Am I too early for my baby to show on the ultrasound?

I’m currently pregnant. I’m less than a month. I’m like 2-4 weeks, and I went into the ER for some cramping, and they figured out what it was, but they also couldn’t locate the sac where the baby is supposed to be. Is that normal in early pregnancy ?? Has anyone else had this happen ?? I’m definitely pregnant, but they labeled it as “pregnancy in unknown location” they don’t know if it’s in my uterus or outside the uterus. This is my second pregnancy. This didn’t happen with my first baby, but I also found out at two months with my first, and this time I found out a lot sooner.


At that point the embryo could still be moving and implanting elsewhere in your uterus. At 9 weeks me embryo moved to a different spot so it really just depends. But yes they can soon locate where it is

That makes sense. A heartbeat doesn’t show until around 6-8 weeks. So a sac is probably the same.

The first 2 weeks you are not pregnant. In USA they count from the first day of your last period. So if you count from conception you’re only 2 weeks. At that gestational age, it’s hard to find on ultrasound. I also advise against testing too early, as most miscarriages happens in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Just wait another 2 weeks and check again

could be in a tubal pregnancy

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Possibly an ectopic pregnancy

At ten weeks they can run test and you can find out

Very possible had it happen 2x and now them 2 r 5 and 6 but wait few weeks or so and try to get to the doc and check should be a Lil more visible

its wayy to early to see a sac at 2-4 weeks

My now 3mos old son i got all the work ups. Was for sure pregnant but he was not in my uterus yet! Went back a couple weeks later and he was there! So very very possible you caught it right away as well!

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Honestly if you went the the ER they probably don’t know what they’re looking for unless the my had an OB ultrasound tech come in for it. This is coming from someone who’s been pregnant and in the ER several times with different pregnancies and I’ve heard this from the nurses and doctors both that they don’t deal with pregnancies much so they don’t know. Usually they will just send you to labour and delivery. I would just go to an OB in a week or 2 and have an ultrasound done by a professional who knows what to look for

Yes that’s way too early to show on a ultrasound.

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I was 4 weeks and the sac was visible, but yet again every pregnancy is different give it time.

Yes. Anything less then 8 weeks is hard to see on ultrasounds.

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Yup. I found out I was pregnant at 7dpo. My Dr sent me for an early scan to see how my uterus was doing. We didn’t see anything. No sac no pregnancy just that my uterus was thickening and that’s all he wanted to know as I suffer low progesterone in pregnancy. :wink: Its totally normal not to see anything even a sac that early.

I had my 1st ultrasound at 4 weeks and all they could see was the amniotic sac.

Could also mean you will miscarry ! I got an ultrasound at 3 weeks and could see the sag.

Arent there mom groups for this?


Way too early . I had an emergency ultrasound at 6weeks3days and we barely saw baby

I had a few like that ended up watching my blood levels and ended up miscarrying hope all goes well for you tho every body is different so I hope that’s not the case for you

9/10 They can’t see the baby till about 8 weeks. It’s rare for them to see it before the 4 week mark.

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If ur cramps continue and then one side hurts more… U have an ectopic…
Iv had scans at 3-4 weeks and u could see the sac in the uterus… Best to go BK to the Dr and get another assessment


It depends on if they do a regular ultrasound or vaginal ultrasound! I was 2 weeks when I found out and vaginal they could see it but regular stomach they could not even see the sac

Could also be attached to the back of ur uterus as well and if you caught it really early may not show up yet

Was there a HEARTBEAT?! I wouldn’t worry too much you are very early still :slightly_smiling_face:

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i didn’t even know you could find out you were pregnant as early as 2 week! how did you know to take a test?

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You can’t see baby until 5 weeks on the scan. Possible it’s jst too small.

It’s probably just not visible yet I was pregnant with my son (and didn’t know yet) I had to have a ultrasound at my ob/gyn to see if I had cysts on my ovaries I found out I was pregnant like 3 days later so they must not have seen him

Same thing happened to me and was told to come back a couple weeks later and luckily they could see it! Said it may have just been way to early

Try not to stress out. Wait another 2 weeks go for another ultrasound and they will be able to see/tell you more information. Way too early to jump to conclusions :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:

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Give it a few more weeks. However at 4 weeks you should be able to see it. My doctor did and they had to remove my IUD because I wasn’t gonna leave it in and risk it. If I was gonna have miscarriage I wanted it to be in the beginning. I was 4 weeks when it got removed. She turned out to be just fine.

Yes it is too early. Most ob doctors wait till you are 8 weeks.

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Uhm… yeah. You’re not even pregnant technically at 2 weeks. Lol. Ultrasound won’t show anything until 8 weeks or so.

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It may be an ETOPIC PREGNANCY. if they used the dildo thing to perform the ultrasound it would show.


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The day you miss your period you are already ‘4 weeks’. At that time you probably won’t see a sac. I think it’s more like 5 weeks you should be seeing a sac. It may look empty at that time or you may not see a heartbeat until 6 weeks. ( I’ve had 3 miscarriages ans 2 live births and many many MANY ultrasounds at all different weeks in my pregnancies.

