couldn’t pick up a heartbeat on any of my three healthy children until after 6 weeks and even then it was very faint. I’m sure everything will be just fine Mama! Keep your head up!

They had trouble seeing my oldest son at 4 weeks

I only saw gestational sac at 5 weeks 5 days. Couple weeks later everything looked great :sparkling_heart:

You don’t usually see anything till about 5 weeks 6 days. You’re just really early based on your period. I’m surprised they even did an ultra sound. They should have known they wouldn’t see anything but a gestational sac.

They decided mine was false with my ultrasound for this same reason. I’d gone through a natural miscarriage before it and didn’t want to do that again. I went with the D&C but have regretted it ever since because what if they were wrong. :pensive:

Yes too early but in my situation they did TranV, Im 5 weeks and 5days preggy at that time.

Couldn’t see my little bean until 6w3d, both times!!!

Your hcg has to be a certain level which usually puts you over or at 6 weeks. Sometimes at 5 weeks they can see a sac with and cardiac flutter but not enough to pick up on US. Right now your hcg will be your best indicator how things are going for at least a few more weeks.

I went through the same thing. I was just early my baby boy is now 2♥️

I had a blighted ovum and it wasn’t visible until 6ish weeks. I’m sure you are fine mama!

Most doctors won’t do an ultrasound until 8 weeks because baby is way too small to see via ultrasound.

I personally think it is too early to tell if it is a blighted ovum. I didn’t get a confirmed blighted ovum until 10 weeks after 3 ultrasounds and several HCG testing. Give it time before you worry!

It could easily be too early, I went for my first US when I was 7w3D and they couldn’t see anything but a gestational sac, When I went back at 9w6d all was well on exactly on point for EDD,

No i saw my baby at 4 weeks and 3 days through a transvaginal ultrasound.

I found out I was pregnant before I missed my period. My levels were 1417 at my first appointment at 4weeks and 3days. They did a vaginal ultrasound and I had a gestational sac. I went back at 7weeks and my levels were over 9000 and a sac, fetus, and placenta was seen and a heartbeat was heard.

Way too early! It’s best to wait til AT LEAST 8 weeks. And even then it’s hard to see anything

With my first I was 4 weeks and they assumed I had a blighted ovum cause I had an “ empty sac” my blood levels were normal for 4 weeks as well but they judged it on the sac. I took a clear blue which originally said 4 weeks on it and they wanted to abort my babe! And then 3-4 weeks later ( ignored my doc) took another one, said 6-8 weeks
I told my doctor he needs to get another ultrasound and there was my little peanut on the screen. That was my experience tho! I’d be asking for blood work weekly to see if your blood count goes up and be requesting another ultrasound in 4 weeks.

Just wait until blood work. Hcg levels should about double every 48 hours. It will give you a better idea of what’s going on!

I wasn’t able to see my little one until 7-10 weeks