You need a vaginal ultrasound


This happened to me when I found out around 4 weeks with my son. They couldn’t see the baby on the vaginal ultrasound so I had to wait and come back. Don’t stress.

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I could always see the sac of all my ectopic pregnancies so it pays to go in and get checked out cause everyone is different. We can all tell you this & that but you won’t know for sure until you go in

U need to get rescanned close to 7-8 weeks. But by 6 week they can see a fetal pole. Not seeing that now is normal. They need to test ur blood for ur hcg levels.


I was about the same many weeks you are with triples two did not have a sac or fetal pole they only thought I would have one but I had twins

Bout 5 weeks I found out for my second with an insert into my vag and could see the heartbeat

When I went into the hospital to confirm my pregnancy bc I took a test at like 9pm they only did a blood test and they stated I was still early and that I needed to contact the OB the next day to get an appointment with them

Once again, “nails” are usually associated with women. Why cant women come here to talk about personal problems or ask questions?? I just dont understand why it’s a big deal to come here for help. We are supposed to lift each other up, support one another. Sure they can go to another platform, group, thread, or post regarding whatever topic they need guidance with, but come on. Stop complaining about the conversations on here. :roll_eyes:

Yes, wait a few weeks. It happened to me with my 4th baby. Dr. wanted to extract my sac because there’s was nothing according to them or it could’ve been an ectopic pregnancy which they were so wrong. My baby girl was born in April and she is such a healthy baby thank god I didn’t listen to the drs. And I switch provider.

That happend to me the ultrasound person told them I was to early probably and the doctor took it upon herself to give me a chemo drug to abort the pregnancy saying it was am ectopic knowing full well the baby was not seen in or on my tubes.

Happened to me with my second child, he didn’t show up on an ultrasound until I was about 8 to 9 weeks pregnant. Almost 3 months, they even told me it might just be a false pregnancy. He scared the shit out of us and them when I was like sure it was a false pregnancy his big head a little heart beat showed up so yea.

I had a scan at 3-4 weeks and saw a bean! (I was in hospital for treatment and they wheeled in a mini scanner)

Usually you can’t even hear the heartbeat until 5 to 6 weeks so yeah you’re still too early

Shouldve asked them. Make a doc appt


If its too early it can be hard to find on an ultrasound. With my first at almost 5 weeks all they could see was a yolk sac, they worried because there was no fetal pole but at 6 weeks everything was perfect and shes a healthy 32 pound 17 month old now! Prayers for a healthy pregnancy :heart:

I went in at 5 weeks and they couldn’t determine if it was a sac or not but they said it was too early

I would say too early to tell… 5 weeks you should be able to see a sac… any earlier not seeing one can be normal.

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Well if it’s an ectopic pregnancy you’re about to find out, the cramping will get worse and worse. You need to get to Ob/Gyn as soon as possible. Fallopian tube can burst and can be life threatening.


They are watching to see if it’s an ectopic pregnancy. Follow up with your ob/gyn.


Last I knew that’d be to soon but I’m no dr so contact one no one here is a professional.


I believe it’s too early! I think they usually want you to come in for your first ultrasound around 8 weeks


talk to your Dr
. Not. facebook


Same thing happened to me at about 5 weeks, except they told me I had miscarried. I went to my OBGUN a couple of days later and he was able to spot the sack right away.

At 5 weeks, 5 days pregnant we saw the gestational sac and Heartbeat! I had cramping and light spotting but my baby was fine.

2-4 weeks you won’t see anything. It’s very very early for you right now. It might still be okay. Try going in around weeks 6-8.
If it’s ectopic, you’ll get symptoms like pelvic pain and bleeding. If your cramps get worse call your doctor ASAP. My mother in law had ectopic and said it was excruciating- you’ll know if somethings wrong. Just keep an eye on it. Hoping baby is where they’re supposed to be. :pray:

I went for same issues plus slight bleeding. They couldn’t see the sac or anything . I was told I was having a miscarriage. They told me to keep my ob appointment. Fast forward 6 weeks later to my ob they did ultrasound. My baby was alive and active measuring at 11 weeks 6 days. My dr told me never go to an er for pregnancy issues she said she don’t know how they could have missed the baby being there . They are trained for emergencies. My baby is now 4 months.

Request a scan at 6 weeks will deffo be able to see the baby then

I had an ultrasound at 3wks and there wasnt anything there. But I was pregnant…

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Too early. Usually go for scans at 9weeks, better result/detection in finding/seeing baby.

The gestational sac can usually be seen on ultrasound around 5 weeks. Follow up with your OBGYN to see if your HCG is doubling or not and discuss possible concers. Positive vibes your way.


Give it time you’re too early.

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You were in the ER and they couldn’t answer these questions for you but you expect people on FB to have the answers?? :joy::joy::joy:


When I was 6 weeks pregnant with my son I went to the doctor and they told me I wasn’t pregnant… I told him yes I am, I’m 6 weeks. They said they couldn’t see a baby, Come back in 2 weeks. I told him I’ll be 8 weeks then sure enough when I went back they could see him and I was eight weeks. Don’t worry :pray: just pray!

I had a sac barely visable at 5 weeks

At 5w3d I had a little spotting but I know my body so I went to ER, It was ectopic there was free fluid and i chose to be treated with methotrexate in effort to save my tube that was beginning to bleed. I was admitted and monitored then released and my hcg was de reading and my hemoglobin was still low but not dropping rapidly. I continued blind draws every 48 hours to ensure the bleed subsided. So now I’m a little over 2 weeks past the ER visit and doing well, I still have my tube so there is still hope

I had an ectopic burst 7 years ago and the pain was horrible

@ 10 weeks, I had my first and all you can really see is a really little heart beating!

Wow! So many harsh comments. She just wanted to know if someone else has experience something similar. I know you are worried,just take care of yourself, and praying for you and your baby to be healthy. Follow your doctor’s orders.Good luck and have faith everything will be ok.


Normally at the standard 8 week checkup is when everything will be more clear. The cramping could have been due to implantation, which some cramping and slight spotting can happen. However, monitor your cramping and any bleeding you may have from this point and contact a Dr. right away. It would be wise to get in touch for a ob/gyn to help get a handle on things and make them aware and give ya some peace of mind. Best wishes!

About the soonest an ultrasound can pick up a pic of baby(the sac) is 4 1/2 weeks. That’s why you generally won’t get one from your Dr until 6 weeks. I googled it.

I was like 5 weeks when they told me the fetus size was about 6 weeks. Could see it on ultrasound with its heart barely fluttered

I was six weeks when they saw the sac. I would imagine you’ll be able to find out soon. Stay positive and talk to your OB asap :pray::heart:

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It maybe to soon. I lost a baby at 6 weeks. We saw it on the screen but they said oh it to small to count. Wtf. Anyway. Keep. Watching symptoms and have them keep a check on it. Just in case. A tip mu doc said. You know your body not the nurses. If you feel something is off. Best to go in. I had spd with my son. So. Probably went to er. 4 times with Braxton hicks spd pain. But she said trust your intuitive side

Generally at 6(ish) weeks the sac is visible. Drink lots of water, rest and pop your feet up. Sometimes cramping can be dehydration and your bod needing a little r and r while it sets up for baby. Best to you!! :heart: :baby:

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Yes this happened to me went for a scan 2 times a week apart they couldn’t pick the baby up then I went to the gynecologist a few days later and they picked the baby up in the fallopian tube it was an ectopic pregnancy so I had to go under the knife. I also had cramping which was on my right side. This was 2 weeks ago. You will need to have the internal scan

Perfect normal sweet, give it time. We are all different and have different experiences. This was the same for me xx

It’s normal. If they do a vaginal ultrasound they may see something. But usually about 6 weeks is when they can see it.

Nothing will show until 6-8 weeks usually is what I’ve been told. It’s still a tiny little cluster of cells

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Your very early. Try relaxing
…just wait

The er said the same thing to me when I thought I was 6 weeks pregnant and got into an accident. Turns out my ovulation was off and I was really 3 or so weeks. I delivered a perfectly healthy baby who is now a rambunctious 2 year old.

It’s totally normal not to see it yet

It’s normal. Way too soon.

We used a fertility clinic and had an ultrasound at 3 weeks after the procedure. There wasn’t anything there yet but they confirmed I was pregnant through blood work. Now we have an almost 2 yr old wild girl. Try to relax as hard as that is to do. :two_hearts:

Yes that is normal, 2-4 is to early to see it

Normal. I found out I was expecting at 4.5 weeks but my GP didn’t refer me for an ultrasound until I was nearly 8 weeks as they could see the heartbeat by then so I didn’t have to go twice

They couldnt see my baby until 8 weeks im now almost 4 months and dont even have a stomach or anything normally they do a vaginal ultrasound if you are that early they normally do it at 8 weeks they told me at the er too they were shocked they saw the baby at 8 weeks from the top when i went to the er

Normal don’t stress I know it’s hard but same thing has happened to me mine don’t show till at least 6 weeks and heart beat is not picked up till 7 to 8 weeks .

I just went to the doc today and found out I was 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant and they did an untra sound and said it was to early to see anything and for me to come back in 3 weeks so they can do another ultra sound when the baby is bigger

Had the same issue with my 3rd born… Experienced bad cramps found out im pregnant… Ultrasound also couldnt find the sac n they was suspecting an ectopic pregnancy.
Turned out fews weeks later they found the sac and the heartbeat. Dont stress give it time

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This happened when I was about 4 weeks with my second. They said they couldn’t see the sac and it may be too early, she was definitely there.

Normal… wait til about 6 weeks. Best of luck!